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  1. I personally know of 3 people who have replaced their iPhones with Samsungs because they had seen how much faster Android was running on their friends phones. (I could sit next to my friend, do a search and have a webpage up on my Samsung while his iPhone was still searching for it). This was before this throttling issue came to light. Apple may have shot themselves in the foot with this one.
  2. I take the point about in-house beta testers and/or Piriform employees. The problem with in house testing (of anything, not just software) is that it rarely mimics real life conditions successfully. With software in-house testing is that is likely to be using up to date kit and OS, networked systems, with a decent reliable internet connection, tech savy testers, etc., etc. Not exactly home user conditions. If you want real end user testing then you have to have end users doing it on their old(er) kit, with variable broadband, and so on. I'm less sure about the point that this test may give an unwanted install. Nothing in the instructions says to actually install anything. Just start the installer, time the delay, and close the installer without proceeding. PS. As it stands we seem to be risking an unwanted install with every update anyway. My thought about asking the forum regulars to participate was that Piriform/Avast may take a bit more notice of regular contributors, who know about the problem, than of a one time poster who has just come for a moan that they didn't pay attention to what they were doing. Of course the choice is yours, if you are uncomfortable doing the test then don't do it.
  3. C'mon guys and gals, especially the regulars here- 10- 15 minutes of your time to do Stephens test and give some feedback on this. If nothing else it will show/disprove that there is in fact an issue. And will also show whether the moans about unwanted installs may in fact currently be justified. I, for one, am less inclined to say someone getting an unwanted install should have been more careful when it may be a programming issue.
  4. As I started this thread then I'll go first. Restarted, made sure everything had settled down (checked all was quiet in Task Manager). Opened file explorer, let things settle down again. Launched ccsetup538.exe (revised version 14/12/2017). From install button showing to offfer showing (Chrome) was 2.5 seconds. (Stopwatch). Speedtest.net results: Date 12/22/2017 2:41 PM GMT, Download 2.31 Mbps, Upload 1.01 Mbps, Latency 27 Ms, Server Distance ~50 mi Windows 10 Home, v1709, build 16299.125, 64 bit. Intel Celeron CPU N2840 @2.16GHz (Overclocks to 2.58). 4 GB RAM. Windows Defender. Malwarebytes Anti Exploit stand alone is also running real time. EDIT. Because you asked for the speedtest I decided to run the test again after a restart, but this time switched the lapop to 'Flight Mode' to disable the web connection before running the installer. Still got the 2+ second delay in displaying the offer. I'll relocate to a faster broadband connection and try again. EDIT2 OK tried again but with a fibre BB connection this time. Same 2.5 second lag from install button to offer being displayed. Speedtest.net results: Date 12/22/2017 3:30 PM GMT, Download 54.40 Mbps, Upload 16.14 Mbps, Latency 34 Ms, Server Distance ~200 mi All other specs the same as above. (Same laptop). So that would seem to rule out the connection speed as a cause. Any other testing/ logs you would like then please give a shout.
  5. Hi stephen, Have you read this thread and tried to replicate the testing I did there?
  6. Have a good time everyone. To paraphrase mta- Drink lots, but eat as well.
  7. Didn't you have the same problem back in 2014? It was a winapp2 issue back then, so it's probably the same again.
  8. Agreed, but it was my 'feeling' that the longer delay in displaying the bundle was a fairly recent (re)development. Which is why I did that testing with the installer versions I had to hand, to check if it wasreal or just a subjective impression. The result of that testing does seem to point to some change being made between v532 and v535. Whether that's due to changes after the malware incident, or a deliberate change by Avast/Piriform I'm not judging (yet). And there will always be those who just blithely click install without reading what offer is on their screen. But if I was the developer I would be putting efforts into making sure that this delay did not happen. (Simply change the code so that the install button is the last thing to load onscreen?) After all, if the delay isn't there then you can't be suspected/accused of doing it deliberately.
  9. -- First to say that in general I have no problem with bundled software offerings. Bundled software is a way for developers to possibly make a bit of money to support their free products. Normally my reaction to 'installed xxxx without my permission' type threads is 'well be more careful'. But- I have noticed that the new Avast/Chrome offering with CCleaner now appears to be using a sneaky tactic, which in my opinion is not acceptable. The issue I have noticed is that the bundled offering in the CCleaner installer does not appear onscreen for a full 2 seconds after the install button is available. This delay appears to be 'built in' - which is the problem. If you are a quick worker then you could easily click the install button before the pre-selected offering is even on screen. I can't decompile the installer to see if this is intentional, (but there was never this delay previously). I had time on my hands and so tried some testing. On my laptop I have CC installers going back to v5.25. (I don't have 533setup, for obvious reasons, and 534setup was blocked by the Security Centre). The test was- Shutdown/Restart Run the CCsetup installer version Note the time for the bundled offer to appear Close the installer Restart and repeat for the previous installer version The restart is needed because it's only the first run of the installer in each session that shows the delay. Results ccsetup532 and earlier showed between no delay and about 1/2 second delay to display the offering. All installers since ccsetup535 showed 2 second plus delay to display the offering. (Including todays re-issued 538 installer, which was about solving delays). Whether this bundle offer delay is intentional or a result of changes made after the malware issues I'm not judging. But having the install button available to click for a full 2 seconds before the pre-selected offer is even visible smacks of a PUM tactic. (Some might go as far as saying a malware tactic). Ok, you know the delay is there now, and not to click install until you can untick the offering. But you only have to forget once, or be in a rush, and then you'll get an unwanted install of Avast/Chrome/google toolbar. Or, dread the thought, the built in delay gets 'extended', so you think the offer is not coming. PS. The 'not if you have already refused the offer in the last xyz days' seems to have been turned off as well, I had noticed that I'm getting it offered with every monthly update. And yes, of course I know about the slim and portable builds, but that's not the point here. It would be interesting if someone has time to repeat my tests to confirm/refute my findings. For info. I'm on Windows 10 Home, v1709, build 16299.125
  10. It seems to offer different ones at different times. I've just been doing some testing of different installer versions (that will be another thread) and was offered Avast, Chrome, or Google toolbar at different times
  11. I agree 'burning hot' is not a good description to hear. Take it back to the retailer and insist on a replacement, maybe a different make/model. I say that because a quick search online finds plenty of problems with the screen on that particular acer model, and a few with hot running. eg. https://community.acer.com/en/discussion/379456/z1-621-problems (I've also seen a suggestion that it's realy a smaller tablet that has been given a big screen and some 'beefed up' components, which are not fully compatible with the rest. Not sure how true that is but...)
  12. Just for info. My Windows 10, v1709 (FCU) lets me create folders directly in the OS drive- C:\ (Not that I would normally).
  13. Thanks, I do understand the physical mechanism behind it, the question is more why Defender does this? Think of other malware scanning software, eg. MalwareBytes, etc. These also do relatively long scans and also make logfiles, but they save them in one place (or a few fragments) and not in hundreds of fragments all over the drive. The difference will be that they compile the logs in memory and write them out after the scan has finished, whereas Defender seems to be writing them all over the disc as it goes along. Maybe it's something to do with recovery- if the system crashes during a Defender scan and loses the volatile memory then when you reboot defender can read the file on disc and start from where it left off?
  14. Just wondering. Does anyone know why a Windows Defender scan leaves highly fragmented files behind? When I do a weekly analyse and file defrag it always finds a file called 'MpWppTracing-{date and reference in hex}.bin' with 600+ fragments. It's a tracing/diagnostic log created by Windows Defender, showing the location of all files scanned. But why is it always fragmented all over the place? It looks like it's putting one or more fragment in almost every block. (Presumably relevant to the files in that block?) I assume WD is designed to do this but does anyone know why? Being a troubleshooting/logfile then it's not something you would normally access, so why does it need to be written all over the place instead of in one contiguous file? And is it just being recreated all over the disc again because I defragged the previous one? (Answer seems to be no, defragging it and scanning again gives only about 20 fragments). I'll try to remember to keep an eye on it to see if it grows fragmented daily as files are opened and closed again.
  15. Software would not cause that. That looks like typical pressure / impact damage to an LCD screen. An LCD screen is made up of several thin layers of glass/crystals and it's easy to break or distort one of those layers through direct pressure. It might just be that where you have it positioned is twisting the casing, and so the screen, slightly. Try moving it (or sitting it on a cloth). If it is an all in one then some component inside may be overheating and distorting the screen locally. (If you are lucky it will disappear as the screen cools and contracts again). But from your photos It looks like the screen has had a fair bump from something. Someone throwing a tennis ball, (or TV remote, or.......), about? Someone getting excited playing a game and poking/thumping the screen? You get the idea. If it has damaged the crystals that are sandwiched in the screen, or even if it has just distorted the glass layers, then it's either live with it or get a new monitor.
  16. I was looking for a good one from our towns Christmas fair last week. Here's a generic winter in Cumbria. (With some of Hazels relatives?) Most of Cumbria looks a lot like that at the moment.
  17. Do we also get the naughty chair for not using a speel chucker?
  18. 57.0.2 released. (G DATA bug fixed). https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/57.0.2/releasenotes/?utm_campaign=whatsnew&utm_medium=firefox-browser&utm_source=firefox-browser OOPs, trium already posted that.
  19. For some reason you have to browse / upload your image twice before it shows and you can right click 'saveas'. Nice find Hazel.
  20. Is this text missing from (almost) all applications, browsers etc.? (I see your screenshot is the task manager without text). If so I had a similar problem after the original Creators Update back in April. The problem then was that a programme I ran (JRT) was terminating the "fontdrvhost" process and the system was unable to access linked fonts to display them, so everything that used linked fonts appeared blank. (Even notepad was blank). A shutdown and reboot solved the problem (by starting the process again). It could well be that by using the registry cleaner you have deleted some registry key or other used by this process. If a simple reboot does not solve it for you then you could try repairing (or even reinstalling) Windows 10. Try running the SFC command first, it's the simplest way to repair system files. https://www.howtogeek.com/222532/how-to-repair-corrupted-windows-system-files-with-the-sfc-and-dism-commands/ ps. where that tells you to use 'command prompt (Admin)' you'll probably see 'PowerShell (Admin)' instead, no problem - either use power shell or just open the normal, left click, start menu and type cmd (not in any box, just type it with the start menu open) which will bring up an icon for the command window, right click that and 'run as administrator'. If that fails then it may be time for a full repair or reinstall of Windows 10. The simplest way is to boot into Advanced Startup mode - Hold down the shift key while clicking on restart; in the screen that comes up select Troubleshoot. From there you can restore, repair, reinstall (saving files), or reinstall Windows 10 from scratch. The screens you see may be slightly different from this article, Windows 10 keeps changing. https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/2294-boot-advanced-startup-options-windows-10-a.html Oh; and don't use a registry cleaner - there is no need to unless you are a technician repairing a broken/virused machine. Especially don't use one with Windows 10; it changes too often.
  21. I was going to post about not being able to find it last week on the xmas avatar thread. I did find it in the end but it's not exactly intuitive, especially when you are used to seeing a clearly worded option in your profile or user settings. One of those cases of- if you can't find the old setting then look for some obscure new symbol and click on it to see what it does.
  22. I thought I posted this last night but it doesn't seem to have appeared. I used to have the same problem with ie history hanging for about 12-15 seconds. As I also never use ie I looked if there was anything else using the history, Right click it and analyse. (Some other Microsoft applications do use some of ie's storage locations). As the history was never being used I just unchecked it in CCleaner and have left it unchecked ever since. You can always do a right click manual analyse/clean at any time if you want to be sure that nothing else is storing stuff there.
  23. nukecad

    Festive avatars

    I've been having a look round and it seems that on many IPB (and other) forums there have been moans about the round avatars. Some love 'em, some hate 'em. It can be changed back to show square or rectangular avatars, but it's not as simple as a settings switch like it used to be in earlier versions of IPB. It appears that you now have to modify the skin CSS code from the default. Whether Admin would consider changing this is another question?
  24. Look at clearing 'saved form information' as well as saved passwords. Some sites save passwords in forms.
  25. nukecad

    Festive avatars

    Software changes and so real humans have to work out how to cope with these stupid machine limitations.
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