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  1. Another member has pointed out that, rather than CCleaner being at fault here, it is a faulty Thunderbird update (52.2.0) that is the cause of this problem. There are by now a few accounts of this problem with Thunderbird 52.2.0. https://www.ghacks.net/2017/06/15/thunderbird-52-2-0-update-issues-with-imap-folders/ It seems to be random with some machines affected and others not. I'm not sure about Firefox, Pale Moon, or Ice Dragon but as these are all based on the same Mozilla engine, and have also been updated this week, then they could all be giving the same fault.
  2. I'm not sure that I like the idea of that cloud-based clipboard. The way that article reads then anything you copy into the clipboard will be automatically uploaded to the cloud without you having any say in it. There again I don't like cloud storage at all, you can have all the AV and antimalware you want on your PC, and then your files can just be stolen out of the cloud. How much personal information do your documents in the cloud contain? From your address/phone number/email to your bank account, credit card, isurance, tax, etc., etc. details. In fact just about anything you have ever written in a letter and saved to the cloud or synced to another device. It may not be worth a hacker trying to get into your machine just for your files, but a server holding the files of millions of users is a more tempting target. Big servers get hacked everyday, hell banks and governments get hacked all the time - why should a commercial server be any more secure. I wonder how long it's going to be before we see a major cloud-storage server hacked and user files stolen? Dropbox was hacked in 2012 and Opera cloud storage was hacked last year. They both say that only encrypted passwords were stolen, anyone believe that? (Once the fox is in the henhouse he's not just going to stop and just eat the eggs).
  3. But this is just what we used to do in the 'olden days'. Hardly anybody bought a monitor for home use. Your Spectrum/Commodore Amiga/Atari ST computer, (or your games console),all had a built in modulator so you could plug them straight into your TV aerial socket. (Monitors were available for the Amiga and the ST, I had a monochrome monitor for my STFM, but you had to buy them seperately and a colour monitor often cost more than the computer itself).
  4. Apparently not; I don't fully understand 'toast' myself not being a XML programmer, but it's to do with coding those pop-up notifications/messages that are only on screen for a short time. In Win 10 you can include interactive buttons in them. https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/tiles_and_toasts/2015/07/02/adaptive-and-interactive-toast-notifications-for-windows-10/
  5. Just been reading the Knowlege Base article for one of yesterdays Windows 10 updates (KB4022725), one of the notes there states - "users will not be able to use the remote toast activation feature" Looks like your talkie-toaster is safe from hacking for a while at least.
  6. Defragmenting on it's own does not create any more space on the disk, it just moves the data that is 'split-up' into one place. (or at least closer together). The data still takes up the the same number of bytes, just all in one place instead of being spread over the disk. To free up space you would have to delete temporary files, unwanted files, duplicate files, etc. Use Windows Disk clean-up, CCleaner, or another 3rd party temporary/duplicate file cleaner. The other way to more free space on a disk is to compress the files in some way. There are plenty of file compression tools out there, how much they compress files will vary and will also depend on the type of file being compressed. (And of course if you are sending compressed files to someone else then you have to make sure that they can decompress them).
  7. It seems to have got a bit confusing with MB3 now including 4 component packages. There have been a few threads about it on the Malwarebytes forum. So there are programme updates and Component Package updates. The main issue seem to be that updates are not being sent to everyone at once but are 'metered out', so an update may be available manually for a while before it gets sent automatically to your machine. (A bit like Microsoft metering out the Win10 Creators Update, but hopefully not as slow, I know people who still haven't got the CU yet). So when you use MB3 itself to check for updates it may say that you are up to date, even though there is an update you can go and manually download/install. Then there is a question of whether the 'minor' updates (ie. the .1733 part) are released/notified automatically or whether you have to keep an eye on the site and get them manually. There also seems to be a 24 hour timer switch on notifications for some update components. This was posted on the Malwarebytes forum yesterday: Q- A- https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/202505-no-update-warning-in-tray-icon/
  8. Unless you have set any exceptions then these will probably be temporary files used by your Operating System. (Logfiles, temporary files, etc.) They could also be files used by some other programme you have running in the background. As soon as you clean/delete them the Operating System (or background app) immediately recreates them, usually as an empty file but it may put a bit of data in there straight away. So if you analyze again you see them again, the computer recreates them more quickly than you can click the Ananlyze button. Try taking a look at the size of these particular files before and after cleaning. If it's been a while since you last cleaned you should see that they reduce in size when cleaned. (They have been deleted and recreated anew).
  9. I said exactly the same. But I've noticed that since then I've used MB3.
  10. Hi hazelnut, Someone elsewhere pulled me on this one the other day. It's MBAM2, but MB3. Yes a bit anal/pedantic, but I had to hold my hand up and admit he was correct. Guess we just get used to using a certain abbreviation. (Flat letting adverts still say 'no DDS' even though the DSS no longer exists, it was replaced by the DWP years ago).
  11. No problems, just use one of the free AVs alongside Malwarebytes and you should be fine. Malwarebytes is designed to run alongside any AV to give 'layered' protection. If you havn't already then upgrade to MB3 for free, your perpetual licence is still valid. MB3 has combined Anti Exploit & Anti Ransomware included. Most people still run it alongside a traditional AV.
  12. nukecad

    June desktops

    As we are having a General Election today in the UK I thought I would go with a "Take me to your leader" theme. That's a real creature, called a Tardigrade. (Ok it's a CGI of a tardigrade). They are fascinating things and almost indestructable. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/scientists-have-discovered-why-the-worlds-hardiest-animal-is-so-tough_uk_57e28b77e4b004d4d8617c15 http://www.livescience.com/57985-tardigrade-facts.html
  13. Well if you have a 3rd party AV installed and thus Defender disabled then I'm not sure it's much use making it an exception in Defender anyway. But odd things can sometimes happen with Win 10, so just for info. In Creators Update the Defender exclusions are set in the Windows Security Centre. Open the Security Centre, (Start menu>apps>Windows Defender Security Centre). Click on the shield icon to bring up the 'Virus & threat protection' screen. Click on 'Virus & threat protetection settings'. Scroll down to 'Add or remove exclusions'. Have you tried making CC an exception in whatever AV you are using? Why this should change how the Skip UAC works I don't know, but it does sometimes (not always) work.
  14. I wasn't implying that this scanning was the cause of the UAC problem. I was just giving it as a "for instance" to show that Microsoft have changed how Windows Defender works following the Creators Update. What else have they changed behind the Defender front end that you can't see that easily? This is going to be an ongoing problem for third party developers with Windows 10 releasing major updates every six or 12 months. Just when you have worked out what they did last time that has upset your programme and you manage to patch it, MS will change Win 10 yet again. Edge has been the main culprit for this up to now, it's been constantly changing since Win 10 was released.
  15. I had this problem In the past with the Aniversary Update. The solution I found then was to make the CC folder an exception in Windows Defender. Defender has changed the way it works with the Creators Update. For instance Defender will now still do periodic scans even if you have a 3rd party AV. So Defender may be the problem again. (I still have CC as an exception in Defender and have no problem with CC and the CU). If you have a 3rd party AV then make CC an exception in that as well as Defender.
  16. Simple, Put a chip in the cartridge {or the printer} that says 'this cartridge {serial #} has run dry, disable it from further use'. HP did something similar a couple of years ago to stop you refilling cartridges, or from using non-HP manufactured cartridges..
  17. I managed to catch the hang in debug mode, unfortunately the log is not very instructive. CCleaner64_v5.30.6065_2017-06-02_03-34-51.txt PS- It seems a bit daft that you have to change the name because the forum uploader will not allow a file with a ".log" extension to be attached to a post?
  18. Here's the event log from the last time it happened. CCleaner hang.txt Like I say it's not a big problem for me, I was just giving a heads up.
  19. There are two 5.30 versions. 5.30.6063 was first on the 16 May, then there was a minor update to 5.30.6065 on the 23 May. Maybe confusingly the installer for both was just called "ccsetup530.exe" Just download the latest one and run it, you will see the .6063 has changed to .6065 when you next launch CCleaner. https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/version-history
  20. Just a notification- I'm getting an intermittent fault with CCleaner Free v5.30.6065 (64-bit) on Windows 10 1703 build 15063.332. Both CCleaner and Windows had updates at about the same time so I'm not sure which one is the culprit. (CCleaner updated on 24/05, Windows on 27/05) Sorry I can't fully recall if the fault happened between the 2 or not (I think it did). Occasionally when launching CCleaner it will hang with the 'Analyze' & 'Run Cleaner' buttons greyed out, and nothing showing in the Windows tab. Closing the GUI using the red 'X' causes the Windows standard 'Not Responding' error dialogue, followed by the 'Checking for a Solution' box. (Its quicker just to terminate it in Task Manager). Launch CCleaner again straight afterwards and it runs normally. As I say it's intermittent so it's hard to troubleshoot just what is causing it. I'll try running CCleaner in debug mode for a while to see if I can catch any more information.
  21. I was also seeing this on the first launch of CC after a boot. I got a new cumulative update for Win 10 Creators yesterday and the problem seems to be cured. So it looks like it was a Windows problem and not CC. I'm guessing it was something to do with the patches Microsoft rushed out to combat WannaCry? (Done in a rush, not fully tested?)
  22. 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) on a Galaxy S3 mini. Haven't got a clue what It is measuring. What I have ruled out- It's not time since boot. It's not screen on time. It's not CCleaner app active time. Watching the display the seconds freeze and then speed through four or five at once. Does it really matter?
  23. I'm not sure if you are talking about recent files ir recent apps? That registry entry though indicates recent apps. I assume that you haven't got the Creators Update yet? With the Creators Update you have more control of the start menu. Among other things you can- Turn off the display of Recent Apps altogether. (Which modifies that registry key so it has no entries). Turn off the whole annoying display of the Apps list on the start menu so that they are minimised to a small button at the top left. The settings are found in Settings>Personalisation>Start
  24. Presumably these engineering drawings are images embeded into the Word document? So it may be better to extract the images rather than splitting the pages. Saving the document as a webpage is a good, easy trick to extract all the images from a document in one go. Of course this gives you images not seperate word documents. See here for an explanation of how to do this, and another couple of methods. http://www.ubergizmo.com/how-to/extract-images-ms-word/
  25. Two years ago the DWP were advertising jobs for 'retired' programmers to help keep their 1970's Fortran and Cobol routines 'up to date'. They were also looking for people with Primos and Unix experience. Guess those systems are pretty safe from todays teenage hackers who've probably never heard of Primos.
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