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  1. What no cleans the free version?

    The 'like' feature is turned off on this forum, so you have reached your quota of zero.
  2. Windows 10 Update Issue

    I installed Speccy yesterday on v1511 (Th2) and the 64 bit .exe is working with no problems that I can see.
  3. Win 10 Threshold2 suspended till next week

    Does anybody know if TH2 issued a new Product Key (CD key) like the upgrade from 8.1 to 10 did? I notice that TH2 issued a new Product ID (last 3 digits changed) but am a bit reluctant to install and run Speccy to check the Key at the moment. EDIT. Well I bit the bullet and installed Speccy, (and BTW 64bit version runs without problems on this laptop). The Product Key / Serial Number has not changed.
  4. Please help with creating bootable usb

    I'm not sure just what you are trying to achive here? Are you trying to make a recovery drive in case your hard drive crashes and/or you need to reinstall windows? The article you have linked to is telling you how to make a bootable USB by copying the boot files from an installation DVD onto a bootable USB. Do you have an installation DVD? If as I suspect you are attempting to make a Windows recovery drive on a memory stick then forget that article if you have Windows 8, 8.1, or 10. These have a built in utility to create a bootable recovery USB drive for you. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows-8/create-usb-recovery-drive Windows 7 is slightly different in that it creates a CD rather than a USB drive. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/create-a-system-repair-disc I have made a few assumptions there as to what you are hoping to achieve. It might help if you could tell us just what version of Windows you are using, and why it is that you want to create this bootable USB.
  5. The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

    Oops, I also thought that Shockwave player itself was now defunct and that Robbie was talking about Shockwave Flash. Same answers as I gave above though, just substitute the names.
  6. The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

    I assume that you have tried updating the flash player plugin? You could try setting the player to "Ask to Activate" in the Add-ons manager. That way flash will not play unless you let it, although you do get a warning in a pop- bar under the address bar to ask when it tries to run. I keep mine like that, so any flash content on a webpage doesn't even get a chance to run, and so can't give a script error. Have you tried refreshing your firefox installation? https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/refresh-firefox-reset-add-ons-and-settings. My prefered method of fixing persistent FFx problems- You could try a full reinstall of FFx, rather than an update from the 'stub' downloader. This can be done without loosing your current settings, bookmarks, etc. To do a full reload then, rather than using the updater from 'About Firefox' in the menus, visit the 'Systems & Language' webpage, download a full version from there and install it. https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/all/
  7. DennisD?

    Have you tried becoming a detective and tracking him down on faceache? Assuming that he has a faceache account, most people who post on forums do. A member of another forum, who had chosen to leave there, tracked me down in this way after he had left and sent me a friend request. He only had my username, nukecad, plus my first name, my general location and my approximate age garnered from posts. He did remember something I had said in a post about faceache thinking my hometown was in Scotland when in fact its in Cumbria. You seem to have a tenuous start there- DennisD (unless thats Dennis-D-Menace), lives in Newcastle, Newcastle fan with a wife and daughter who support Sunderland. I'm not sure what else you may be able to glean from his posts, or PMs. Did he mention living in a particular district of Newcastle? His local pub name? Wifes or daughters name? All little details that could help. Why not get your detective hat on and have a go?
  8. Font Cache and iphone 6

    Well you did seem to answer your own question, so most probably thought your post was just for information to others. It's obviously something in the 'system cache' (not the fonts) that if cleared gives this message.
  9. AutoCad Reinstall

    This is a known problem with trying to get Autocad uninstalled to do a fresh install. The uninstaller leaves behind some files and registry entries, as you have found. Glad you found the answer, but you may not have needed to completely uninstall / reinstall in the first place. Usually missing or corrupted DLLs can be fixed by using the 'repair' option. Go to Windows control panel, programs and features, uninstall or change. Select AutoCad 2016, and you will be asked, "Uninstall, or Repair". Of course select repair. For future Autocad help you might like to look at the CadTutor forums, there are some very knowledgeable users there.
  10. Win 10 Threshold2 suspended till next week

    Win 10, v1511 installed here too, no install problems except the time it took with my slow broadband. Still looking around but have already noticed a few oddities in behaviour. When typing in an editor, like this one, the mouse pointer keeps jumping around on its own and occasionally seems to make a 'pick' outside the editor. If your are typing fast and not realy looking at the screen you can loose half a line before you notice its not inputting. EDIT, thinking more this may be the laptops touchpad, I'll bet they have changed the driver and/or settings. EDIT2, MS disabled the manufacturers touchpad driver and installed their own, cheeky buggers. The default settings for this meant that as I was typing the heel of my hand was catching and operating the touchpad. I attached a clip of the new start menu to a post elsewhere, used alt+prt scr to clip it but this did not capture the full width of the new start menu. They have changed the width in this new version, guess they rushed and the window size is still the same even though the new menu displays outside it. Off to check what MS have done in the settings and how many they have reset to their preferences instead of mine.
  11. v5.10.5373 slow to launch

    This is an odd one which may or may not be related to this. Read the rest and judge for yourselves. Yesterday I noticed that there was a Gold coloured padlock in the system tray after booting. Usually a gold padlock on an icon is a permission issue, but on its own in the system tray? No hover help with the tray icon, left or right click and the padlock dissapeared. And Then - Right click on a file in file explorer and it freezes with the little blue 'busy' cirle. Windows Updates will not connect, either automatically or if you try update manually. (Windows 10 so it should do it itself). I have spent a number (lots) of hours trying to track down what this crap is. What I seem to have found, and what has sorted it for me, is that the upgrade to Firefox 42 has somehow clashed with CC active monitoring. My solution (what has worked for me) Turn off CC active monitoring, reboot, turn CC active monitoring back on and all is well again. I reckon that this is a Firefox isue not a CCleaner one, but as long as we get things working again thats al that counts.
  12. CCleaner slow to open in Windows 10

    This has already been reported, and workarounds given: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=44723&hl= It seems to be something to do with the User Account checking on the first run of CCleaner after startup, (and after a Windows Update Check if one runs). We believe that the developers are working on it. The workaround that is doing the job for me (Free version) is to have Active Monitoring turned on. This way I only see the delay after a Windows Update Check runs, (or if I run one manually).
  13. CCleaner doesn't run on startup

    When CCleaner is run on startup it runs in the background; and cleans out cookies etc. using the options you have selected without opening a window. So what you are seeing (or rather not seeing) is normal. If you want to check this then open the Task Manager as soon as you get to your desktop and you will see CC running there as a process, and closing once its has finished cleaning. (Unless you have active monitoring turned on that is, in which case it will keep running i the background).
  14. v5.10.5373 slow to launch

    I think that we have established that this issue is mainly to do with the User Account Control (SKIPUAC setting). Which may be why you are getting different results with an Admin account and a User account. (and that is an interesting pointer to the problem in itself).
  15. v5.10.5373 slow to launch

    Hmm, not with my laptop. Boot time from pressing the power button to desktop is still the same at around 12 to 15 secs, including the time it take me to type my password. (Makes no difference if CC active monitoring is on or off). Yes of course the CC initial startup delay is still there, I still see it if I turn off the active monitoring. But with AM on once I'm at the desktop I can launch a browser (or whatever) straight away without stopping CC running in the background. So when I do come to open CC it comes up straight away.
  16. C cleaner not cleaning

    "I dont see a link" Do you mean that you have no desktop icon for CCleaner? Have you actually installed it? or just downloaded it? Once you have downloaded the installer you have to run it to install the programme. Open Fie Explorer and browse to your 'Downloads' folder. Double click on "CCsetup511.exe" The installer will run, answer the questions it asks about language, etc. An Icon will appear on your desktop.
  17. v5.10.5373 slow to launch

    Still getting the 15 second delay with 5.11.5408(64 bit), skipuac selected, run on startup not selected. My latest workaround- I have found that turning on Active Monitoring means that again CC runs in the background on startup so you don't see the delay. (Similar to the 'Run on Startup' workround mentioned before). The difference is that using the 'Active Monitoring' rather than the 'Run on Startup' means that launching a browser does not stop CC running in the background. And yes, despite what you may have read elsewhere, you can run Active Monitoring with the free version.
  18. "We've found that the dots from at least one line of printers encode the date and time your document was printed, as well as the serial number of the printer," So what? A date and a printer ID, hardly identifying you and stealing your info is it?
  19. AVG defends plans to sell user data

    Cheers, I should have thought of that. (XP is out of support so the definitions would not get updated anyway).
  20. AVG defends plans to sell user data

    Be careful here: In Windows 7, Vista, & XP Defender is only anti-spyware. It was only with Windows 8 and above that it became a full Anti-Virus when they incorporated Microsoft Security Essentials into Defender. If using Win7, Vista, or XP then you should use MSE as well as Defender.
  21. Free CCleaner is great

    Yes, there is true freeware and 'not so freeware'. Piriform are among the Good Guys, giving you the choice of either Free or Paid For with extra features. (And no I don't work for them). If you have only just found this then you may want to take a look at some others that work in the same way: 'Superantispyware' and 'Malwarebytes' are both highly recommended (some would say essential) and work on the same principles, with a truly free version and paid for versions..
  22. v5.10.5373 slow to launch

    So this new thread today about CCleaner Cloud http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=44851&hl= talks about "enhancing user account management". Coincidence that the problem here seems to be with skipping the user account control?
  23. Speed

    If you are talking about being slow to launch then this is already being looked at. Follow this link: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=44723&hl=
  24. v5.10.5373 slow to launch

    I had seen the reports about the greyed out button issue, but thought it was a seperate thing. the previous post by menace seems to indicate the (subjective) time delay is similar, and so it suggests that it may be the same thing? Maybe Win 8.1 is showing the GUI but not responding for 15 secs, whilst Win 10 is not showing the GUI for 15 secs? Still seems to be the SKIPUAC that is causing this behaviour. PS. I have gone away from the run-on-startup work-round and have just turned off SKIPUAC for now.
  25. Not a typo, I hate the thing and always call it that. With a bit of luck it will catch on.