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  1. Guys. Thanks for all your help. Finally got round today to looking at it again. I unistalled AVG and Avast. Tried to download CCleaner 5.40 - didn't download, nor did 5.41 or 5.44 !!! It pops up with the screen thanking me for downloading it (from Filehippo), but nothing is coming through. I am now in the process of reinstalling Avast. I think I will have to regularly check Firefox to clear the cache and downloads, and use the defrag more often .... unless someone can think of anything better, but CCleaner just doesn't want to know me !!
  2. Imacri. My version of Firefox is 52.9.0. I never use IE. In fact when I launched it - it crashed! mta/Nergal I went to builds to download 'portable', and it downloaded a zip file, (for 5.44) which I extracted. It ran and then immediately crashed again on 'Run'. Went back to filehippo again for 5.40. Stopped the video; although I got the 'Thank you for downloading', nothing downloaded!! Do I give up and go home?! BTW What about my query re Avast (above) Is it safe to use it to fix things ? Maybe this might be my problem? Finally, the debug program you mentioned , mta. Where it says 'start - run' is that from the DOS command or the 'search' box? Thanks for your help, guys.
  3. Having been untied (!!)I have just got round to reading your notes, mta. I went to filehippo to download v.5.40, clicked on it, but nothing has downloaded, but nothing is actually downloading ? I get the message about watching the video while downloading and then 'Thank you for Downloading', but nothing seems to have come through? Tried the latest version and the same? Shall I just give up and go home?! BTW Avast tells me there are things that need fixing, e.g. Broken registry items, PC health problems. Can you or someone else tell me if it is trustworthy that it won't do something else to my system that will cost a fortune to fix?! Or would running this may resolve my other problems?
  4. More fun than working on a computer program
  5. Thank you mta. I am a little tied up this week (bondage!!!), but hopefully will have time by the weekend to give it a go.
  6. Okay, I reinstalled it today (having removed previous downloads). Same problem. It analyzes okay, but when I try to run the program it crashes. Presumably it is pointless filling in the crash report form again. It is version 5.44 - slim build that I downloaded.
  7. Okay, will try again tomorrow. Thanks Nergal.
  8. Can anyone give me any further help? When I started up the machine today, it told me that CCleaner had crashed! I don't want this to happen everytime I start up, so I have uninstalled it.
  9. Good news / bad news ! I installed the slimbuild version (what is missing from the main version?). I ran the Analyze, which worked alright, and then ran the Run Cleaner and each time it crashed. I tried a couple of times, re-booted the laptop but it still crashed (I sent in a report).
  10. I will give it ago tomorrow morning - but where is this tickbox ?
  11. I have removed AVG. After rebooting, I tried the installer again. I saw no sign of a tick box. It is the installer that seems stop c.95%. I then get a message from Windows saying they are looking for a solution. It then asks me to close the dialogue box, saying it will inform me if it has found a solution. It never does!
  12. Hi Nergal I don't have a resident malware program in use, but tend to run Malawarebytes every couple of months (always clean). However what I do have is two anti-virus programs. AVG and Avast. I remember installing AVG, but don't recall putting on Avast. Could this be the problem, and if so should I remove one of the AV programs?
  13. I am trying to update my CCleaner on my ancient laptop. It has been working okay until now. Now when I try to update it it gets as far as 85-95% loading and then stops and Windows reports that the installer has stopped working. I removed CCleaner altogether and downloaded a fresh copy but have the same problem. I have tried running it as Administrator and in Safe Mode all to no avail. Any suggestions?
  14. I have been running CCleaner (free version) for a number of years without problems. Some months ago I upgraded to the pro version and when I close my browser (Firefox) it is supposed to save tabs for the next time I open it up again. This has been happening until recently. Now when CCleaner clears my browser it also clears the tab settings (it never used to). Has something changed with the product ? I have now reset it not to automatically clean my browser on closing, thus preserving my tabs. Is there anything else I can do? I am running Win XP with SP3.
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