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  1. I see that the release notes for 5.33 say- "Improved CCleaner launch sequence to resolve a UI lock" Hopefully that will be the cure this intermittent problem.
  2. HI Jeannejeannie, You should realy have started your own thread. Yours is a different issue altogether. You have Windows 10-S, which is a cut down "student" version of Windows 10 Pro. It is mainly meant for use in schools but you can buy it for home use. It will only let you install programmes (apps) from the Windows Store. Read more here- https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows/windows-10-s These FAQ's explain the differences- https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/4020089/windows-10-s-faq Please start a new thread if you have further questions about this. (It's not polite to jump in on someone elses question).
  3. Wondered why I was not being offered 55. They are getting a bit to frequent with pulling updates and issuing a .0.1 a day later. Maybe a bit more testing is needed before release release rather than rushing to get it out on Patch Tuesday?
  4. So the short answer would be to make these 'favicon' files an exception in CC (Options>Exclude) so that they don't get cleaned. But if a bug in FF is deleting them itself then this would not help, and all bets are then off until FF fixes the bug.
  5. If , just after the application had been updated, CC starts removing things it didn't before then I would first suspect that is the application update that has changed something rather than CC. A couple of things you could look at- Are you using an add-on for the favicons? If so then I suspect this could be Firefox changing the way it handles add-ons and extensions. They have been doing this by stages for the last few versions. It's possible that they have changed the location where the files used by add-ons are stored so that they are stored in with the history. I do know that they have been looking at a bug with FF's own favicons, and are supposed to have fixed in in 55. https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1356525 Another thing to look at is- where you using FF 32-bit version previously. FF used to install 32-bit unless you specificaly told it to load 64-bit. With FF55 it will automatically load 64-bit FF on a 64-bit system. I don't know if it would make any difference but you can still install the 32-bit FF version on a 64-bit system, you just have to do it yourself by downloading it from the 'languages' page and installing it manualy. https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/all/
  6. Apparently you can't go back a version from FF55. (and/or will have problems if you try to). From the release notes- https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/55.0/releasenotes/ More info: https://www.ghacks.net/2017/08/02/you-cannot-downgrade-firefox-55-profiles/
  7. When was that update (KB4032188) downloaded to your machine? It was first issued on 27 July, and then almost immediately (within minutes) pulled again. http://news.softpedia.com/news/microsoft-releases-and-pulls-windows-10-cumulative-update-kb4032188-517209.shtml It was re-issued on 2 August. If you had somehow got the older one then maybe it was faulty and that was why they pulled it? (They are not saying why they did). It seems that some who got the original one suffered a BSOD. You could try rebooting into safemode and reinstalling the update.
  8. From a new thread today: OK, it seems the problem is probably that CC was running (monitoring) when he tried to install, but wouldn't that be ironic if it was a clash with avast.
  9. The 'cleaning' is the same with both free and pro versions. The differences between free and pro versions are mainly in scheduling, monitoring, and the cleaning of multiple user accounts. https://piriform.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/204043904-Benefits-of-CCleaner-Professional If you have the free version installed then go to 'Options' and look at the tabs for "Settings", "Scheduling", "Monitoring", and "Users". You will see that certain options have the word "PRO" and a padlock symbol next to them. These settings are only available in the Pro version. The Pro version also gives you a licence key which entitles you to priority email support from Piriform. https://www.piriform.com/support
  10. My bad mta, I had assumed the 'redirecting' post was a reply to your previous request for version numbers and hadn't noticed it was not the OP answering. (I might still suspect the recent update to Firefox though as S Kay says the problem only started 'in the past week').
  11. I may be way out here, But as this is new behaviour then could this be something to do with the changes to FireFox 54 so that it now uses multiple OS processes for webpage content? https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/54.0.1/releasenotes/ If it is using multiple processes, is it also creating multiple caches? And if so then are you redirecting all of them? (Can you even redirect them if FFx opens a new process/cache whilst it is already running?)
  12. You are not the first to report this with Comodo in the last week. https://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=48629 It seems that Comodo has started flagging CCleaner as a false threat, and is warning you that it is attempting to clean Firefox browsing history.
  13. mta, I agree with all that you said there. I do get a bit frustrated when I keep seeing posts that Windows Defender is 'no good' - based on tests from years ago on XP when Defender was anti-spyware only and so a totally different animal. I guess that's MS's oversight for not changing the name when the made it a full AV with Win 8 & 8.1, and vastly improved it with Win 10. As hazelnut says make sure that your MB3 does not turn off Defender in the action centre. It shouldn't do if you are up to date with MB3, but earlier versions could do just that. It's as well to check. For anyone who still doubts that Windows Defender is an effective AV, just take a look online at how worried Kaspersky are getting about it taking their market share. If they are so sure that their AV is "vastly superior" to Defender then why are they getting so worried and filing lawsuits against MS? I'm sure that Avast also have their concerns, which as I've said in another thread may explain why they are branching out and have bought/merged with Piriform. In the end if your AV/AM product for Windows is seen as better than the standard Microsoft offering then it will sell well. For instance Malwarebytes3, although not a traditional AV, is still selling strongly to be used alongside Windows Defender.
  14. I don't think anyone but the developers at Microsoft could answer that one. (And they would probably struggle to know what their co-worker at the next workstation has just changed in the Edge basecode). Edge is a work in progress, and they keep changing things. Which is one reason why third party cleaners, AV's etc. have problems keeping up with just what MS have changed in Edge from month to month. (Or week to week if you are on the insider rings).
  15. Seeing as its Windows 10 you could just leave it using Windows Defender/ Windows Security Centre. Some will say that is not enough on its own, others will say that it does everything you need. Like anything else - someone who is selling you something will tell you that their product is 'better' than the default, and 'better' than other similar products. That might not sound very helpful at first, but what I'm saying is that Windows 10 is well protected straight out of the box. If you want to pay for some other protection then that is up to you. (A bit like changing your car alarm for a more expensive one, in the end is it going to do a better job?). The only time in the last 2 years that one of my computers had been "attacked" (a drive by download, if that means anything to you) Windows Defender spotted it and stopped it in it's tracks.
  16. Gmail = Google. Google grabs as much as it can about you and stores it on their own servers. CCleaner can clear out files on your machine, but not stuff that has already been grabbed and stored elsewhere. (Makes me laugh when I see people moan that Windows 10 might be collecting too much info about them; but are quite happy to let Google, Faceache,etc. take whatever they want.)
  17. I was looking into a question about changing wallpapers on another forum and came across this- http://www.addictivetips.com/windows-tips/set-wallpaper-to-automatically-change-by-time-mouse-state-or-logon/ It lets you set various triggers to change your wallpaper depending on the time or on certain actions. You can set multiple events to change your wallpaper. So for example you could have different wallpapers for morning/afternoon/evening/night. I have just installed it on Windows 10 v1703, and its working fine. Note- The installer says it puts a shortcut in the start menu; it didn't on my Windows 10. I simply moved the downloaded ".exe" file to C:\Programe Files (x86) and created a desktop shortcut.
  18. There can be many causes for a slow running computer- anything from too many things loading at startup, slow broadband, something wrongly hogging resources, etc.; right through to a malware infection. CCleaner is a good place to start. I would also recommend running scans with Malwarebytes3, Junkware Removal Tool, and AdwCleaner. You can find more about, and download, those 3 here: https://www.malwarebytes.com/products/ Usual disclaimers - Whilst meant for users with little or no experience these things can still have risks - You should make a backup before using - I have no connection to Malwarebytes - Other, similar, products are available. If your still having problems then take a look at the links in item 10 of this: https://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showannouncement=15&f=4 At any one of those you will find people who will take you step by step through checking your computer and getting it running properly again. They will ask you to run a few programmes and send them a few logs. If you use their services then follow their instructions carefully. Though primarily there to help remove malware they are quite happy to look for anything else that may be causing problems. And they are nice people who give their help for free. One thing, they are nice people, none of them will help anyone who has pirated software on their computer. (I'm not suggesting for one moment that you might have). It does happen now and again, they sometimes give one warning to remove it.
  19. These will be temporary file(s) created by a Windows component to store data 'on the fly'. The component has reserved so many kb of memory for these files, which is why the size doesn't change no matter how many files there are. You can delete (clean) these files which will remove the content, but the Windows component will almost immediately recreate them to store data in. Think of this type of file like a storage jar. You can empty the jar, but it's still there and it's still the same size. (It's just waiting for something to be put in it again). You can throw it out altogether, but someone immediately comes along and puts an identical one in its place. If you right click on 'Internet Explorer' after analysing and 'view detailed results' you can see the pathname to this file which may help you work out just what is creating it. You can right click on that pathname and 'go to containing folder'. If you have file explorer setup to show you 'type' then this should also tell you just what it is. If it's realy annoying you then 'view detailed results', right click on the pathname, and click 'Add to Exclude list'. CC will then ignore it and you won't see it again.
  20. Check in yor Options > Advanced that you have not got 'Only delete files In Windows Temp folders older than 24 hours' & 'Only delete files in Recycle Bin older than 24 hours' ticked. If you have these ticked then it will see the files when you analyse, but does what it says and only deletes older files when you Clean.. IE files storage locations are used by lots of other Windows applications as well as IE. So even if you never use IE there will still be temporary files stored there and CC just classes anything in those locations as IE files.
  21. Cheers Hazel, With it being an intermittent fault I expect it will be a bugger to track down, they always are. Like i say it doesn't bother me too much, but some are less laid back.
  22. It's hung again today. Left it running for over an hour to see if it would get to the update, nothing doing. The log is identical to yesterdays except for the date. CCleaner64_v5.32.6129_2017-07-21_15-13-19.txt Everything else was accessing the internet without problem during this hour, so it's CCleaner itself and not a WiFi/router/broadband issue.
  23. It's just an aspect of business. Small independent businesses start up to fill a niche that the 'big boys' aren't filling - get popular - grow larger - get noticed by the 'big boys' - get bought out/taken over. New small independent businesses start up - grow larger - ...... Of course if you can grow big enough before the 'big boys' notice then you get to big to easily buy out and become a 'big boy' yourself.
  24. Sorry but I disagree. If you blithely run a programme without knowing what it does / could do then that is your carelessness. There are enough warnings on the internet about using registry cleaners - if you are not sure what you are doing Reg cleaners have their place to do a specific job If you use a tool to do the wrong job, or without knowing how to use it, then don't blame the manufacturer when it goes wrong. (I cut my arm off with a chainsaw - they should not have let me use one). I do agree that the reg cleaner included with CC should not be as prominent, and have said so in the past.
  25. If you run analyse - for sessions only, look at the detailed results, and maybe right click and go to folder, then you will see that these are mainly log, bak, and other recovery files for that particular browser So yes these are the files that have info on what tabs were open when the browser last closed (for whatever reason).
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