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  1. Well the etymology is latin so it goes back a while. It's used in a few different contexts now, even nuclear engineering.
  2. Comes as a shock doesn't it? I realised earlier this year that I'd been moderating (elsewhere) since 2008, so must have been a member there (for a couple of years) before that. (Changed my username when I started modding and can't track it back without admin permissions). Makes you wonder who was the first ever moderator? Tim Berners Lee must have shouted at a few colleagues, but the internet was going before the WWW.
  3. From the Knowledge Base notes: https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/4103721/windows-10-update-kb4103721 So the black screen issue may have been patched. I've got the update to .48 downloaded now and just need a restart.
  4. I also play as a guest, I don't even have a MS account anymore. I may try resetting/reinstalling the Solitaire Collection from Settings > apps Interestingly though I have build 17134.1, maybe they have patched it in .48 ?
  5. I've also noticed that the Solitaire Collection has changed where it saves game scores/statistics in 1803. I had this as an 'include' in CCleaner to delete them and start from fresh every time. This 'include' had stopped working with 1803 so I had to track the new filename/location down. If you use a local account to log into your computer (I do) the statistics file can now be found at, and easily deleted from: C:\Users\{yourusername}\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftSolitaireCollection_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\savegame\Guest\statistic\statistic.sgi {yourusername} will need changing to suit your computer. If you use a Microsoft Account to log into your computer then the "Guest" will probably not be correct either, you should be able to find the right folder easily enough. BUT if you are logged in to a MS account the file is also saved at MS and will resync from the cloud if you just delete it from your computer. To avoid this you have to disconnect from the web, delete the file, and play one game. This creates a new 'statistics.sgi' file, so when you connect back to the web it will not download the old one.
  6. I've found an odd glitch in Win10 1803. It happens when you are playing a game from the inbuilt Microsoft Solitaire Collection. After about 3 minutes of play the screen will go totally black for 1/2 to 3 seconds before coming back again. It only seems to affect games, and only happens the once in each session, and then all is fine until the next reboot. I've seen it happen with Spider, Free Cell, and Pyramid. I'm not sure if it affects any other games; it would seem to be a graphics issue? Still a bit of an 'Oh, B*****' moment the first few times it happens, (then you get used to it).
  7. We have discussed this in another thread. (Sorry can't link it from this phone). It's the new, unliked by many, results display. It reports everything found to clean as a "tracking file/cookie". Most people would not regard these as "tracking" in the general malware sense of the word. (That would be keyloggers, location trackers, and such). But if you want to stretch a point for advertising purposes then every cookie, logfile, etc. has 'tracked' something that you did. It's just advertising speak
  8. You can stick with an older version, it just won't clean everything 'junk' that new browser versions and Windows versions save. (Because they change what and where they save things). Remember that this is a junk cleaner not an anti-malware. CCleaner cleans unneeded temporary files and other junk NOT viruses. You need an anti-virus /anti-malware for that.
  9. Sorry to go missing for a bit (disability is playing up, no great problem). I still suspect it's an Edge/Windows problem, especially if you have put 1803 on. Microsoft change things and leave everyone to try and work out what they have done and catch up.
  10. That sounds as if running Edges own cleaning routine is closing down whatever it was that caused CC to say it was still running. So that's a result even if we still don't know exactly what it was. As an extra I would run a scan with Malwarebytes, ADWcleaner, or a similar adware/tracking detection program, just to make sure that it's not an unwanted tracker that was left running. Either of those will find any potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) and remove them if you choose to.
  11. Welcome to the fun of trying to find out what the **** is going on inside your computer. (It sounds like you are on your way to learning more about it). Sometimes you can find it, sometimes you just have to work around it. (Computer Logic is not always logical once humans get their hands on it). Unless it is stopping you from working it's best to treat it like a puzzle game. If you like puzzles you will spend time trying to track it down, if you don't like then you will just get frustrated. Who needs to buy an overpriced game when you have this stuff to tax your mind?
  12. That would be the easiest if you can't be too bothered tracking down what else may be opening Edge in the background. As I said above you could uncheck all Edge items, and right click each unticked item to do a manual analyise/clean once in a while, or if you have used Edge. (And if there are files found on a manual analyze/clean that could point to what is using it).
  13. TBH I'm not sure at all, I'm only suggesting what I would try in your shoes. If anyone else has suggestions please feel free to jump in with them. You could try the testing below, or if you can't be bothered with the testing then it may be time to consider rolling back CCleaner a version to see if that works. You can download previous versions from filehippo, look on the right of this page: https://filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/ You could try turning off the weather tile, restarting the computer, and running CCleaner analyze to see if that makes a difference. (You can always turn it back on again if it doesn't). As for the startup files, I wasn't thinking that you would see Edge itself there, if it was then Edge would probably be opening a window when you started the computer. The point was that something else might be using Edge files/storage locations in the background. Again I'm not sure just what would do that, so a screenshot would probably not help. To test could be a long process. You would have to :- Disable one of the startup items (right click on it in taskmanager to disable/enable), restart the computer, run CCleaner to see if the problem has gone. If not then disable the next one, restart the computer, run CCleaner to see if the problem has gone. And so on for each one at a time. If one of the startup items is causing the problem then disabling it and restarting the computer should cause the problem to go away and you can then decide whether you need that item to start automatically or not. Don't forget to re-enable the items you want once you have finished the testing. PS. I've just noticed that in all of this you have not said which Windows version, and which CC version, you are using. But as you have live tiles I assume it's Windows 8, 8.1 or 10?
  14. I wouldn't call it an 'issue' with CC, CC is just doing it's job as it's supposed to. It's more of an issue of why Edge is running all the time. If you untick all Edge items then CC will not analyse or clean them, then you could right click each unticked item and do a manual clean once in a while. That way you won't get the popup asking you to close Edge everytime you run CC. The real solution would be to find out what is causing Edge to be open all the time and stop it from doing so. If you are not using Edge yourself then something else must be starting it in the background. I'm not sure just what this would be on your machine, it may depend on what you have in 'startup', but also I would be looking at things like 'live tiles' on the start menu. These are the ones that have an image that updates itself, or a video playing. Things like news feed live tiles or weather live tiles may be opening Edge in the background. (To access the latest news, etc.). More about live tiles: https://www.windowscentral.com/how-to-use-windows-10-live-tiles To see what you have running automatically at startup, right click on the taskbar and open Task Manager, then select the Start-up tab, this will show you what applications are being started automatically. More info on Task Manager Startup tab: https://www.howtogeek.com/162446/how-to-manage-startup-applications-in-windows-8/ Or you could use CCleaner Tools>Startup which can also show your schedued tasks as well as the startup items.
  15. There have been a few similar questions this week. I suspect that its edge. Microsoft uses internet explorer to store temporary files even if you were not using ie. Edge is supposed to replace ie so I expect that they are now doing the same with edge.
  16. You show there one of the other ways that you can spot these 'empty' files that get created automatically - the byte size is always a multiple of 128 doubling up. These are binary multiples - 2, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, etc. Programmers, and computers, like binary multiples. (To continue the metaphor - the higher the number the bigger the empty box someone has put on your desk). Other files will usually be an 'odd' number of bytes not in that sequence, only as big as their contents need.
  17. I don't use Chrome myself but there have been some recent threads here about the latest CC version crashing chrome. It does seem to be affecting those who use Kaspersky. It's been reported today that an update to Kaspersky has stopped the crashing, suggesting that it was a problem with Kaspersky. There is occasionally a problem when Chrome (and/or Firefox, and/or other browsers) change where they store certain settings, which then get cleaned when you weren't expecting it. This affects all cleaning program until the cleaner developers can work out what has been changed and issue an update. It's just one of those things, until the browser developers start telling everyone just what they are going to change then it will happen occasionally. (It does seems to happen more with Chrome than Firefox, Edge, or ie., maybe because Chrome likes to change things internally a lot?) You just have to watch it when you first clean after your browser has had an update.
  18. Sorry, was looking at the designation 'Tracking Files' as being the important question. As to CC finding new things just after a previous run, your first answer was the correct one. They are the same files you have just deleted. Some of the files that get deleted are Windows (and other) files, that get recreated straight away when you delete them. Others take a while longer to get recreated, it depends just what is running at the time. (Which is why you see different numbers of new files). Your computer is using and creating temporary files all the time. These files are created as empty 'storage' and 'fill up' with information as you use your computer. Rather than trying to edit these and delete any contents, it's simpler just to delete the whole file and let Windows create a new, empty, one. So when you run CC again it finds and deletes these files again even though they are empty. Think of it like someone putting an empty box on your desk and then coming back and putting notes inside it; you throw the box away getting rid of the notes and they immediately put new empty box in its place, you throw that away and they immediately put a new ..............
  19. Yes, it takes a long time to check and clean Internet Explorer History these days. The reason why gets complicated, but it's to do with changes that Microsoft made to IE which make it harder to check and clean. Even if you are not using IE CCleaner will check it unless you have it unticked. If you are never using IE then you can untick this option, because there will never be any IE history to clean. I have all entries for Edge and IE unticked - Except for 'Temporary Internet Files' in IE which is used by other MS applications, such as File explorer, to store temporary files. (Some other applications may use IE 'cookies' as well, depends just what applications you do use). PS. You can analyise/clean an unticked item by right clicking on it, which gives a pop up menu for that item alone.
  20. From what you say there then I suspect that the 'Internet History' you have unchecked is the one for the Edge browser. I say that because of your statement that " Chrome is not mentioned in the Cleaner items" - so how can you be unticking Chrome's history? If you have Chrome installed then it will be listed in CCleaner, I suspect that you are just looking in the wrong place. You are looking at the Windows Tab, (which shows Edge and Internet Explorer browsers), you need to click on the Applications tab where you will see Chrome, Firefox, or whatever other browser you have installed. PS. You should be aware that other have reported problems with cleaning Chrome using CCleaner v5.42, for them it is cleaning too much. It seems to be affecting those with Kaspersky anti virus, there are various posts about this on the forum.
  21. After installing the April 2018 Update. (Windows 10 v1803) I just tried running the new version of Storage Sense. It's quick - much, much faster than Disk-Cleanup to scan/remove. It can be easily scheduled to run automatically from the settings. I used the 'free up space now' option. This scanned all files in one go, system files as well as temporary files. (Disk-cleanup needs 2 different, very slow, scans). It presented the scan results nicely with a brief explanation of each category, and then removed them much faster than Disk Cleanup did. There was of course a 'Previous Windows Installation' to remove which took time, but the rest was lightning fast compared to Disk Cleanup. (Even the PWI was faster to remove). Because it's so speedy it's now going into my weekly maintenance tasks as a manual clean/scan. (I might even just set it to run weekly, but I'm not one who leaves my PC on all the time). Of course I'll still be running CCleaner to get rid of cookies etc. after every browser session. More info: https://pureinfotech.com/storage-sense-schedule-free-up-space-windows-10/
  22. As the Windows 10 April 2018 Update forced me to reload my desktop image I thought I'd go with a "Spring in Cumbria" one. (OK, the observant will notice that I cheated a little bit).
  23. Installed and up, no problems. It changed the desktop background and added a couple of unwanted icons (Edge & Waves Audio). Soon sorted. Been through the settings, there were a few new ones to turn off, including the timeline feature. Need to check a few other things. eg. It seemed to have turned the (disabled) microphone back on and I think it may also have turned my (disabled) camera back on. EDIT. Yes it had enabled the camera again, probably for the new face recognition/password options. Soon disabled in device manager.
  24. A partial explanation from Microsoft- https://blogs.windows.com/windowsexperience/2018/04/30/how-to-get-the-windows-10-april-2018-update/ Mine just started downloading by itself, I hadn't done a manual check. Maybe they changed their minds again, or maybe I'm "an advanced user on an actively serviced version of Windows 10" and something on my laptop had a flag set?
  25. Well it's April 30th, and the April 2018 Update is here. Despite what Microsoft announced previously about the update only being available to manually download/install until May 8th my laptop started downolading it through Windows Update as soon as I switched on this evening.
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