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  1. I took time to write this just to say how extremely disappointed I am with path this software's company has taken. I've been using Ccleaner for many years with good results, but now the time has come to use other software. There was no question whether I want to install Avast or not, it just appeared under my installed software, my entire computer started to be a bit laggy, Edge was saying that i dont have certificate to view webpages, Chrome did not open webpages at all. Uninstall ofcourse did not work, it froze every time I tried it. all there problems started immeadeately after install. I am sorry to say this but I cannot use software that ships with hidden other software that can potentially harm my pc, no matter how good it is. At the end, I had to reinstall Windows, because I can't lose hours to figure out how to get rid of Avast and still not be sure its entirely gone
  2. My CCleaner is also crashing when started first time (second time it works). Last time it also opened a ton of error reports, I thought I had a virus. I downgraded to previous version until the issue is resolved.
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