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  1. If you are downlodading to the standard location ("C:\ProgramFiles\CCleaner\") then that sounds as if your Anti-Virus is removing /quarantining it, check your Anti-Virus logs to see if this is the case.

    v5.63 was given a new security certificate and the old certificate revoked - some AV's have yet have to update their allow lists.
    So they are still looking for the old certificate, and when they don't find it they will remove CC because they think it has the wrong certificate.

    If it is your AV doing it then try doing a manual update of your AV definitions to make sure you have the latest.
    If that still doesn't cure it you could make "C:\ProgramFiles\CCleaner\" an exception in your AV which should then leave it alone.

  2. I would suggest that you install the latest version which is 5.63. (Uninstall 5.62 first if needed from the Windows settings or control panel).

    There has been an important change to security so even if you weren't having a problem with 5.62 then you should update it to 5.63 anyway.

    PS. Don't use the registry cleaner as a regular tool, it is not meant for that,  will not 'speed-up' your computer,  and can cause it to not work right. It is a specilist tool for use to try and repair a broken computer.

    Please come back if you need more help installing 5.63.

  3. I'm not sure why it should be doing that, it's unlikely but possibly be something to do with this?


    we first re-signed a clean update of the product, pushed it out to users via an automatic update on October 15, and second, we revoked the previous certificate.

    There was a widely publicised download link to an advance copy of 5.63 before it was officially released, I suspect that would have had the old certificate so if you do have that one it may be shouting because the security certificate is not the latest?
    Again that's just a guess on my part.

    Personally if I was seeing update messages like you are then I would simply download a new copy of the 'slim' installer from the builds page and (re)install that, hopefully that will set the flag to say that you do have the latest version and stop nagging you.

  4. It sounds that you have installed the CCleaner browser which has changed your file associations.

    See this for how to change them back, it talks about PDFs there but the process is the same for any kind of file just the programme you want to open them with changes:


  5. It sounds like you used the registry cleaner and wiped out the file associations for those filetypes, repairing MS Office reset the associations.

    Registry cleaning is not something you should do on a regular basis, it's a specialist tool for trying to repair a broken computer.
    It will not 'speed-up' your computer or make it run any better.

    You should especially avoid running any registry cleaner if you are using Windows 10.

    Here's what Microsoft have to say about it:

  6. If it's just the CCleaner icon that has dissapeared from the desktop then you can easily put it back.

    Open file explorer and go to-  C:\Program Files\CCleaner

    In there you will see CCleaner.exe and CCleaner64.exe

    Right click on the one for your machine (32-bit or 64-bit) If you are not sure which your machine is then just use CCleaner.exe

    In the menu that pops up click on 'Send to' and then on 'Desktop (Create Shortcut)'
    That will put a new Icon on the desktop for you.

    This shows Windows 10 file explorer but it's similar for all other Windows versions.
    (You'll see more files than shown in this screenshot, I've deleted some of the standard files from my machine).


  7. Leftover folders will not slow your computer down if they are empty.

    They may take some badly written  'scanning' programs a little bit longer.

    Most programmes will see it's an empty folder and just move on.

    If there is something in that folder then you may have to delete it yourself as nergal says above.

  8. This is a problem with your internet provider and nothing that Pirifrom can fix.

    What has happened is that a number of IP addresses that were issued to 'sanctioned' countries have been reallocated to other countries but the organisation that oversees such things have not actioned the change so they are still being blocked at a high level.

    You will find that this will affect inatallation/updating of other softwares and not just CCleaner.

    The best thing that you can do to solve this is ask your internet service provider to allocate a different (older) IP to your router.

    Another option is to use a VPN to allocate a different IP address. (Which is what people in those sanctioned countries do).

  9. There have been a couple of reports of this behaviour.

    I would check if anything 'CCleaner' is being blocked by your firewall settings,  those two functions need to be able to connect.

    We have been told by Admin in another thread that you should specifically check that the  'healthcheck.ccleaner.com' web service is allowed through the firewall.

  10. That's probably because a new version, 5.63, was released earlier today (8 hours ago) and Windows has not yet added the new version to the Smartscreen filters.

    It should be fine later today or tomorrow once Microsoft have updated the filters.

    I got the same message when installing it earlier today, but just ignored as I knew the probable reason.
    PS. Scanning the 3 installers (Standard, Slim, and Portable) with Malwarbytes v4.0.2 reports all 3 to be clean.

  11. Yes, they put the official release announcement up four hours ago shortly after I last posted the links on this thread.
    I believe it may have been this thread (and one in a private staff area) that prompted the official release to clear the confusion between 'official' and 'advance' download links.

    There are still problems for some in various language versions.

    I'm not a developer but I do know that Windows has some problems in certain languages with text that uses unicode.
    The dev's will have to track it down. (But I suspect that it may turn out to be Windows at fault).

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