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  1. It can be complicated and may not be using as much space as it reports. I'm guessing you have this update problem this week, which is a 'Patch Tuesday' week. Try running Microsofts Disc Cleanup utility on system files to get rid of old update data and files. It can take a few hours to run on sysyem files, especially if there is a lot of junk in there from old updates. Being system stuff it can be protected from CCleaner.
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    You should not defrag a SSD, only defrag mechanical drives. Trim, or optimise, a SSD. Defraging a SSD is not useful, and there is some debate about the read/write cycles shortening its life. TBH I don't think it's a real concern with newer SSDs.
  3. I had also noticed that IE history seems to take a long time to clean with recent versions. Analyse on its own is fast, it's the actual cleaning that takes time. (If you right click on it and 'Analyse History' it wizzes through in 0.04 seconds). (If you right click on it and 'Clean History' it takes 14 seconds plus). My solution- As I never use IE I just unchecked IE 'history' and left the rest. If you're not using IE there will be no history to clean anyway. (But as said above the other options may contain stuff put there by other MS apps).
  4. You may need to take ownership of the folder and its contents before you can delete it. (or move it, etc.) (Not sure why you don't have ownership of that particular folder, but it can happen). Yes, even as Admin you may not have ownership of certain files or folders. (System files and some other Microsoft files for instance). It can be a bit long winded to take manually take ownership of a file with Windows 10, see here: https://www.windowscentral.com/how-take-ownership-files-and-folders-windows-10 There is an easier way - by adding a "Take Ownership" option to your right click context menu you can do it with a couple of clicks. It does mean modifying the registry, but don't panic. The easiest way to do this is by running a third party script that adds the option to your context menu for you. There are a few scripts about if you search, I used this one to put it on my Win 10 context menu and it works fine: http://www.intowindows.com/add-take-ownership-to-right-click-menu-in-windows-10/
  5. Well in midsummer, but why do you think it was abandoned (apart from a military tracking station) in 1930? It's still a place I would like to visit though.
  6. That does sound like something different between Win7 and Win10 then. Although I do note you didn't mention checking the 'Only delete files older than:' in the Include dialogue. (That would also be saved in the .ini which would override any changed settings unless you save a new one? Might be worth making sure it's not selected and then save a new .ini? Although you may already have 'save all settings to ini' selected. Your call).
  7. Hi bobj, My current includes were working. (Windows 10 Home 64-bit, v1703, Build 15063.540) (CCleaner Free, v5.33.6162). But I gave this a go for you: Copied a few pdf's to Downloads. Made an include of- C:\Users\myname\Downloads\*.pdf Ran cleaner(debug mode) and it removed them with no problem. The debug log shows them being removed. Suggestions: Did you select "Only delete files or folders older than:" when you made the inclusion. (You can edit it to check). Do your pdf filenames contain any unusual characters that could throw off the wildcard matching? Can you manually delete these files? (If not then you may not have 'Ownership', even as Admin). Finally, You could try uninstalling/reinstalling CCleaner. (Save your .ini file elsewhere before uninstalling to keep your customisations).
  8. I'm sure that the devs appreciate notice of potential problems with the insider builds. (I've no doubt that they have a few machines running the builds themselves, to try and track down what MS have changed each time). I would not expect any big changes to CCleaner (or any other software) though until Redstone3 becomes fully Released To Market. Maybe a minor update in the next few days to go with build 16278?
  9. Firstly, You are running an 'Insider Preview' version of Windows 10, and on the 'Fast Ring' at that. It's important to remember that these are beta testing versions of Windows, and as such may be unstable and incompatible with existing software. You are in effect doing unpaid testing for Microsoft before they release the market version. No software can be guaranteed to run correctly with a beta version of Windows, the programme developers have never had a chance to see what Microsoft has changed. Secondly, All current, informed, advice is that registry cleaners should not be used on a regular basis. They are a tool meant for emergency action on an infected/broken system, not for everyday usage. They are not a maintenance tool. They don't speed up your system, and can possibly break a healthy system. (Which is not a great problem if it is already broken anyway). This is especially the case with Windows 10. Windows 10 is different to older Windows versions, it is evolving all the time, small changes every month, bigger changes every six months or so. Edge in particular is changing rapidly. (Because they released it well before it was finished). A lot of the changes are made in, or show up in, the registry. Again Microsoft don't inform the writers of registry cleaners about these changes, and so the cleaner can't recognise them and can remove the wrong things. So the advice is - Don't use a registry cleaner unless your system is infected/broken, especially not on Windows 10, and definitely not on an Insider Preview.
  10. Did anyone ever use Microsofts own System Imaging tool? (or did you all go out and get Macrium or Acronis?) I would guess that the majority of home users have never heard of a System Image, most of them never make a recovery USB/disc or even make file backups. I can see getting rid of Screen Savers, they are not needed with LCD screens, they don't 'burn in' like old cathode ray monitors used to. Some dedicated gamers still prefer to use CRT's, but do they leave the machine alone long enough for a screen saver to kick in?
  11. From the release notes for 55.0 And yet on my 64-bit 4GB laptop it has updated to 55.0.2 (32-bit). So does the release note only apply to new installs and not to updates? EDIT Answered my own question - It is only for new installs in 55, but when 56 comes out it should migrate to 64-bit on the update if your system is compatible.
  12. 55.0.2 now released. https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/55.0.2/releasenotes/
  13. I see that the release notes for 5.33 say- "Improved CCleaner launch sequence to resolve a UI lock" Hopefully that will be the cure this intermittent problem.
  14. HI Jeannejeannie, You should realy have started your own thread. Yours is a different issue altogether. You have Windows 10-S, which is a cut down "student" version of Windows 10 Pro. It is mainly meant for use in schools but you can buy it for home use. It will only let you install programmes (apps) from the Windows Store. Read more here- https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows/windows-10-s These FAQ's explain the differences- https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/4020089/windows-10-s-faq Please start a new thread if you have further questions about this. (It's not polite to jump in on someone elses question).
  15. Wondered why I was not being offered 55. They are getting a bit to frequent with pulling updates and issuing a .0.1 a day later. Maybe a bit more testing is needed before release release rather than rushing to get it out on Patch Tuesday?
  16. So the short answer would be to make these 'favicon' files an exception in CC (Options>Exclude) so that they don't get cleaned. But if a bug in FF is deleting them itself then this would not help, and all bets are then off until FF fixes the bug.
  17. If , just after the application had been updated, CC starts removing things it didn't before then I would first suspect that is the application update that has changed something rather than CC. A couple of things you could look at- Are you using an add-on for the favicons? If so then I suspect this could be Firefox changing the way it handles add-ons and extensions. They have been doing this by stages for the last few versions. It's possible that they have changed the location where the files used by add-ons are stored so that they are stored in with the history. I do know that they have been looking at a bug with FF's own favicons, and are supposed to have fixed in in 55. https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1356525 Another thing to look at is- where you using FF 32-bit version previously. FF used to install 32-bit unless you specificaly told it to load 64-bit. With FF55 it will automatically load 64-bit FF on a 64-bit system. I don't know if it would make any difference but you can still install the 32-bit FF version on a 64-bit system, you just have to do it yourself by downloading it from the 'languages' page and installing it manualy. https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/all/
  18. Apparently you can't go back a version from FF55. (and/or will have problems if you try to). From the release notes- https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/55.0/releasenotes/ More info: https://www.ghacks.net/2017/08/02/you-cannot-downgrade-firefox-55-profiles/
  19. When was that update (KB4032188) downloaded to your machine? It was first issued on 27 July, and then almost immediately (within minutes) pulled again. http://news.softpedia.com/news/microsoft-releases-and-pulls-windows-10-cumulative-update-kb4032188-517209.shtml It was re-issued on 2 August. If you had somehow got the older one then maybe it was faulty and that was why they pulled it? (They are not saying why they did). It seems that some who got the original one suffered a BSOD. You could try rebooting into safemode and reinstalling the update.
  20. From a new thread today: OK, it seems the problem is probably that CC was running (monitoring) when he tried to install, but wouldn't that be ironic if it was a clash with avast.
  21. The 'cleaning' is the same with both free and pro versions. The differences between free and pro versions are mainly in scheduling, monitoring, and the cleaning of multiple user accounts. https://piriform.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/204043904-Benefits-of-CCleaner-Professional If you have the free version installed then go to 'Options' and look at the tabs for "Settings", "Scheduling", "Monitoring", and "Users". You will see that certain options have the word "PRO" and a padlock symbol next to them. These settings are only available in the Pro version. The Pro version also gives you a licence key which entitles you to priority email support from Piriform. https://www.piriform.com/support
  22. My bad mta, I had assumed the 'redirecting' post was a reply to your previous request for version numbers and hadn't noticed it was not the OP answering. (I might still suspect the recent update to Firefox though as S Kay says the problem only started 'in the past week').
  23. I may be way out here, But as this is new behaviour then could this be something to do with the changes to FireFox 54 so that it now uses multiple OS processes for webpage content? https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/54.0.1/releasenotes/ If it is using multiple processes, is it also creating multiple caches? And if so then are you redirecting all of them? (Can you even redirect them if FFx opens a new process/cache whilst it is already running?)
  24. You are not the first to report this with Comodo in the last week. https://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=48629 It seems that Comodo has started flagging CCleaner as a false threat, and is warning you that it is attempting to clean Firefox browsing history.
  25. mta, I agree with all that you said there. I do get a bit frustrated when I keep seeing posts that Windows Defender is 'no good' - based on tests from years ago on XP when Defender was anti-spyware only and so a totally different animal. I guess that's MS's oversight for not changing the name when the made it a full AV with Win 8 & 8.1, and vastly improved it with Win 10. As hazelnut says make sure that your MB3 does not turn off Defender in the action centre. It shouldn't do if you are up to date with MB3, but earlier versions could do just that. It's as well to check. For anyone who still doubts that Windows Defender is an effective AV, just take a look online at how worried Kaspersky are getting about it taking their market share. If they are so sure that their AV is "vastly superior" to Defender then why are they getting so worried and filing lawsuits against MS? I'm sure that Avast also have their concerns, which as I've said in another thread may explain why they are branching out and have bought/merged with Piriform. In the end if your AV/AM product for Windows is seen as better than the standard Microsoft offering then it will sell well. For instance Malwarebytes3, although not a traditional AV, is still selling strongly to be used alongside Windows Defender.
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