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  1. 4 hours ago, radiodude said:

    Dumb question-what is this "search box" you speak of? Windows explorer?

    Although I was speaking about File Explorer there, normally when you talk about the 'searchbox' it means the white box on the taskbar in Windows (usually next to the Windows key) that you type into to search for things.


    You can turn it off to save space on your taskbar.
    In Windows 10 you don't really need it - you can simply click on the windows key and when the start menu pops up start typing the name of what you are looking for and the search will open.
    It's easier to do than explain - click on the Windows symbol and start typing to see what I mean.
    (That did stop working for some users in Windows 10 versions 1809 to 1903 but it's been fixed again in 1909).

    The File Explorer searchbox is a slightly different thing that searches your file system for a particular filename.
    For most purposes the taskbar/Start Menu search is better for most users and will (usually) find the same things.
    (It's that "usually" that can some times make a difference.)
    The search in File Explorer looks like this:


  2. It can get confusing if you ask the same question twice.
    You get two lots of answers in two different places, so it's harde for you and others to keep track of what has already been said.

    I've posted a reply in your other hread so will close this one.

  3. You will need to give more details of just what you did and/or just what you are seeing.

    For instance are you using Easy Clean or Custom Clean?

    If you are using Custom Clean than do you have 'Cookies' unticked for that Browser? Do you have any cookies in the 'Cookes to keep' section?
    Either of those could stop some cookies from being removed.

  4. 3 minutes ago, Nergal said:

    Are we sure this is ccleaner? It seems like we're all reacting to the cc in the file name but this could be any number of things. i've never seen the ccleaner installer create a hash named file in temp, but I could be wrong.

    Indeed not, it just seems all too odd and may well be something else trying to disguise itself.

    Which is why I suggested that he gets the Malwarebytes removal experts to take a look at his system.

  5. Which CCleaner version are you using?

    (PS. I don't even have a CC-updates folder in Windows\temp, but that could be a version thing).

    If you are still in doubt then I would suggest that you join the Malwarebytes forum and ask one of their experts to take a look at your computer for you.
    It's free and they will have a good look for anything odd/wrong and help you put it right.
    You don't need to be infected, and you don't need to have a Malwarebytes licence to get their help on the forum.
    They are happy to check the computer of anyone who ask them to.
    Start by following the instructions here: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/9573-im-infected-what-do-i-do-now/

    To expand on what I said about your screenshot looking odd - There are no Notification, Settings, or Help icons top right, the clouds on the background look different to the normal MB4 background, and my scan results windows don't look like that, although admitted I've yet to have a detection on a MB4 Threat scan so it may just be GUI differences.


  6. I see that you have MB4 Premium, and it says v4.0.4. (Although it looks slightly different from normal there).

    I've never had Malwarebytes flag the CCleaner installer.
    I do know that Malwarebytes regularly review their detection methods so I made sure that my MB4 was up to date, there was an update which required a restart of MB4.
    Then I downloaded a new CCleaner installer and checked - a right-click 'Scan with Mawarebytes' of the ccsetup563.exe reported it as clean.

    As the link you gave says, FusionCore detections are not malicious, they are PUPs - Potentially Unwanted Programs - specifically bundled software in an installer.
    In the case of CCleaner that would be the bundled offer in the Standard installer.

    However I'm not sure that detection is the CCleaner installer at all, the pathname looks odd.

    To start with the pathname in the detection is all uppercase? ('Windows\Temp\' is usually mixed case).
    And I'd expext the CCleaner installer to be in your Downloads folder.

    We can only see the start of the path there, could you tell us the name of the target file at the end of the path?
    (or even the full path).


  7. 7 hours ago, AK Bad Boy said:

    My question would be if no "Lifetime License" of CCleaner is available for purchase, how do they explain companies such as the one at URL below, selling their product under exactly the guise? This absolutely muddies the waters at best, and leans heavily towards false advertising.


    To start with that company you link to is not selling anything at all, they are offering money off coupons (or not).

    In this case if you click on the 'Get Coupon' in your link it doesn't even give you a coupon code, it merely takes you to a Piriform Black Friday offer page, (where you could enter a coupon code - if you had been given one and if it wasn't already at sale price).

    That Piriform Page clearly states "1 Year subscription..." see below.

    If a 3rd party coupon website which is nothing to do with Piriform has wrong information then you can hardly blame Piriform for that, complain to the site that has the wrong information.



  8. Try downloading it from here: https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/builds
    (I'd recommend downloading the 'Slim' version as it doesn't include any bundled offers in the installer.)

    Install that and it will show that it's the free version, don't worry.
    Go to Options > About and click on 'Upgrade to Pro'.
    That will bring up a box where you can now enter you name and licence key and click on 'Register'.
    We suggest that you copy/paste your key in to avoid any typing errors.


    PS. If that won't download or install then you have a different issue, come back and we'll work out just what's happening.

  9. The Black Friday notice is a totally different thing to the expired license issue:

    The Black Friday notification is an intended promotion - the expired licence notification was an error.

    You should only have seen a maximum of 4 Black Friday adverts pop up
    Aand yes you should have got one yesterday and another today as a reminder that the sale is ending, as it says in your screenshot..
    They will stop when the sale ends tomorrow.

  10. 51 minutes ago, tinem said:

     I did remember when NOT using the Pro cleaner it was functioning as you describe so maybe I should go back to the free version so that when I close browser windows these sites are NOT cleaned<?

    That will be because the Free version does not have the option to clean your browser(s) on closing.

    The Pro version does have that option, but it's an option you don't have to use it and you can simply turn it off.

    Go to Options > Smart Cleaning and either:
    Uncheck  'Enable automatic browser cleaning' to stop automatic cleaning of all your browsers. (In the free version this cannot be checked at all, see the screenshot below).
    use the drop down list next to each browser name to use a different action for each browser that you have.


    That will stop CC cleaning the browsers automatically when you close them.
    But running CC manually will still clear those authentication  passwords unless you also uncheck 'Saved passwords' (and possibly 'Saved form information') for the browsers like this for Firefox:


  11. It could be a USD to Canadian dollar conversion, but doesn't seem right?

    I'm in the UK so the Pro offer is £9.95 GBP, but the cart here shows that local sales taxes are included - Vat @20%.



    Which points to a possibe reason for your discrepency.

    Earlier this week, on a different forum, someone was complaining that VAT was being added instead of their local tax.
    (That was on a different product, Malwarebytes, but also in a Black Friday sale).

    We eventually worked out that he was using a VPN, the sales software read his VPN IP as being in Europe, and so it applied the European sales tax - VAT.
    (Even though he was paying in USD; that's not too unusual people do occasionally purchase things online in other currencies but pay their local tax on them).

    Interestingly the 2 different prices you quote are exactly 20% different, which is the current VAT rate.

    So if you are using a VPN I'd try turning it off while you make the CCleaner purchase.

    I'll also flag your question to the Piriform staff. @Dave CCleaner

    Hopefully the VPN thing will work and/or Dave will get back quickly as the Black Friday sale ends tomorrow.

  12. 1 hour ago, KI11AK said:

    the app started showing this expired license BS in the last couple of weeks.

    Fix it,  or wear a rep for screwing your customers

    You have obviouly not read the recent posts above.

    There was a fault on the licencing server that was causing incorrect renewal notices to be sent out.

    Firstly, in mid November Piriform put a block on the incorrect notices being sent out, - in fact they  blocked all 'expires today' notices being sent out whether they were correct or incorrect.

    Last week the faulty server was replaced with a brand new server,  - The issue has already been fixed.

  13. You should be able to drag it larger, either sideways or up/down. - But it has always had a set minimum size and you can't make it smaller than that.

    That minimum size was increased in March when v5.54 was released, a lot of people suddenly noticed it was bigger than they were used to.


    we have adjusted the minimum window size from 740x540px to 1010x700px inline with ever increasing screen size. Once this feature rolls out to the wider install base that new minimum size will be standard across the platform

    It's all to do with the minimum size needed to show Easy Clean, and they have no plans to change it.

  14. Two questions occur to me.

    1- Are you using Easy Clean/Health Check? Those use a a 'standard' set of cleaning rules that you can't modify. If you want more control over what does or doesn't get cleaned then you have to use Custom Clean. (The clue is in the different names).

    2- Why do you have 'important docs' in your trash? Would you keep important letters/documents in your waste bin at home?

    I cannot believe that anyone would put something important in the trash.

    PS. You are aware that Windows itself will periodicaly empty your trash?

  15. If I could just add an ammendment to Nergals instructions (Which are originally from 2012, last updated in 2018).

    With windows 10 you no longer need to enter the full pathname, and don't need the quotation marks.
    You don't even need the .exe anymore.
    And you don't need to specify whether you are in 32-bit or 64-bit, CCleaner will run the correct one for your system.

    Of course you can still use all the above, but you can save a little bit of typing.
    The following is now sufficent to run CCleaner (32 or 64 bit) in debug mode:

    Edit - The logfile will be saved in the folder where the main CCleaner program has been installed, usually C:\Program Files\CCleaner.



  16. You may want to check your firewall settings to make sure that it is not your computer that is blocking the connection.

    We have been told by Admin in another thread that you should specifically check that the 'healthcheck.ccleaner.com' web service is allowed through your firewall.

  17. It's one of the consequences of syncing.

    To share things like you history, bookmarks, etc. between your devices they have to be copied onto the iCloud servers, from where they are then downloaded to all your synced devices.

    You have to login to your iCloud account to delete whatever is stored there.

    For CCleaner to be able to do that it would also have to be able to login to your iCloud account, and it just doesn't have that capability.

    TBH I'm not sure that you would want an application to be able to access you syncing account.
    Think about if a virus/malware got to it, it would then be synced to and infect all of your devices.

  18. 2 hours ago, MPSniper said:

      I run CCleaner, check the history and it shows empty. BUT then I go to a website, check it again, and the entire history is there. 

    If the history is being saved on the website server, or the browser server if you have your browser synced, then CCleaner can't touch it there.

    CCleaner can only clear what is on your device, which you say it is doing, but it can't delete things on somebody elses severs.

  19. On 28/11/2019 at 16:02, Augeas said:

    Windows updates deleting user files seems very peculiar to me, perhaps someone with more knowledge on this can comment.

    It has been known.

    When 1809 was first released it deleted some user files in some very specific circumstances and so was pulled 3 days after launch.

    The specific circumstances were if you had set up folder redirects from the standard Documents/Pictures/etc. folders, say to put them on drive 😧 instead of C:, and if you had left files still in those folders on C:, then the files left in those folders on 😄 were deleted by the 1809 update. (The files on 😧 were still there).

    Whilst I doubt that was the cause here it does show that Win 10 updates can do funny things if it comes across something non-standard.


    Have you tried doing a search of the disc for the missing filename?
    It may have just been moved. (Or you may have saved it somewhere you didnt mean to).

    If you were working in Word then as long as it wasn't the first time you have saved that file  it should have made a backup when you saved the file.
    It will have the same filename but with the extension .wbk instead of .doc or .docx.
    You can just change the .wbk to .doc or .docx to be able to open it again.

    Those and other ideas for getting a lost word file back can be found here:


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