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  1. Just received the popup again, 5 mins ago, still version 46.0.1. And this time the browser recognises an update is available as well. Think I'll have a look round the web before installing it though. Edit- (12:54) Had a look round, nothing on the web about why the update was pulled. Seems to have been some problems with both the Mac version and the Windows version clashing with some PUP's. As MBAM clears out any PUPs on my machine that shouldnt be a problem. Anyway running 46.0.1 now and all seems OK.
  2. Yesterday I got the pop-up saying that FF 46.0.1 was available to download, I was busy at the time so declined it. Today when I check in the browser it says that my 45.0.2 is up to date. (Although if I go to the Mozilla download page it still gives- "Looks like you’re using an older version of Firefox"). There are a few issues posted today on the Mozilla user forum about 46.0.1 causing some site login, mouse control, Flash, and other problems. It looks like the FF automatic updating/notifying may have been withdrawn for now, you may want to give it a few days before updating.
  3. Click on the 'Applications' tab. There you will see Firefox (and any other non-Microsoft browsers you have installed) with the options. Click to enlarge.
  4. These will probably be the temporary files that windows creates all the time it is running. So if you clean them then windows will just recreate them as needed, often within a fraction of a second.
  5. You can still have System Monitoring in the Free version, but can't change the default settings. You don't get the icon in the tray; but if you look in Task Manager you will see it's running in the background. You can't have Browser Monitoring in the free version.
  6. According to Einstein (General Relativity), Hawkins, Cox, et.al, time travel is possible - but maybe only to the future not the past. STEPHEN HAWKING- How to build a time machine. You can find plenty of scientific articles about this online; you just have to weed out the cranks. The best known method of time travel to the future is by traveling very close to the speed of light, especially near a black hole. Some think that it may be possible to travel to the past - but that involves traveling faster than the speed of light, not usually considered possible. Although some theories say it may be acheived by linking two spinning black holes with a wormhole and repeatedly traveling through the wormhole. Not exactly a practical proposition. Then we have Quantum mechanics that posits that 'entangled' particles are linked instananeously across astronomical distances, much faster than the speed of light so who knows where that might lead.
  7. Unusual circle, mind if I ask where it is?
  8. I too still have and still occasionaly use a Win98 PC, mainly because it has Autocad 2000i installed (The full version of Autocad is not cheap and that old version still does everything I need). Looking through my old CD's recently I found one from 1995, the old game 'Lemmings'. I remember enjoying that game so just for fun I stuck it into my Windows 10 laptop to see what would happen; to my surprise it works perfectly, not bad for a 20 year old game.
  9. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=46040&hl= This seems to be a new problem since the DF update last month?
  10. You may want to consider getting one-to-one help from one of the dedicated virus/malware removal sites. These guys are experts at helping you scan for and remove any nasties infecting your computer and/or network. Once you start working with one you must follow their instructions and see the process through to the end. Best of all they do it for free. Here are links to a couple of the best of them, there are others, only use one at any time: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/topic/9573-im-infected-what-do-i-do-now/ http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/f/22/virus-trojan-spyware-and-malware-removal-logs/
  11. Would you like to expand on that? Why are you saying it is not compatible with Win 10? Your own experience? Please give more details. Something you have read? What and where? I've had no problems with Defraggler and Win10, what problems are you having?
  12. So updating another company's file/registry cleaner is now giving you an error when running Ccleaner on startup. Do you not think that the problem may just be because of the one you updated, rather than blaming Ccleaner? Have you got both scheduled to run at startup and they are clashing? That error message about the task object version is related to incorrect registry entries for scheduled tasks. Try googling it for various solutions.
  13. I think it depends on which version you are downloading (Free, Full, Slim, Portable), where about in the world you are, and how busy the servers are. I have never been sent to Filehippo for a Ccleaner update, but have been for Defraggler. Most software houses have relationships with 'mirror' download sites in case the main site is unavailable (to you) for some reason. If the main download server is busy or unavailable you will be redirected to the primary mirror download server. Filehippo is one of the popular ones. I believe that in some countries/geographic areas you may get directed to the mirror as a first option, because it has a better and/or faster connection than going to the main site (or maybe because the main site does not have a server in that country).
  14. Theres one way to find out, defrag again and see what happens. You know how to get the associations back if they do get lost. I would suspect it's Win10 64 bit throwing a wobbler with your particular machine. I also have Win10 64 and have not had that problem, but did have a problem a few months ago where Win10 kept resetting all my desktop icons to blank generic ones. Did my head in for a couple of weeks, I would rebuild the icon cache only for it to be back to blank icons the next day. Then we had a Windows Patch Tuesday and the problem was gone, showing it was Windows and not anything that I was running.
  15. Although a search does seem to show that screenshot is from a legit programme, I would be very wary that you have not downloaded a hacked copy that may be doing something else in the background. Stealing your passwords and banking details as it scans your system, encrypting all your files, etc. Ransomware that encrypts your files has become a major problem in the last few months. As Nergal says your provider would NEVER send you an email like that. If someone has sent you an email pretending to be your provider that should make you instantly suspicious. I would follow the advice and get one of the sites recommended in his first link to check your computer for infection ASAP if not sooner.
  16. Very strange, What the h*** are you doing to mess up your registry that much all the time? Its not usual to see any registry issues unless you have recently uninstalled something. Unless you are just seeing the issues and not fixing them? You may want to visit one of the free malware cleanup help sites to check out that you have not been infected. Here is one that gives one-to-one help for free ( there are others). https://forums.malwarebytes.org/topic/9573-im-infected-what-do-i-do-now/ Here is another- take your choice; but only pick one, and stay with that one until the helper gives you the all clear. http://www.techie7.com/threads/read-this-first-important-instructions-updated-4-28-2013.68933/
  17. A bit harsh there nergal. Those comments are on topic, are relevant, and explain why passwords in IE or Edge can get deleted even when you have set Ccleaner not to. Which was what the OP was asking. IE and Edge are entangled. In post #3 Hector_the_invincible also noted: Which again shows this entanglement between IE and Edge.
  18. Yes. Edge is supposed to eventually replace Internet Explorer. However it was not full ready when Win 10 was released so IE was included with Win 10 as well. Edge is still a work in progress (some would still call it a Beta version) although less techy users don't realise this . This is why Piriform and others are still having problems with it, it's a moving target. Further complicated by the fact that Edge and IE often make use of the same files, especially temporary files, so you can't regard them seperately when cleaning. (Oh, and the desktop File Explorer and One Drive also use some of the same files). I just ignore them and use Firefox.
  19. I had just noticed this earlier today. Apparently it's a tool, not a plug-in. It's still in testing, hence the Beta designation. https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/firefox-hello-video-and-voice-conversations-online I do remember something being mentioned about it from a few FFx upgrades ago, but didn't realise it had automatically been installed. Will need to read more about it, although I doubt I'll be using it anytime soon. Edit If you go to the hamburger menu and select '+ Customise' you will see a smiley face icon for it that you can drag to the toolbar (if it's not on the tool bar already).
  20. So it does, isn't that interesting. That big Upgrade button turned up with free desktop version 5.14.5493, it wasn't there in previous versions.
  21. They used to be but not any more, see the attachment. It's important to be careful to make a distinction between UPDATES and UPGRADES. UPDATE - Get the latest version with fixes, improvements and changes. UPGRADE - Get a paid for version with extra features and options.
  22. Odd, my touchpad is an ELAN and it works fine. (not that I use it much, I prefer to plug a mouse in). Although I do seem to remember that after the initial upgrade to 10 the settings had changed to 'no delay' and I had to go and put them back again. Kept catching it with the ball of my thumb when typing and the cursor would jump out of the current window. I just set the delay back to Medium and have not had a problem with it since.
  23. Iowa, It will depend if you are doing it as an upgrade from 8.1 and keeping you existing software and data, or if you are doing a full wipe of the system and an complete new install of Win10 from an ISO. Obviously a full wipe and reinstall will loose everythig already on your system and you have to start from scratch. Doing the upgrade from 8.1 via the Windows Updates keeps it all. I use Firefox and all my bookmarks, saved passwords, etc. were still there after the upgrade. (But of course make backups just in case). Willy2 does raise a concern about drivers, but I believe this is a hangover from the first version of Win 10 that was released to market. In particular NVIDIA graphics drivers on custom systems with 2 drivers and/or dual screens (gaming machines) were hit by Microsoft installing generic NVIDIA drivers during the upgrade. This caused a big fuss at the time but has now been sorted out. PS. Once you have upgraded to 10 you can turn off driver updates from MS so they wont mess with your drivers at all; but then you have to check and keep them up to date yourself. Swings and Roundabouts. http://winsupersite.com/windows-10/stop-automatic-driver-updates-windows-10
  24. It wasn't complicated at all when I did it from 8.1 to 10, I did it when 10 was frist released to market last year, and I have had no problems then or since. I didn't to a full reinstall, just upgraded from 8.1 and told it to keep all my existing data. Mine was a new machine though, only six months old. Just clicked for the upgrade and away it went, if I remember there were a couple of restarts but that was all. I seem to rember it taking about 2 hours over my (admittedly very slow, rural area, about 2.4 Mbps) wifi connection. If you have an ethernet cable. or faster wifi, it should be much quicker. If you have 8.1 you probably already have a Microsoft account which makes it easier as things just migrate across. Take the usual precautions- Backup all your data before upgrading. Make a win 8.1 recovery drive on a USB stick, just in case you want to go back. (Make a note of your win 8.1 product key. Although I believe the new upgrade process (to Win10 1511) keeps the same key, the earlier one gave you a new key for Win 10). If you are more techy then maybe make a full mirror of your current system (just in case, etc.) Like any OS upgrade once installed it takes a bit of setting up to just how you want it, you will find plenty of advice online.
  25. Sorry I was missunderstanding you, I thought you wanted the French not English. Here is a link to setting languages to keep a Mac http://www.piriform.com/docs/ccleaner-for-mac/ccleaner-for-mac-settings/setting-which-languages-to-keep It appears that the Mac OSx will clear out any languages you have not selected, just leaving you with the PCs default language. You may need to reinstall CCleaner to get them back again.
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