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  1. Hi, Sorry for revive an old topic. I have some temp files, Word files. Some of which start with names like ~$volution_species.docx. They're set as hidden and system files by Word 2016. 1. How to clean/delete them without unhiding them in File Explorer. 2. What's the correct syntax to set in CCleaner, for example, is this correct? ~$*.docx
  2. Got the installable version not portable one.
  3. Fine. But why Vivaldi's missing in Tools > Browser Plugins tab:
  4. Hi, I see there is no support available for Vivaldi browser yet.
  5. I have several profiles in Chrome and all of them has the IDM Integration Module installed. But when I run the Cleaner that Module gets disabled except in one profile. @Mods / Admins Please discard this thread as I found the issue on Chrome and IDM extension side. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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