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  1. Excluding a file just means that CCleaner will leave it alone and not clean/delete it. Firefox is making some big changes at the moment, it's going to take the developers at Piriform a while to work out just what has changed - and as soon as they do FF will change again in the next few months.
  2. The band was pissing about setting up, did half a song had an argument and went outside for half an hour. All the best bands fight. So I had a quick look about online.
  3. That's the one thanks Hazel. At an engagement party today, normal service will be resumed when I sober up.
  4. It's a change in FF56. I posted in another thread which file is causing this. Sorry can't paste a link on this phone, search my recent posts to find it. Quickest fix is to untick Firefox 'sessions' in CCleaner.
  5. Yep that exclusion works for me which is why I posted it. Expect even more changes when FF57 (quantum) is rolled out to everyone. It will be a PITA for a while as people catch up with the major changes they are making.
  6. I've narrowed it down futher now. The culprit is- C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\{profilename}\sessionCheckpoints.json Deleting this file causes FF56 to open with 'restore tabs' rather than opening with your homepage, no matter what your FF setting is. It looks like FF56 is now storing your startup preference in this file instead of where it was stored in earlier versions. (So if the file is not there it reverts to the default 'restore tabs'). You could make this file an exception in CCleaner rather than unticking Firefox 'sessions' in the cleaner.
  7. A year and a half ago I registered my own domain, in order to have an exclusive email address me@mysurname.uk I do not have a website, there is a 'parked' advertising page put there by the provider. The provider now keeps sending me a reminder that my SSL Certificate will soon expire and asking me to renew it (at a cost). (This is not the domain itself, that's paid till April 2018, they're asking extra for the Certificate). Fair enough if I had an active website on this domain then I would want a security certificate for it. But I'm thinking that as I don't have a website on the domain, and just use it for the email address, then I don't really need a SSL for it? Their server SSL should be enough for the email, right? As more individuals are now registering their own domains (and the hosting companies are starting to advertise heavily to home users) this could be a nice little earner for the providers, selling you a certificate that you don't really need. Any thoughts or confirmation of what I'm thinking.
  8. If you mean that FF56 is opening (or trying to open) with 'restore tabs from last session' (sometimes with an 'oops this is embarassing' message) instead of opening to your homepage, then yes its something Mozilla have changed in FF56. I've found that unchecking Firefox 'session' in CCleaner cures the problem. To be a bit more technical its one of 2 files that FF56 is now putting in your profile folder that CCleaner deletes. (Just do an Analyze on 'session' to see them). I've not checked out which one yet (because unticking 'session' works) but another option would be to work out which file it is and make it an exclusion.
  9. I agree with nergal that you should have started a new thread In the correct place. But as its a quick fix - had the same problem with FF56, in CCleaner untick 'sessions' for Firefox Then please- Take a bit of time to find out how to make a new post about your own problems in the relevant sub-forum.
  10. I think at the moment it's more to do with FireFox at the moment. Lots of changes to the underlying code, and more to come with v57/Quantum.
  11. Not sure if this helps with Chrome. In one recent FireFox version I found that I had to uncheck "Saved Form Information" as well as "Saved Passwords" before it would remember logins properly. Another trick that often works if the login fields are blank is to click the Login Button anyway, this gives a failed login but refreshes to a page where the login details are filled in. Of course you have to have saved your password to the browser for this to work.
  12. Refresh the icon cache? You say your not techie so it's probably easier to just google those 4 words than try to explain it here.
  13. The pagefile is usually set by default in Windows to be the same size, or slightly larger than, your RAM. The pagefile can be moved to a different drive, it's (automatically) allocated size can be changed, you can even get rid of it and run without a pagefile at all. None of these actions are recommended, and they can (will) affect the performance of your computer. (Unless you have a very large RAM). With 969 GB free you are not exactly short of disc space, I would leave the pagefile alone and let Windows manage it. Put it in context - that 6 GB you are talking about is 0.62% of your free space, that's negligible. If you insist on playing with your pagefile then a Google search will find instructions for your particular windows version. TBH though if you did not know about this already then I would still say leave it alone, you can affect how your computer runs for the sake of what is a negligible bit of your disc space that you are probably not going to use anyway even if you did free it up.
  14. Late to the forum today. Looks like I had jumped to the wrong conclusion about it being the Skip UAC you were talking about, it's one that often crops up on Windows 8, 8.1 and 10. (And I hadn't realised you were using XP until you posted your screenshot). Nergal has put you right, you can just about see the top of the tickbox you need in your screenshot.
  15. If you check the screenshot above then you'll see that it is the free version and it does have the Skip UAC option. I still don't know why you are not seeing it. Could you post a screenshot of what you are seeing?
  16. Yep it's the odd things that happen with computers now and again. There again if you are using Malwarebytes do you not get the same popup every time you open that to do a scan? (Might not do if you have the paid version and run scheduled scans). Best I can say for now is it's just one of those things, if the option wasn't there to rurn it off then we would just live with it.
  17. I'm not sure why that should be, I've always had that option from XP through to Win 10. A few thoughts- Do you normally log in to Windows with an admin account, or with a user account? (Maybe you don't see that option in a non-admin account). Try reinstalling CCleaner from the builds page. https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/builds Try running CCleaner by right clicking the icon and selecting 'Run as administrator'. TBH I once had trouble with this setting in a previous version of CCleaner and just had to put up with the pop-up for a while. Anyone else have any idea why JMH3 is not seeing the Skip UAC option?
  18. Sorry I'm on my phone so can't see or screenshot the Windows screen. I was going from memory so may have got the location wrong. "Skip UAC" is there in the settings/options in the free version. A look around should soon find it. If you cant see it I'll post a screen shot when I get home. Or search this forum for Skip UAC, it's been mentioned plenty of times.
  19. Go into the settings (advanced) and select "Skip UAC". That should turn off the popup. Its the User Account Control that pops up and asks for permission to run a programme that can make changes to you disc or registry.
  20. As I understand it both versions are included in the installer simply so there is only one installer that needs to be downloaded whichever system you have. As for where the desktop/taskbar/context menu shortcuts point to by default ???? All mine point to the 64-bit, and as you have found you can delete the 32-bit version of the .exe without any problems.
  21. v5.35 has a new digital signature which should? stop the FPs.
  22. Just guessing, but I remember once that a boot time defrag concacetated my pagefile from two 'blocks' into one contiguous block, to do this it needed to allocate an extra cluster to the pagefile reserved discspace. No more actual data, just the pagefile reserving a bit more disc space for itself.
  23. While not saying anything definite one way or another. I suspect that all AV companies are now being very wary about CCleaner, and some may be over cautious until the hoo-ha settles down. Understandable I suppose. Thats the whole point of a waterhole attack like this - get everyone running round and confusing things while you attack the real target.
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