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  1. You get this message because Edge and/or IE is still running in the background when you are trying to clean them. (You will get a similar message if Firefox, or Chrome, or any other browser is still running when you run CCleaner). CCleaner cannot clean out a browser if it is still running, so asks if you want to close it. You can either click yes to close the browser and clean its files- or if you don't want to see the message go to 'Options' in CC and select the 'Hide warning messages' option. (This will leave them alone if they are running in the background and not give you the message; but obviously then won't clean them).
  2. Love the stuff. https://www.masterofmalt.com/whiskies/sheep-dip-whisky/ Happy new year
  3. For the latest solution I have found for the delayed start problem see this post: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=44723&p=269564
  4. It could be that yours is a similar but different issue then? The one I (and others) have been having is not with the internet, but with the user account control when using an Admin account. (I had checked this by disconnecting and connecting to the internet whilst investigating and it made no difference). I would still try making CC an exception in whatever AV/firewall you are using to see if it cures your delay problem.
  5. SOLUTION to this delayed launch problem. A reply made to some old posts regarding a solution to IE freezing and a tweak to MSE, gave me a thought about this problem. To recap- The problem with this delayed initial launch seems to be with Admin accounts only. It happens after a cold boot, or after an update to Windows Defender Definitions. Which has led me to suspect for a while that it was something in Defender Definitions since September that was causing the problem. But I hadn't made the leap to the solution. Make the CCleaner folder an exception in Windows Defender. (or in MSE if you have Win7 or Vista) Open Defender > settings > scroll down to 'Add an exclusion' > Exclude a folder > browse to the CCleaner folder (usually in C:/Programme files/) and exclude it. Problem solved. I have tested this from cold boot, both with and without the exception, and confirm it works with the exception in place. I have only been able to test it once with the Defender Definition Update and the exception in place, and it worked, (need to wait for the next update to see again). EDIT 27 DEC. Windows Defender just did another definitions update; after the update I launched CC and it came up instantly with no delay. PS. I suspect that this exclusion may also stop the problem off CC getting removed on Windows 10 Cumulative updates. But TBH I have not had this happen to me (yet) so would have no way to test it.
  6. If you right click on the desktop icon, you should see a 'Pin to start' option in the pop-up menu.
  7. CCleaner will clean all firefox (and other browser) saved information unless you tell it not to. Lets face it that is the whole point. If you have sites that you visit/use regularly and want to keep their settings than you should make them an exception in CC. Go to Options > Cookies and move the ones you want to the 'Cookies to keep' list. That way CC will leave them alone. See the image below. You also have to watch for changes to the way that the browser clears itself when you close it, but that's down to the browser settings itself not CC.
  8. Edge and ie are being a bit of a problem, Microsoft are still developing them for Win10 and the CC developers are struggling to keep up with the constant changes. Firefox should clean OK, you have closed it before running CC? You do have cookies checked in the Firefox options? To get emails or other notifications you need to set it up. Top right of page Your_username > My Settings > Notification options.
  9. This is ongoing in another thread. The best workwround found up to now is to turn on active monitoring, see this post: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=44723&p=268018 This means that you dont see the 10-15 seconds delay with the initial start as it happens in the background. The only time you will then see the delay is if a Defender Definition Update has taken place whilst you are working..
  10. It does make a difference if it is running then Firefox will not be cleared. You should get a pop up asking you to close it if it is still running. (Unless you have previously ticked the 'Do not show me this again' box). But as you say you didn't even search for cookies then that will be why they were not cleaned.
  11. Those cookies were probably not cleaned because the process that was using them was still running in the background. You say you use Firefox and I notice that some of the cookies in your screenshot were for mozilla, did you have Firefox open, maybe minimised, when you ran CC?
  12. More info please, which cookies (just in general we don't need a full list)?, which browsers?
  13. Torsteve, You do know that you can turn that annoying tapatalk signature off? Sent from my laptop using my fingers.
  14. If you upgraded to 10 from 7, 8, or 8.1 before TH2 then Microsoft issued you with a new Product ID and a new Product Key as part of the upgrade. I believe that the old key, from the original build, is still retained on your system somewhere - this could explain why you are getting two different numbers, they are being read from different places. My new Win 10 Home product key also starts with YTMG3- (I've read somewhere that all Win 10 home keys are the same, but the pro & enterprise keys are different?) My old win 8.1 key started with 7DMNP- (Both read from speccy). If you upgrade now, after TH2, then you retain your existing key instead of getting a new one. It shouldn't realy matter in most circumstances. Microsoft is changing to the use of online activation, reading the info straight from your machine instead of entering the Product key. So if you do a clean install on the same machine you no longer need the key. (I for one will still be keeping a note of the key though.) More on Win 10 product keys and automatic activation: http://www.redmondpie.com/windows-10-product-key-and-activation-how-to-find-it-and-how-it-works/
  15. Like I said above: Attach the image from your harddrive to a post and post it. Once it is posted right click the image in the post and 'copy link location' (or 'copy image location' or whatever your particular browser says). go to your settings, 'change photo' Paste in the url where it says 'Import a photo from a url' click Import, click Done There you go; christmas avatar now showing. (You can now delete it from the post if you want to, I left it there so you can see what I did). EDIT Changed back from christmass avatar to regular one.
  16. I had a problem getting an avatar up here when I first joined. It was not the size or the format that was the problem. As I recall the problem was that I could not load an image from my my own PC, but only from a url. I got around it by attaching the image from my PC to a post here and then using the url of that attachment to upload the image as an avatar. (and then deleting the post). Nothing to do with this forum, but may be of interest to others, there is also a quirk with avatars on some vBulletin driven forums. Mods and SuperMods there cannot change their avatars in the same way as regular members can. M's and SM's only get the generic avatar options in their user settings, they have to log into the moderators control panel to set a custom avatar.
  17. Well I was hoping for a resolution to this with the release of v5.12.54.31. Especially as the change log says- "- Improved Skip UAC on Windows 10." But still 15 secs for the initial launch, and first launch after a (automatic) Windows Defender definition update. Oh well, the 'active monitoring' workaround is still working for the initial launch, (but not after a Defender definition update).
  18. The 'like' feature is turned off on this forum, so you have reached your quota of zero.
  19. I installed Speccy yesterday on v1511 (Th2) and the 64 bit .exe is working with no problems that I can see.
  20. Does anybody know if TH2 issued a new Product Key (CD key) like the upgrade from 8.1 to 10 did? I notice that TH2 issued a new Product ID (last 3 digits changed) but am a bit reluctant to install and run Speccy to check the Key at the moment. EDIT. Well I bit the bullet and installed Speccy, (and BTW 64bit version runs without problems on this laptop). The Product Key / Serial Number has not changed.
  21. I'm not sure just what you are trying to achive here? Are you trying to make a recovery drive in case your hard drive crashes and/or you need to reinstall windows? The article you have linked to is telling you how to make a bootable USB by copying the boot files from an installation DVD onto a bootable USB. Do you have an installation DVD? If as I suspect you are attempting to make a Windows recovery drive on a memory stick then forget that article if you have Windows 8, 8.1, or 10. These have a built in utility to create a bootable recovery USB drive for you. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows-8/create-usb-recovery-drive Windows 7 is slightly different in that it creates a CD rather than a USB drive. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/create-a-system-repair-disc I have made a few assumptions there as to what you are hoping to achieve. It might help if you could tell us just what version of Windows you are using, and why it is that you want to create this bootable USB.
  22. Oops, I also thought that Shockwave player itself was now defunct and that Robbie was talking about Shockwave Flash. Same answers as I gave above though, just substitute the names.
  23. I assume that you have tried updating the flash player plugin? You could try setting the player to "Ask to Activate" in the Add-ons manager. That way flash will not play unless you let it, although you do get a warning in a pop- bar under the address bar to ask when it tries to run. I keep mine like that, so any flash content on a webpage doesn't even get a chance to run, and so can't give a script error. Have you tried refreshing your firefox installation? https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/refresh-firefox-reset-add-ons-and-settings. My prefered method of fixing persistent FFx problems- You could try a full reinstall of FFx, rather than an update from the 'stub' downloader. This can be done without loosing your current settings, bookmarks, etc. To do a full reload then, rather than using the updater from 'About Firefox' in the menus, visit the 'Systems & Language' webpage, download a full version from there and install it. https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/all/
  24. nukecad


    Have you tried becoming a detective and tracking him down on faceache? Assuming that he has a faceache account, most people who post on forums do. A member of another forum, who had chosen to leave there, tracked me down in this way after he had left and sent me a friend request. He only had my username, nukecad, plus my first name, my general location and my approximate age garnered from posts. He did remember something I had said in a post about faceache thinking my hometown was in Scotland when in fact its in Cumbria. You seem to have a tenuous start there- DennisD (unless thats Dennis-D-Menace), lives in Newcastle, Newcastle fan with a wife and daughter who support Sunderland. I'm not sure what else you may be able to glean from his posts, or PMs. Did he mention living in a particular district of Newcastle? His local pub name? Wifes or daughters name? All little details that could help. Why not get your detective hat on and have a go?
  25. Well you did seem to answer your own question, so most probably thought your post was just for information to others. It's obviously something in the 'system cache' (not the fonts) that if cleared gives this message.
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