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  1. Windows 10 Update Issue

    Sorry for the long delay. I was out of town and then tied up but just came back for an update and saw this. The only thing I noticed was my install was using an older version and when I clicked on the Check for Update, it would download but not install. I removed the older version again and found the 1.28.709 64bit Pro version and installed it. The Check for Update would not auto install which I found interesting. Since installing it again, I have not had a blue screen failure and it appears to be working fine. Not sure if re-updating Windows 10 would uninstall it again which of course is an issue regardless. Let's hope it keep working as it.
  2. Windows 10 Update Issue

    Being the one who started this thread, yes I did reinstall for grins but started to get the Blue Screen crash when using it. I did not install the workaround 32 bit version as I would rather wait for the 64 bit to be fixed. Jeff
  3. This morning I updated my Windows 10 with the November update. (build 10586.3) I had the full version of Speccy installed. When the Upgrade completed, yes it acted like an upgrade, I got a message saying Speccy was removed because it was not supported by the OS. I can try and reinstall but wanted to ask first in this forum because I added Speccy the first time after a clean install to Windows 10 when it first was released. So Windows never saw it. It was not like I had it on Windows 8.1 and did an upgrade. I did that to get a "free" upgrade but then re-installed a clean install using the new Windows 10 key. Speccy has been humming along since. It was only when I did this upgrade (I thought it was an update but it acted like a full upgrade) to the new November update that it removed it. So what I am wondering is does Speccy actually 100% support Windows 10 or just Windows 8.1 and it happened to run OK on Windows 10. I didn't want to re-install until I ran this by the group. Thanks, Jeff