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  1. So you decided to take screenshots of every screen BEFORE you even began/started? Why? Did you have an agenda? OR If you had already downloaded Chrome (by mistake) before you took those screenshots then of course they would not show an option to download it again, you already had it.
  2. Thanks Dennis, I also suspect that it may be the call logs, and that Malwarebytes for Mobile is just being a bit too careful when reporting that CC could record calls. (Reporting CC can access files should be sufficient for the call logs) I put the same question on the Malwarebytes user forum but have not had any replies there as yet. Just for info here is a screenshot.
  3. You would have though that with many Android tablets and smartphones in use that the userbase must be comparable to Windows by now. Maybe Piriform should look at making documentation available a priority if they want more Android users onboard? Looking on here people have been asking for documenation for a couple of years now. One more interesting thing, I also put MalwareBytes for android on the phone, and on a privacy check it informs me that as well as CCleaner being being able to access files etc., which is fair enough, CCleaner is able to monitor and even record calls? Why would a file cleaner need to monitor/record calls? It may be an FP, I will have to check with MB, but any comment on that from Piriform?
  4. Well it ran OK with the settings I made and didn't clear my saved passwords, call logs, or SMS's. Would still prefer some documentation rather than having to trial and error those options, and others. Without any documentation it would be easy to clear something you didn't mean to. For instance just what cleaning would delete the passwords? Would clearing the data storage of Chrome in the 'Manual cleaning apps' section do it? The other thing I noticed is that it took several Analyse-Clean cycles to fully clean, and even then the last ##Mb remnants did not clean until the CC app was closed. (Checked by reopening and analysing straight away, they were gone). It did remove the cookies for my favourite websites (including this one) so that the layouts are not as I prefer them but have been reset to default. Fair enough, but it would be nice to be able to exclude these from cleaning as you can in the Windows version. All in all its on the phone now, but I'm not sure how often I'll be using it until I can work out just what it is doing and what the options do. Someone at Piriform must have some kind of documentation, even if only the devs so they know what the options are supposed to do.
  5. So I decided to put CC on my Android phone. What a pain it the.... Created a google account. (Didn't already have one). Went to the play store. Found Ccleaner, go for the install button. "Re-enter your password" - OK did that got sent back to the install screen. Press the install button. Nothing happens. Press the install button. "please re-enter your password", put it in again. Get thrown back to the 'My Account' screen. Can't get away from the ***** thing. Round and round again. Everything you try just asks for the password again and goes back to the 'My Account' screen. OK - close the browser and end task on it. Lets try the Google Shopping app. Find the icon, put it onscreen, open the app. As soon as it opens it throws up 'Item not found'. (What **** item?). Ah, there's a spyglass top right, must be a search box. Yes- type in ccleaner and get a choice of 5 answers, go for the top one. A different install page comes up, press on install. Now it wants me to register a credit card, for a free app. Cancel that. Get a notification that 'App will be downloaded and installed'. Close browser and there is a Ccleaner icon onscreen. Success at last. I realise that this is probably mostly the Google Play Store messing about, but it was still a pain. Now have to check out the Ccleaner Android settings, don't want to delete my saved passwords, call logs, or old sms messages by mistake. Mmm, can't see an option for passwords, need to find and read the documentation. Oh, there doesn't seem to be any documentation, CCleaner, CCleaner for Mac, CCleaner Network are all there - but nothing for CCleaner for Android. I may report back later.
  6. And does a 'Prada' handbag hold any more makeup than a Tesco handbag? If you want to pay over the top for the same thing then that's your stupid fault.
  7. I don't know exactly but taking a couple of guesses: Could it be that you have been using the CPU intensively before launching Speccy which has made your CPU run hotter, but then stop using other programmes while you are watching speccy? Could it be that what you are seeing is Speccy itself using the CPU? When you run Speccy (or any other programme) it will initially use your CPU intensively and so the temperature goes up. Once it has done it's starting it doesn't use the CPU as much and so the temprature drops again. (10 degs. does seem a bit much for that though). You could try looking at the CPU utilisation using the task manager and see if this corresponds to the temperature fall in Speccy. When I launch Speccy the CPU utilisation briefly peaks at 100% and then falls off again to about 8%. If I do a similar thing with other programmes that go to 100% on start, then Speccy shows a corresponding temperature rise then fall again, but only by 1 degree or so. As I say those are just guesses, maybe someone else has more experience.
  8. I actualy did this last weekend for a friends HP notebook with no problems at all. Ran CCleaner to remove temporary files. Ran various malware/adware scans and removed PUPs and PUMs, defragged etc. Updated it from Win10 1511 to Win10 1607. (AVG Free had been blocking Windows Updates for over a year, uninstalled AVG before updating). Rebooted and used CCleaner to remove the 'old windows' files. Laptop is now booting and running much faster than before. There should not be anything in the 'Windows.old' folder that is required by the current operating system. It's just a backup of the old version of windows that you have replaced. Windows will automatically delete this folder itself after a month. Did you maybe also run the Registry Cleaner in CC? This is much more likely to have 'broken' something if you removed a needed registry entry by mistake. That could also explain why the USB boot would not work.
  9. Have you tried Irfanview? http://www.irfanview.com/ It can often open image files when costly, high end, photo viewers fail. No guarantees, but its free so you have nothing to loose by trying. Of course the photo files may actually be corrupted.
  10. Is it one of these? https://archive.google.com/tisp/install.html
  11. Yes it would. (Pretty sure I could even get it running on Win10). Problem is I have no idea what happened to the installation discs, think they got lost during a house move. I do have legal cheaper (and even free) 'clones' of the software on newer machines, but sometimes you just need the original. An up to date full version of the original now costs over £1,600 a year for a subscription. http://www.autodesk.co.uk/store/products/autocad?term=1month&support=advanced&mktvar002=knc_wwm_emea_uk_nc_ggl__autocad-exact&mkwid=sVpj1ANxn|pcrid|148464512812|pkw|autocad%20cost|pmt|e|pdv|c|&gclid=CJLJ9t_D_tECFdTnGwodvrgLRg You have to subscribe, you can't buy it outright anymore. No way I could justify paying that for something I now only use once or twice a year, I'll stick with what I have now.
  12. Still got Win98 on an old tower, still use it now and again. I've CAD software on there that costs £££££'s to replace. I don't use the software often enough to justify paying to update, but use it enough to keep the old PC until it dies. (And you would need to be an expert user to tell the difference in the output between the old software and the latest version). I recently dug out an old 1995 CD for 'Lemmings', remember that? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lemmings_(video_game) Bunged into the Windows 10 laptop to see what happened and it plays perfectly.
  13. It seems everyone and his dog is offering you Cloud storage these days. MS, Google, your email provider, your domain hosting service, your computer manufacturer, your smartphone manufacturer, etc., etc. If you add it all up you probably have access to terrabytes of free cloud storage. Some even try to force you to use it. MS Notepad already defaults to OneDrive everytime you 'SaveAs', how long before Word, Excel, and other MS softwares start doing it too? Convinent off-site backup storage for your files. Makes syncing fies between devices easy. Can make sharing large files with people you trust easy. Etc. But like mta says nobody ever hacked my removable USB backup; unlike large server farms that get hacked frequently. You can bet that if someone is advertising 'Secure' Cloud storage then someone else is poking at it to see just how secure it is and what there is to steal. Of course you are probably using some cloud storage, and have been for years, even if you don't call it that. Your email will probably be saved on a server rather than your own machine. Your MS account details are stored on their servers,ditto for Google accounts, etc. Even if you don't have an account MS will probably have a 'snapshot' of your Windows machine to know what updates to offer/send you.
  14. I see that the Piriform Android download page also give Amazon as an alternative download. Not sure if this is just for Kindle's though?? Razz, I didn't mean to put you off, it's just like anything else on the web, or in life as a whole. Good places, dodgy places. Check out what others that you trust say before you try them.
  15. Officially yes you have to get it from Google Play. Unofficially you can download Android software from any APK provider. https://www.androidpit.com/android-for-beginners-what-is-an-apk-file There are APK versions of CCleaner out there Of course some APK providers are not going to be as trusted as official sites like Google Play, and some are going to be cowboys or worse. You may find that you are downloading some 'bundled' software as well as what you want, (in the worst cases you may be downloading a virus). Find one you trust, and use at your own risk.
  16. Not sure why, but that double posted after the edit? (Doesn't seem to be an option to delete a post). Maybe I hit the quote button instead of the edit?
  17. I'm sticking with MBAMv2 until they get the issues with v3 sorted out. They should never have put v3 on General Release as it is, IMO it's still a Beta version and is losing them customers. I hadn't heard of Zemana, I'll give it a look.
  18. Looks like the update to 51.0 has been turned off (since yesterday). Mine is saying that 50.1.0 is still the current version. Must have found problem with it since launch that they are sorting out (again). EDIT (10 mins later). The update link is back again now, 51.0.1, so it looks like they have done a minor fix.
  19. As long as it works as they are saying it will then these changes sound good and WD is becoming a 'grown up' AV. THB since I moved to Win 8.1 and then Win 10 I have left my AV requirements up to WD (with MBAE running as well plus a weekly scan with MBAMv2), no 3rd party AV at all. Never had any problem, the one time I was 'attacked', by a drive-by on a website, WD spotted it and stopped it before the page had fully loaded.
  20. There is a difference between 'Update' and 'Upgrade'. Update is an improvement (sic) to your current version to give improved cleaning, fix known bugs/issues, etc. and often some changes/corrections to the user interface. Upgrade is a change from the 'Free' product to the 'Paid For' product.
  21. Windows Defender (a full AV on Windows 8 and later) will automatically turn itself off if you have a 3rd party AV running. It will turn itself back on if you uninstall the other AV. Since the Win10 aniversary update WD will now still perform a file scan occasionally (if you set it to) even if you have another AV running. http://www.windowscentral.com/whats-new-windows-defender-windows-10-anniversary-update There is also a major update to WD due this year as part of the Win10 'Creators Update',(due in April?) which among other things will mean that WD will automatically turn itself back on if your 3rd party AV subscription/licence expires. https://blogs.windows.com/windowsexperience/2017/01/23/introducing-windows-defender-security-center/#ziXpqq4gWsieM3uZ.97
  22. The free version didn't have that large 'Upgrade' button until a few versions ago. I think that it was about version 5.15 when it was introduced. (But can't check because Windows 10 now won't let me install any version before 5.22). TBH it's not a big deal, it's just another reminder that you are using the free version and that you can Upgrade to the Pro version for a price. If you get, or already have, the Pro/Pro+ version then the button is not there, there is nothing to upgrade to.
  23. You couldn't make it up - Colgate's new toothpaste turns BLUE as you brush; now that must be a gimmick. http://www.colgate.co.uk/app/ColgateTotal/UK/EN/Products/Colgate-Total-Proof-Toothpaste/Home.cwsp Read the reviews for a laugh; people complaining about it putting blue spots on their washbasins, towels, and even clothes.
  24. If I want to find out what cookies a particular website uses the I open my browser, go to that website and nowhere else, close the browser, open CC and look what cookies are in the 'Cookies on Computer' list. If you need to refine it more than that then try visiting the same site with the opt-outs off and with the opt-outs on, and compare the 2 lists of cokies.
  25. There is a difference between respecting your privacy and "right to be Forgotten" and the content that you yourself post openly for the whole world to see. If you have put any of your personal details in public view then that's your own decision/mistake. As soon as you put anything online it will be scanned, copied, and filed on their servers, by Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckgo, Amazon, Wikipedia, and many other search engines and bots. This is how they work, Google and the rest wouldn't be much good if they didn't catalogue everything so that it showed up in searches. If you want to get something removed from everywhere then good luck with that. This is also why forums let you use any username you like, so you don't have to use your real name. If you no longer want to take part then just stop posting and let your account go inactive. You've probably had more people look at your profile since you posted this than ever would before. If you had'nt posted everyone would have forgotten about you. If you are bothered about the possibility of your password or email addy being hacked, then just change them to some junk that you are never going to use again and forget them yourself. The "Right to be Forgotten" as applied in the EU and many other countries is limited in just what you can ask to be removed from a website. You can't just ask for everything about you to be removed, especially if it is something you put there yourself. PS. You've just told everyone that you live in Belgium/France.
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