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  1. Hi Hazelnut! Thank you for the link, Yeah, my work computer has a symantec program in encrypting the files. Problem is, that computer is in my previous work. Do I have the chance to recover the original file? I have a close friend from my previous work, maybe he can give me the .exe file. It is always automatically installed whenever we plugged our devices to the computer.
  2. Hi I cannot upload all the screenshot, that is why I am uploading it one by one. This is a screenshot of Info tab
  3. Please see the screenshot of the advance mode. System file is FAT32. Hoping I can recover them. Thank you.
  4. Yes, I tried to delete the XML extension but the file went corrupt and it cannot be use/open.
  5. HI! My flashdrive has experienced an error, I cannot use my drive unless it is formatted. And since I have a 8gb data there I installed Recuva (free version) so that I can recover my files when I format it. After formatting, I started Recuva to identify the files that I have deleted. I saw my files but have extension of XML (ex. 2x2.jpg.xml). I thought it is normal, so I clicked "recover". I went to the destination folder where my files were located but found out that the files also have XML extension. How can I bring it back to its original extension? I have videos and documents there. Please see attached files for my screenshot of both seen in Recuva and my recovered files.
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