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  1. I'm not sure just what you are meaning by "CCleaner Properties", are you meaning compatibility mode in the Windows properties dialogue? There is no "Properties" in CCleaner, but it should tell you at the top which OS version it thinks that you have- If yours is not saying Windows 10 then- When, and exactly how, did you upgrade to Windows 10? (When, and they way, you did it could make a difference). ie. Did you use the Upgrade Assistant? or Did you burn an installation CD or make an installation USB? Did you do a completely new install or did you save your previous files and programmes? Did you have CCleaner on the machine before the upgrade? Sorry for all the questions but the answers may help us work out what it is that you are seeing.
  2. Defender/MSE does make a lot of logs, at least one every scan. With Windows 10 Storage Sense will now remove the older ones if you are running low on space, if you have it set to do that, so it 's not that much of a problem. But Win 8.1 and older don't have Storage Sense so the logs can just build up. If you have Win 8.1 or older and turn off cleaning of Defender/MSE then you may want to use Windows built in Disk Clean-up occasionally to clear out the Defender/MSE logs. I suppose Piriform could reprogram CCleaner to leave the latest Defender Scan logs behind, a setting for 'Only Clean Defender logs older than.....' perhaps? Of course that will take more coding and make the CCleaner programme slightly larger again, the growing size of CCleaner has been a niggle for some.
  3. Microsoft Security Essentials is the older name for Windows Defender, the MSE name is still used for Windows 7 or older. (With Windows 8 they changed the name and it became 'built in' as an integral part of Windows). As long as you have Defender unchecked and you always use Custom Clean then it should still be left alone whatever it is called on your machine. However any time that you use Easy Clean then MSE/Defender will be cleared, and the icon will then show yellow (because the scan logs have been cleared it thinks you have never run a scan). Whatever you have ticked or unticked in Custom Clean makes no difference to Easy Clean which uses it's own rules regardless.
  4. You need to be using Custom Clean (not Easy Clean/Health Check which will always delete them). You can set Custom Clean to be the default view in Options>Settings
  5. Simply click on 'Name' (instead of CPU) in the task manager and the processes will be pinned in place by process type and name rather than jumping about to show the most used. Note that FireFox will show processes in both 'Apps' and 'Background Processes' types.
  6. It's on a list to be included in future but I don't think it's a priority. As far as I understand Brave it does most of it's own cleaning anyway, which is the main point of using it. However I believe it is included in the community 'winapp2', or you can add it to ccleaner yourself, see this post for how to do that:
  7. I believe that you have already stated the cause of the problem - Firefox crashed in an unexpected manner, and left some component running. (Sounds like the crash was caused by Yahoo mail, or maybe the contents of one particular email message?) CCleaner eventually recognised that there was something unusual happening and, after asking your permission, forced the rouge process to close. Modern Firefox starts multiple processes, you can see these in Task Manager. Just what was left running after the Firefox crash I suspect will never be know now. As for your other question, I would say that if CCleaner tries to delete something Firefox but Windows says 'you can't delete that because it's still in use' then it's a good assumption that some part of Firefox is still running and using it.
  8. Are you using the Easy Clean option of CCleaner? Easy Clean uses its own settings and will always clean firefox. Instead use Custom Clean which gives you more control over what is cleaned and what is not. You can make Custom Clean the default in Options>Settings>CCleaner Home Screen. In Custom Clean go to the Applications tab where you should find Firefox. Alter the settings for Firefox so that it does not clear your Saved Passwords and Saved Forms, that should stop the loging in issue. (Although for some sites your login status may be saved as a cookie, so you would have to untick 'Cookies' as well if that's the case). Also untick Internet History of you want to retain your browsing history. Here's what mine looks like, you can see that the forms and passwords are unticked so will not be cleaned when Custom Clean is run. (They will still be cleared if I run Easy Clean though). PS. A few users will see the new Health Check instead of seeing Easy Clean, the advice above is the same whichever you see.
  9. They are having a few issues with the licence server and are planning to upgrade it. https://forum.piriform.com/topic/55373-ccleaner-expires-today-3-months-before/?tab=comments#comment-311064 In the meantime these suggestions about new licence registrations may help: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/55373-ccleaner-expires-today-3-months-before/?tab=comments#comment-310162
  10. You need to use the Custom Clean and in the Applications tab untick the entry for 'Adobe Reader DC'. If you use the Easy Clean then it will always delete Adobe Reader files. (Even if you have unticked it in Custom Clean).
  11. The option is "Wipe MFT Free Space" - not delete the MFT. (Which is not something you should do anyway, it would make your computer unusable). From the CCleaner documentation:
  12. Mmm. It may be that the first install with health check has set a registry entry which also triggers it in the later download. (I recall similar when Quick/Easy clean was being trialed, I could turn it on and off by changing a reg entry). I've not seen Health Check yet other than screenshots, but suspect it may be being "previewed" in the same way. I'm not at home at the moment but when I am I'll have a search of my registry to see what I can find. If you uninstall CC and then reinstall from the builds that may get rid of it for now. As you have a pro version you can raise it with support (sorry can't link from this phone) but TBH just like Easy Clean did, Health Check is coming and everyone will get it, probably with v5.63?
  13. The CCleaner browser is Chromium based, so any Chrome extensions should work happily with it. Just add them as you would with Chrome.
  14. Just to check. You don't have 'Only delete files in Recycle Bin older than 24 hours' selected do you? It's in Options>Advanced. If that is ticked then it could explain why CC will find them to delete today, but ignored them yesterday. (If you had only put them in the bin yesterday or maybe the day before)
  15. I believe that if you download the Standard v5.62 installer from the 'Builds' Page then it will not yet include the new Health Check feature. (Although it will be in future versions). https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/builds If you use the regular download page then you may (or may not) be given a 5.62 version with Health Check included as an advanced preview.
  16. I'm not sure why CCleaner is getting stuck there but I would try cleaning the cache from within Chrome itself to see if it clears the blockage. See this for how to do that https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/32050?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=en I do think/recall that there can be a problem with 'compact database' in Chrome that only Chrome itself can clear.
  17. Is there any indication of what file/category it is sticking on? If you use Custom Clean then it should be written just below the green progress bar. If you use Easy Clean it should be written underneath each of the 2 icons.
  18. That setting is already there - You change it in: Options > Settings > CCleaner Home Screen. Whichever one you pick becomes the default screen you see each time that you open CCleaner. As said above Easy Clean uses it's own rules and will always empty the recycle bin, regardless of what you have set in Custom Clean. If you don't want the bin to be emptied then you must use Custom Clean, and tell it not to empty the bin.
  19. Indeed, but there is a difference between 'do not need' and 'should never be'. TBH I wouldn't defrag an SSD but that's not to say it should never be done. It may have been advisable never to do it when SSDs were a new technology with the number of write operations being low. But I think like a lot of things the technology moves on and the 'wisdom/advice' takes longer to catch up.
  20. Report of the same/similar error here: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/55627-script-error/
  21. This looks to be the same error as one that has already been reported and @Dave CCleaner is looking into it. See this thread: [threads merged]
  22. Most people will say that you should not defrag a SSD only Optimise/trim it, others will say it's OK to defragment a SSD. It's a matter of opinion, with the 'do-not-defrags' in the majority. Windows itself will occassionaly defrag an SSD. (MS says it does it in 'an inteligent' manner). Try having a read of this: https://www.easeus.com/partition-master/defrag-an-ssd.html
  23. Just to note that the name of the official product is CCleaner. (Only two 'Cs' not three). 'CC Cleaner' is the name of a fake disguised to look like the real CCleaner name. Avoid 'CC Cleaner' (with 3 'Cs'). https://www.enigmasoftware.com/cccleaner-removal/
  24. Not since the latest update, TBH the lack of search is not really bothering me at the moment so I'm not making any special efforts to restore it. It was handy for launching regedit, device manager, etc. but there are always the old ways of doing that, just takes a few more clicks. (or I could simply put them on the taskbar). PS. Search in file explorer is still working fine.
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