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  1. I see what you mean the download page still says 8.1.2 I've sent the devs a PM. When you run JRT it checks for any update and applies it straight away for that run, even if you have not downloaded the latest version. If you don't download the latest then it will just check and update every time you run it, but only for that run. It won't download the new version and save it, you have to do that yourself.
  2. The developers have tracked down the issue in JRT and have released a new version that fixes the problem: (It was a problem with the font driver host being terminated and not restarting). https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/199148-jrtnotepad-clash-in-creators-update/?do=findComment&comment=1116434
  3. I agree but I still run it once a week as part of my regular routine. (One reason I run it as part of my weekly maintenance is that it closes down some process who's files would otherwise not get scanned by other programmes).
  4. I assume from that you have JRT yourself, have you tried running it in CU? It would be nice to know it's not just my machine that is doing this. As I say a restart cures it, I've done it ten or so times while testing the effects, but I understand if you don't feel like taking the risk. As I said over at MBAM I reckon it's to do with the change of emphasis from command window to powershell in the creators update, but we'll see what the developer says.
  5. Update to my previous post- It's not just notepad that is affected; EVERY programme I have tried, as well as Internet Explorer, and EDGE (but not Firefox for some reason) gets it's display corrupted after running JRT in the Creators Update. A reset or reboot of the computer puts things right again. The JRT developer is looking at it. But for now I wouldn't run JRT or at least do a reboot straight after. MTA, I have NumLock on all the time and have not noticed that problem, it's still on afetr every boot.
  6. I have also seen some saying that they have 15063.14. (It's not clear though if thats a new patch,or the difference between Home/Pro builds, or maybe USA/Rest of the World builds?) I've only come across one glitch/clash up to now; If you run Junkware Removal Tool (JRT) in Creators update you can't see the JRT report file that opens automatically in Notepad, and it messes up the notepad display until you restart your PC (No text visible at all in notepad, not even in the menus or dialogue boxes). The developer of JRT has been informed.
  7. From todays playing about: Acrobat Reader DC seems pretty unstable, keeps crashing. (There again its was doing this before but not as much as today). Loading of some (not all) webages I visit regularly seems slow. I'd like to get an Icon for the security centre on the desktop but haven't managed to find a path to it yet to set up a shortcut. It seems to be built into the OS. I can pin it to the start menu, (sort of) it still takes a couple of clicks to get to a scan, and it is also in the system tray, but I would still like a desktop icon. Everything else seems to be working fine but I have noticed that boot times seem to be slower. May just be a settling down thing, or it may have added some things to the startup. Just checked and it has added some startup items, in particular a "Security Health" in windows, a "Onedrive standalone update task" in scheduled tasks, & a couple of "Open powershell here" things in context menu. Need to check if they are needed or not. (The Onedrive crap is definitely going for a start). It seems that the powershell stuff is two changed entries in right click start menu that have replaced the previous 'Command prompt' entries. It will probably get incorporated properly later without the need for the startup items. Command prompt is still available from run if you want to use it instead of powershell. PS. I'm not sure about the Night Light thing, seemed to make my display get a funny purple'ish tint. May just be my personal colour preferences. PPS. This thread has gone way of topic from the original thread title about defender update fails, but I don't seem to be able to edit my original title. Can a mod do it, or maybe seperate out the Creators update stuff from post #15 onwards and merge it into the thread that Hazelnut started. https://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=48045&hl=creators
  8. More about the Defender thing- It seems that because I don't want to share everything in "The Cloud" then the new security centre considers that I am 'vulnerable'. Sorry I don't agree, I'll keep my stuff out of the cloud as much as I can. I've seen too many hacks from cloud servers reported. More about the new Security Center (I've not read it all yet). https://www.winhelp.us/configure-windows-defender-security-center.html Mmm, seems like some file associations may have also been lost. (First noticed it when double clicking on a PDF.). And I've found that you can turn off that annoying list of apps in the start menu.
  9. OK got home and finished the setup, took about 5 mins to refuse all the tracking nonsense and then remove other stupid stuff from the taskbar. Edge fired itself up, no thanks go away. Control panel is still there, I had it pinned to the taskbar before and it kept it. Some desktop icons have gone blank, may need to reset the icon cache if it a reset dosen't do it. One Drive looks like it's trying to be a pain again. Windows Defender in the system tray is showing some 'Actions needed', I know that this has had major changes so I'll look at that next Everything else looks fine for now, I'll dig more through the settings to check what they have changed, and see how it goes for the next couple of days.
  10. Beer is still the better option. Sam Smiths Sovereign is my regular tipple. Brewed in Taddy, not that far from you just the other side of Leeds. See my sig. V V V
  11. Well it got as far as the restart and said it could take another 90mins. So I got fed up, came to the pub and left it doing it's thing.
  12. The manual update is now available and working (only a day late which isn't bad for Microsoft). See this post for a link and download instructions: https://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=48074&p=282272
  13. The new version of the Windows Update Assistant is now available of the offical MS website. (It's digitial signature is 04 April). https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 If you already have WUA on your computer you may want to uninstall it before downloading the new one (I did). Click on the "Update Now" to download the Assistant and then double click on the downloaded "Windows10Upgrade9252.exe" It should tell you that you do not have the lastest build of Win 10, and that you can update to Build 15063 (which is the Creators Update) - and away you go. I'm running it right now, but with my wifi maxing out at 7.2 Mbps it's going to take a while to download the update.
  14. Just to report that the original problem with Defender Definitions failing in Automatic Updates has now cured itself. (Or rather MS released a fix a couple of hours ago). I just noticed it going through as I was sat doing something else.
  15. Cheers, I'm still not decided yet whether to install it now or wait for the Automatic update. As some have noted on that link you gave, if you are thinking of installing it early then you need the new version of the Update Assistant from Softpedia: LINK REMOVED see post #15 below (This version was briefly on the official MS site but was later removed again, its supposed to be going back on the official site later today). I'll probably leave it for now and think again tomorrow. If I was that bothered about geting updates early I would have joined the insider ring.
  16. Thanks hazelnut, I'm definitely now of the opinion that this is to do with the Creators Update and will probably sort itself after that. I'm just deciding whether to wait till next week for the Automatic Update, or whether to go get it today via the Update Assistant.
  17. For some reason the Windows 10 Cumulative Update keeps killing wifi for some users, different users each time. Last December they managed to knock millions of users in Europe off line. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-38301548 Microsofts response to that one- issue a new update, which of course the affected users couldn't get because they had no connection. There again a few weeks ago I cleaned up a friends laptop and found it had not had any Windows Updates since she bought it, it still had version 1511. I eventually worked out that is was AVG free that had been completely blocking Win 10 Automatic Updates. Again it's a strange one, AVG will block Win 10 automatic updates on some supposedly 'identical' PCs but not on all.
  18. Thanks everybody for all your input. It probably wouldn't even be noticeable if Defender didn't put out definition updates a couple of times everyday. (Which of course is a GOOD thing and shows they are trying to keep on top of new malware). Like I say I'm pretty sure this is all to do with the forthcoming creators update so I'm just going to ignore it for now. Hazelnut, That's interesting to see, at least it shows I'm not the only one seeing problems with Defender definition updates at the moment, When I update definitions from within defender itself it works fine, it's just the automatic Windows updates that are failing. I do note that the posters on that thread are in the USA. Maybe MS are doing different things on different servers?
  19. TBH the Creators Update is only a week or so off so the OS is going to get a major update anyway. I'm just going to ignore it until then and manually update the Defender definitions from within defender itself. If the Creators Update doesn't fix it by itself then I'll probably download the ISO and do a complete reinstall from media. Looking online this has been a recurring problem with Defender definition updates for years now. I'm still guessing that this time it's to do with the Creators Update preparations. I know that part of this update is going to be big changes to Defender and the Windows Security Centre, maybe they have installed/changed some component before they should have.
  20. For the last 3 days Windows Defender Definition Updates (through Automatic Updates) have all failed with the error message: "Definition Update for Windows Defender - KB2267602 (Definition 1.239.688.0) - Error 0x80070643" Launching the Defender UI and updating definitions from there does work OK. I haven't made any changes to the system, but I have noticed that Windows itself is running scans and creating various 'Compatability" and other logs this week. Presumably it is doing this to prepare for the Creators Update due next week. With Windows 10 Defender is part of the OS and so you can't uninstall/reinstall to try and repair errors. What I've tried up to now- Turned of all other real time malware protection except defender (MBAM v2, MBAE v1.09). Update still fails. Run sfc/scannow from an elevated command prompt. (no issues found). Windows update problems can often be related to NET framework, so: Run the NET framework repair tool from MS. (Said it found issues but couldn't resolve them, automatically sent logs to MS). Obviously various reboots and restarts during all this. Rebooted in Safe mode with Networking. Couldn't even get to Windows updates in the settings, the settings screen just closes itself when tried. I may try a restore point next, or may not. If it is something MS have snafu'd in the lead up to the Creators Update then it'll just do it again after the restore. It's no biggie, but I just wondered if anyone else is seeing this problem?
  21. Did you totally clean out Chrome from your computer? Just Uninstalling it is not enough on it's own, Chrome is very persistent and uninstalling it still leaves files, folders, and registry entries behind It could be that Ccleaner is seeing these old folders or reg entries. Take a look at this video guide to getting rid of Chrome completely:
  22. nukecad

    Google Gnome

    I still think the Google TiSP was the best one. I hear that they are going to start doing fibre broadband in the UK this year. TiSP2?
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    Google Gnome

    You guys have realised what date it is today?
  24. 52.0.2 has been released. https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/52.0.2/releasenotes/
  25. Careful, you don't want a spider bite on your thingy.
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