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  1. My files turned XML Files

    Hi Hazelnut! Thank you for the link, Yeah, my work computer has a symantec program in encrypting the files. Problem is, that computer is in my previous work. Do I have the chance to recover the original file? I have a close friend from my previous work, maybe he can give me the .exe file. It is always automatically installed whenever we plugged our devices to the computer.
  2. My files turned XML Files

    Hi I cannot upload all the screenshot, that is why I am uploading it one by one. This is a screenshot of Info tab
  3. My files turned XML Files

    Please see the screenshot of the advance mode. System file is FAT32. Hoping I can recover them. Thank you.
  4. My files turned XML Files

    Yes, I tried to delete the XML extension but the file went corrupt and it cannot be use/open.
  5. My files turned XML Files

    anyone who has an idea?
  6. My files turned XML Files

    HI! My flashdrive has experienced an error, I cannot use my drive unless it is formatted. And since I have a 8gb data there I installed Recuva (free version) so that I can recover my files when I format it. After formatting, I started Recuva to identify the files that I have deleted. I saw my files but have extension of XML (ex. 2x2.jpg.xml). I thought it is normal, so I clicked "recover". I went to the destination folder where my files were located but found out that the files also have XML extension. How can I bring it back to its original extension? I have videos and documents there. Please see attached files for my screenshot of both seen in Recuva and my recovered files.