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  1. I'm not having a go at you personally Stephen, but: Quite simple - Don't send us these unwanted sales messages at all, as you say we are not interested in them, no cookies needed then. I also regard it as underhand/sneaky that this was included in the update but there is no mention of it whatsoever in the release notes. Adding undocumented 'features' is typical of adware/junkware - this seems to be the direction CCleaner is heading since Avast acquired it. PS. At least I didn't get an offer of Avast with this installer, so that is one promise that has been kept - If refused once you won't see it again. Which shows that Avast/Piriform can listen to complaints made on this forum.
  2. If you are Dumbing Down the UI for 'non technical' users then why have you not yet removed the large button to the 'technical' registry cleaning process? For a few years now, regular members have been suggesting that you do this (or at least make registry backups automatic before fixing) to deter non-technical users from blindly running the reg cleaner and then coming here complaining that CCleaner has broken their machine. Style changes to UI's happen, and there are always those who prefered the old style - and I'm also one in this case. But you can still see that old style, if you are prepared to wear out you finger giving an extra mouse click. I agree it would be a further improvement if the Advanced Options gave the default view options of - simple report/detailed report/file list. PS. If you Analyze instead of/before cleaning you still see the old style details list, no matter what settings you have for the cleaning.
  3. It's a known PUP "CC Cleaner", it's nothing to do with Piriform. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/virus-removal/remove-cc-cleaner
  4. Moving things about and zipping them sound more like some kind of ransomware activity, rather than a virus per-se. If you have done a full 'clean' reinstall (delete all files) then you should be good to go. But remember if you did pick up some malware then it got past your current protection, so could well do so again. Be careful where you visit and what you download. Consider getting a malware scanning programme from a different supplier than your current one, so that you can do a periodic scan to give a second opinion and check for anything your real time protection may have missed. Not another Anti-Virus, you shouldn't try to run two at the same time or they will clash. (An exception is Malwarebytes which is designed to run happily alongside most other AVs). Even the best AV/AM can miss something, that's why it's sensible to have a second scanning option from another supplier.
  5. CCleaner is not about malware removal. CCleaner is primarily used for clearing out unwanted cookies (eg. tracking/location cookies) and other temporary files. Most call it CrapCleaner, it cleans away the crap. (Although some, less poetic, souls call it CookieCleaner). It also has other useful tools and features. Take care when using these other tools that you know what you are doing, and don't just blithely run them. Be especially wary of the Registry Clener, you shouldn't realy use it unless you know what you are doing, it can 'break' your machine if used indiscriminately - always use the backup option before 'fixing' the registry. Bytefence is a legitimate programme, but it often gets 'bundled' when you install something else. When installed from a bundle it will change browser settings, etc. without asking you. The constant pop-ups it gives are trying to get you to buy the full version. For this reason it is often classed as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Programme) by AV and AM programmes. https://blog.malwarebytes.com/detections/pup-optional-bytefence/ The guys at MB can/will remove it if you take their help checking your computer as in the link I gave above.
  6. That is not normal behaviour for Windows 10. If things are moving and being zipped like you say then it suggests a malware infection. Due to forum rules, we can't give advice on malware removal, see rule 10 in this link for where to get free help checking your system for malware and getting it removed. https://forum.piriform.com/announcement/15-forum-rules/
  7. Presumably you could just copy/reload the clipart files from disc(s) rather than reinstalling everything? OR You could take the time to try and recover the clipart files, and if (probably when if you have been using the disc for 2 months) not sucessful then get them from disc. Seems faster to me just to reload the clipart from disc.
  8. Have you asked Malwarebytes? If you have the paid version you can raise a support ticket Directly with them. If you are using the free version (or the paid for) then you can get advice at their user forum, including step by step help from one of their malware removal experts to make sure that your machine is cleaned completely. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/9573-im-infected-what-do-i-do-now/
  9. Why not put the portable version on a USB stick and carry that around to the various PCs rather than installing on each PC? As it is the free version that you would be running then I don't see any problem with the licencing. (Otherwise why make a portable version at all?) If you made your PRO version portable (yes it can be done) then licencing would become an issue.
  10. Further to the Malwarebytes add-on for Firefox: They have made available a new version, 1.0.9. It has a better user interface with a few more options, but obviously not finished yet. It's still a beta/experimental product . You can get it here if you want to give it a go: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/malwarebytes/ There is a thread on the Malwarebytes forum where you can read a bit more about it and give feedback: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/218383-malwarebytes-extension-for-firefox/
  11. Yes I'm running Defender on Win 10 and theres no problem here (UK), it's showing the regular installer, the portable, and the slim. I've noticed some connection and linking problems on other sites in the last couple of days though, maybe something big is going on that hasn't hit the headlines yet?.
  12. It could be that they have changed the way the login page accepts passwords so that you are forced to type them, quite a few sites are doing this recently for added security. Take a read of this that I posted on another thread yesterday:
  13. You should check if it is actually Ccleaner that is doing this, especially if it seems to be with more than one browser, and even more especially as you say some of your passwords are saved. It is becoming more common for sites that require a login to block auto-completion of the password field (and sometimes the name field as well) for security reasons. They also log you out automatically after a period of inactivity, again for security. Some sites that used to allow auto-completion are changing to now require the password to be typed in. So even if you have the password saved in your browser that particular login page will not accept it, you have to type it in. If you are using Firefox you should be able to examine the page HTML code to see if this is the case for a particular site. Select (highlight) the password box on the login page, right click the selection, and select 'View selection source'. Here is an example from a mobile phone account login page. Note the coding autocomplete="off" which means that the password has to be entered manually. <input name="password" id="capture_signIn_traditionalSignIn_password" autocomplete="off" pattern="^(?=\s*\S).*$" value="" data-validation-input="required" class="eeid-input show-hide-password__input form-control__field" type="password">
  14. Honorable of BradB52 and TaxPreper to admit that the offer and tickbox was there, but that they had missed seeing it. I suspect that this is the case with the majority of the complaints seen about unwanted installs. Which makes it harder to track down if/when there is a genuine problem, such as the delay that prompted me to start this thread. Whatever you think about bundled installers they are a fact of life and you need to take care to carefully read any installer, for any programme, before clciking the install button. I don't think that the Avast offer with CCleaner is particularly hidden, I'd say the Mcafee offer with Flash is worse for that. (And I've seen a lot worse elsewhere). But I don't like anything that has a pre-ticked box for an offer, make the offer and let the user tick the box if they want it.
  15. The size of the file is a clue that it's an empty file that has been automatically created to later store data as you work or browse. Look for the numbers- 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024 these are all standard multiples of bytesizes that are common for automatically created files such as these. Although once you get to 1024 it will usually display as 1K as in your other example above. In Binary (Octal, Hexidecamal?) terms, 1KB = 1024 bytes. (Some people don't like this and say that 1K should equal exactly 1000, but that's not how computers work. Computers use multiples of two not multiples of ten).
  16. +1 Make it less prominent so less tempting for indiscriminate use.
  17. It's sometimes the MS update itself that causes hangs with certain CPUs, or video chips, or certain makes of hard drive, etc. You see a load of moans about it online and then MS modify the update to solve the problem.
  18. Well I hit my attachment quota limit today. Had to go and delete a load of my old attachments, anything before 2017 went. (Not something I realy like doing as it can leave 'holes' in old threads).
  19. I meant that the line in bold is already there. At least it is on mine - v5.40.6411 (64 bit)
  20. I've had Windows Update freeze on me twice, once during download, once during installation. Both times the solution was simple - press and hold down the power button to force the computer to switch off. (Yes I know it probably says on screen not to switch off your computer - but it's stuck anyway there is nothing else you can do). Pressed the button again to switch on the computer and the Update(s) continued as normal.
  21. Would you like to share how it was solved, in case someone else encounters the same problem?
  22. The full News page about version 5.40 does say: https://www.ccleaner.com/news/release-announcements I took that to mean that once you had declined it with v5.40 then it would not be offered again in future updates. I had already declined the offer with v5.40 (by unticking the box), so as a test I ran the installer again - no offer was shown. Personally I still think that no bundled offer should ever be pre-selected.
  23. Yes that particular line is 'greyed out' and can be a bit difficult to see, not sure why it couldnt be in black? It's just an approximation of how much space can be removed. But- How about the line in bold immediately below that one that says: "Details of files to be deleted (Note: No files have been deleted yet)" That's easy to see and tells you that you haven't cleaned yet.
  24. Hi taffybach, The link you give refers to the registry cleaner section of CCleaner removing Sage entries. Don't run the registry cleaner, it's a specialist technicians tool and not intended for normal everyday use. Any reg. cleaner should be used carefully and can break things if you are not familiar with the registry. Just stick with using the cleaning tool.
  25. I've always found that feature handy as right clicking will allow you to do a one off clean of an unselected rule, without having to select, run, deselect. PS. I'm not sure about right-lick though, is this a new user control interface?
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