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  1. One thing I have found is that the 'Sticky Notes has changed from a programme to a Windows app which seems to be part of the new "Ink" thing. If you had any sticky notes on your desktop they will be gone after the upgrade. (Fair enough). The new app has a few more functions but not much, and I don't like the new font, or the size of notes themselves. You are limited as to how you can resize them. Being a native app there does not seem to be a file where the contents of the notes are saved. And you can't add it to start-up other than having a note open, or putting Ink in start-up. I found it easy enough to get the old programme back and running by copying the StikyNot.exe and the StickyNotes.snt files from the Windows.old folder back to the new installation. Which of course also restored the contents of my old sticky's. Not critical, just another little niggle.
  2. Well I went for it using the 'Windows Update > Learn more > Get the Aniversary Update Now' route. Took over 4 hours to download and install. (The wi-fi I'm using tops out at 2.5Mbps, that's what you get for living rural). That did include a helpful "Something went Wrong" after 1-1/2 hours of downloading. Seems OK up to now, need to check what privacy settings it has changed, and otherwise have a good look round. All programmes, including speccy and CCleaner, are still there but some icons have changed. It's also put an AudioWizard icon on the desktop for some reason. I'll check that next. And it keeps bugging me to register for OneDrive. No thanks, I still don't trust cloud storage. EDIT I've had a look about and TBH I don't see much difference apart from a few cosmetic changes, and of course having to change back 'spy' settings that MS had reset in their favour. There again I don't use Edge, I don't have a touchscreen with stylus for the new "Ink" thing, I don't sync to my phone, and I don't play Xbox games. I didn't even turn Cortana off completely, just turned off it's privacy and learning settings so it just works as a searchbox. One oddity; Even though this is Windows 10 Home it says in Settings>Privacy>General "Some settings are managed by your organisation". Looking online all the sugestions I could find say you get rid of this message by changing the Group Policy using gpedit.msc - but this is the Home edition, it does not have any Group Policy (or gpedit.msc). The only thing you could call a group with the home edition is the Wifi network Workgroup. I do notice that one of the items there is greyed out, so its probably something to do with that. (Send MS info about how I write to help us improve writing and typing in future). I think it's to do with Cortana and/or Ink. Not a problem, just an oddity.
  3. Are you sure that it's CC that is deleting your cookies? Check your browser settings for Delete Cookies / delete history on closing.
  4. I've also been considering doing this. But I remember that some of those who did this with the 1511 update had problems, and had to roll back and wait until it was installed through WU. I've also seen reports that some who have used the MCT this time have had problems with Cortana not installing properly (or at all). Not that I want Cortana, it's one of the first things that I will turn off with the hack reported on another thread here. https://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=46782&hl= I'll think about it and if I've not got the Aniversary Upgrade by tomorrow may go for the MCT route.
  5. Cheers for that, The Aniversary Upgrade has not installed itself here yet, but that was one of the issues I knew about and was looking for a hack to turn it off ASAP.
  6. Connecting through Firefox OK today. PS. Firefox 48.0 is out, Just installed on my laptop but no release notes yet at Mozilla.
  7. That will be because that article is for the Edge browser not Firefox, I included it because I wasn't sure which browser you were actually using. I'm still not sure here just what is happening - Is MSN loading into its own window on startup? Or is it loading into a Firefox tab when you open Firefox? If MSN is loading into its own window on startup then you need to turn it off, or remove/uninstall the app. See the link I gave above to the howtogeek article on how to uninstall it. Read the full article, you may not be able to uninstall it in the normal way, you may need to use powershell to uninstall the app. If however it is loading into a Firefox tab then lets see if we can work out why. In firefox go to settings - (the little cogwheel or click 'Options' in the Tools menu), and then select 'General'. Iit will show how you have set FFx to start and should have 3 options- Show my Homepage. Show a blank page. Show my Windows and tabs from last time. It will also show just what url (webpage) your homepage is set to load if 'Show my Homepage' has been selected. Unless you have MSN set as your homepage url; or have 'Show my windows and tabs from last time' set, then it is not Firefox that is loading MSN. Please try the above and report what FFx start settings you have. (I have to go out for a while, will be back later).
  8. It's not clear just what you are asking here? Do you want to keep MSN news feeds or remove them? (or change the options?). Are you using FireFox or IE? (or both?). "constantly removing all IE entries on CCleaner." will have no effect on FireFox. And neither FFx or IE cleaning will have any effect on the MSN news feed app. Can you not just remove/uninstall the MSN app if you don't want it? http://www.howtogeek.com/224798/how-to-uninstall-windows-10s-built-in-apps-and-how-to-reinstall-them/ (One of the first things I did with win 10 was remove the news and weather apps, etc). Or are you saying that the MSN news comes up as your browser homepage? (although thats usually Edge browser not FFx or IE). In that case just change your homepage setting. http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/apps_windows_10-msedge/how-to-turn-off-the-msn-news-feed-in-edge/53eafc52-1832-4d60-849a-bbcda5fb91bf?page=1
  9. So when you run Ccleaner is it deleteing the saved login or is it still there after CC has been run? It seems from what you are saying that the login is saved, (is not being removed by CC), but it is not being used for some reason. So that sounds like a Firefox problem. I would make sure your Firefox is up to date (v47.0.1). Then I would delete the curently saved login. Make sure the 'Remember logins for sites' is selected. Then login to AT&T to save save a new one. EDIT I've just had another thought. I don't know just how the AT&T login screen works, but I do know that newer versions of Firefox can have some oddities with saved logins. For instance if I am logging into any vBulletin based forum, my username and password are not filled in at first. I have to click the Login button which then produces a 'failed login - try again' screen that does have the name and password fields filled. Its not just vB, logins for some other websites work this way now as well. (I think it was about FFx version 43.0 when this first started happening to me).
  10. This is log file(2 files? the file number changes)from your temporary folder that is in use by a scheduled Asus task. Open the Task Scheduler. In the window that appears, double click on "Task Scheduler Library" in the left hand panel. Select "ASUS" Disable or delete the entry that has anything to do with "AsusSetup.exe."
  11. I didn't even try to recover the previous settings, it didn't take long to put them back to how I want them, cookies to keep took the longest of course. I was just having a winge, I had not expected that Ccleaner would 'factory reset' itself just because it could not find the ini file, I had assumed it would keep the settings it already had. Oh well, my own stupid fault for making assumptions.
  12. Have you checked that Firefox is set to remember passwords? The setting is in Options > Security On that page you can also view your saved logins to check that it is actually being saved. If it is shown as saved, close FFx reopen it and see if it's still there. If not then FFx is removing it on closing when it deletes cookies.
  13. Arghh! When answering a query from a poster I set the 'Save to INI' to check out just how it works. So once I'd done that I deleted the CCleaner.ini And then found that everything had been reset to default, including my Cookies to keep, my ticked options for general cleaning, and even the registry cleaning option. (which I don't much use but still). If CC can keep my settings when I'm not using 'Save to INI' why does it junk them when I have used it and then deleted the .ini file? OK, it's not something that you will do often, but perhaps the 'Check for ini' routine (I'm assuming) could be changed to keep the last settings if the .ini is not found?
  14. If you go to Options > Advanced you will see an option to 'Save all settings to INI file' Ticking this means that a file called ccleaner.ini is created, and maintained, in your C:\Program Files\CCleaner folder. This file contains all your current CCleaner settings, including 'cookies to keep'. (Be aware that if you create this file and then later delete for whatever reason, CCleaner will reset to the default settings next time it is run; presumably because it's looking for the .ini and can't find it).
  15. unticking 'Saved Passwords' for Firefox on the Applications tab will stop CC removing Firefox passwords. Note some application login pages are set up as forms, (I'm not sure if AT&T is), so you may need to untick 'Saved Form Information' as well
  16. And don't forget Google's April fools spoofs, TiSP (Toilet Internet Service Provider) was my favourite. https://archive.google.com/tisp/index.html Lot's of others as well - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Google_April_Fools%27_Day_jokes
  17. These may not be Internet Explorer 'index.dat' files, they may have been created by another programme (or programmes). The .dat extension is commonly used for data files (files that are not human-readable and do not hold a document-based binary file). It's possible to find files named 'index.dat' that are not used by Internet Explorer. Indeed it is often hard to find the Internet Explorer 'index.dat' files themselves because they are designated as System Files and do not not normally show up in Windows Explorer, even with 'show hidden files' selected.
  18. What text editor were you using? Is the file extension .txt, .rtf, .doc, .docx, or some other? If you are lucky then in the same folder there will be a file with the same name but with an extension of .bak This is a backup of the file. If you rename this to change the .bak to the same as the corrupted file the it will open and you can see what it contains.
  19. nukecad

    Pop-up windows

    Err, that is not Ccleaner. It's TFC, a different programme.
  20. Ccleaner is not an anti-virus or anti-malware programme. It is a junk cleaner. (Cleaner = Crap Cleaner). It clears out cookies, caches, saved forms, saved logins, etc. If you want to check for and remove 'dangerous' files on your system then I recommend that you go to Malwarebytes.com and get their anti-malware scanner. While you are there get the anti-exploit as well. (And possibly the Junkware Removal Tool). None of the above are anti-virus programmes, choose one of those yourself. If you use Ccleaner, in conjunction with an AV, and regilar scans by the others I have mentioned then you should be pretty safe. Best of all they all have Free versions which are sufficent for a normal home user.
  21. This is normal. It can be a bit confusing if you are not used to it; what you do next is- Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the 'No Thanks' button. You will be taken to another page from which you can download the latest Free version. (or buy one of the professional versions).Click on the download button for the free version and it will download a file called 'ccsetup###.exe' to your computer. (You may be redirected to the Filehippo page, if you are then be sure to click the GREEN download botton there, not the Blue one). Double click on 'ccsetup###.exe' that has been saved to your computer and it will install the latest free version, overwriting the previous version.
  22. Just to note that since Patch Tuesday this week my Windows 10 is also now having problems with Windows Updates. Takes ages 'Checking for Updates' every time. It just spent 10 minutes to find a Defender Definition update, installed it fast enough, then went back to 'Checking for Updates' for another 5 mins. Before Tuesday it would take less than a minute to do a Defender Definition update and the checks.. Windows Modules Installer Worker also keeps firing up and taking 60-70% CPU and 80-90% disk access for 15-20 mins at a time. I'm searching for solutions but most of the online suggestions involve turning off Automatic Updates, which you can't do in Win10 home. So maybe it's not Windows trying to push Win7 users to upgrade to Win10? Maybe its just Microsoft being incompetent (again)? EDIT (13:17) Well that seemed too easy, just ran Disk clean-up and used the option to Clean-up system files. Went and did another Windows Update and it found and installed another Defender Definition update in under a minute. I'll keep an eye on it, and the WMIU (I can hear that one start as the disk spins up).
  23. It could be either the 'Saved Passwords' or 'Saved forms' in the browser settings? You could try unticking each one in turn in a particular browser and seeing if that cures it.
  24. I just noticed that they have done this by installing the Widevine CDM Module as a plug-in with the FFx 47.0 update without asking, or even informing you. This plugin only has the options to "Always Activate" or "Never Activate" enabled. The "Ask to Activate" is not selectable. I thought one point of Widevine was that it is a native Web API and so does not rely on plugins?
  25. It does sound like this could have been a desktop icon that had been removed but the graphics still thought it was there and so left a 'hole' for it. Have you noticed any programme icon missing from your desktop? If it happens again then I suggest rebuilding your icon cache; don't worry its not hard to do, just google it.
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