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  1. Recuva recovered about 45.000 mp3s! Thanks for this great software and forum. roosta
  2. now it seems to work thank you!
  3. now it is like this thx for the help
  4. I would like to post a screenshot here. How can I insert a picture? With "My media" it does not work...
  5. The NAS is from Medion and it asked if it "can use" the external hdd via USB and I clicked on "yes" and then it formatted the HDD. Don't know which sort of format. Running Recuva now again, (Phase 1) and I will see what happens when it comes to the end.
  6. I unfortunately plugged my external drive to a NAS device and the NAS formatted the drive... So I started Recuva free and it worked for three days and 4 seconds before the end, Windows said that Recuva is not working anymore. There are (were) about 190.000 mp3s on my drive. Any suggestions? Thanks roosta PS: Windows 10, i870, 8 GB RAM
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