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  1. scenario: when a computer is "ofline" you need to wait for it to be "online" to sent any instructions. It would be great if you could send a Clean Now to All, or Copy Setting to all then when the client comes online it checks for instructions and carries them out if applicable.
  2. Registry Clean in bulk I understand this is not a feature and understand why it is not a feature. Even so, maybe with a "Continue at your own risk" would be nice to be able to run reg cleaner on more than 1 machine at a time. Just don't have the time to do each machine individually even though I know some machines would benefit.
  3. You can schedule events (clean & defrag) with CCleaner From GUI > my computers > Options > scheduling > Defraggler
  4. If a devices is not shown online for X, (X is CCleaner admin selectable) months then remove that devices so the license can be used elsewhere. Would be great as if we retire a computer we need to login and remove it to reuse the license.
  5. Be able to copy settings from one machine to All Online instead having to copy for each page of devices. Would be even nicer if it would copy to All online, then when a new machine comes online its copied to that too.
  6. I did ask they suggested that as it was such a critical change that it is by design and each system needs to be reviewed. I was just hoping a user may have found a workaround, its too much to expect to examine every line on each system.
  7. I believe there is no official way to scan and clean the registry on several machines automatically. I fully understand the reasons why this shouldn't happen and the consequences if it goes wrong BUT ...... I assist in managing a couple hundred+ plus machines and to run a reg-clean on each machine would not be feasible. Is there a work around to enable running regclean on several machines automatically, concurrently or consecutively ?
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