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  1. Is this with a particular browser? It may be pre-loading and so when you think that you have closed it it is still running in the background - and CCleaner can't clean browsers (or any file) that is open. Edge in particular can be a problem for that reason. You can check in Task Manager to see if is still running in the background even though you have closed it's window.
  2. You can check if it is cleaning either by turning #3 on so you get a notification which will show if it's working when you close the browser - and/or after you have closed the browser open CCleaner and in custom clean doing a analyze to see if it finds anything to do with the browser.
  3. Have you selected an 'action' for each browser as well as 'enabling' browser cleaning? If so which action? The actions are: Do not monitor browser. Prompt me to clean on closing. Automatically clean on closing with notification. Automatically clean on closing without notification. Do you have items ticked to clean for each particular browser? Automatic browser cleaning uses the settings you have ticked in Custom Clean. Do you have your browser(s) synced? CCleaner can only clean the history, cookies, etc. stored on your machine, anything that is synced will be restored from the cloud next time you open the browser.
  4. You might find an apk somewhere else (I've seen one) don't be tempted - unless you really want a virus on your phone.
  5. As far as I know CCleaner for Android is only available through the playstore - it's a Google restriction thing.
  6. I'm not sure how we can comment if you didn't note the messges. It could have been anything. Which anti-virus are you using? (Not that it helps much now to know that). Just because you have never had a virus in the past doesn't mean that you will never get one, I've never had a broken leg but ...... (And no anti-virus can protect you 100%). As you have reinstalled Windows then it should have got rid of all traces of anything that you had been infected with. If you are still worried then I suggest that you go to the Malwarebytes forum and get them to check over your computer, they will do it for free and you don't have to be actively infected they are happy just to check things for you. As it's Christmas the service may not be as quick as usual. Start here: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/9573-im-infected-what-do-i-do-now/ If you don't want to use Malwarebytes for any reason then there is a list of others who offer the same service at #10 in the forum rules here: https://forum.piriform.com/announcement/15-forum-rules/
  7. It sounds like you have inadvertently downloaded CCleaner Browser, which has associated your files with the browser. Almost all newly installed browsers will do this and reassociate how files are opened. What can you do about it? Have a look at this link, it talks about PDF files - but it is the same process for any other file that has been reassociated. You just have to set the file association back to whichever programme you want to open those files with. Once the association is set back then the icons will change back again. EDIT - I just noted that you have Vista, the screenshots in the above are for windows 10 so it will look slightly different in Vista but it's the asme process. https://www.dummies.com/computers/operating-systems/windows-xp-vista/how-to-open-a-file-with-a-different-program/
  8. I hope everyone is well and enjoys their Christmas and New Year, whether on their own or with a crowd.
  9. Simply download the application to the new computer and enter your (valid) licence key. eg. If you download and install CCleaner Free you go to Options>About>Upgrade to Pro Then simply put your name and key in and click on Register. It's similar in Defraggler, start with Help>About on the menu. I don't have Speccy or Recuva but imagine they will be the same too.
  10. Please use English on the forum, I used Google Translate: You have to decide for yourself what you do, or do not, want to start when you start the computer. No one else knows what you want to start or not.
  11. Facebook has also been caught using your phone number, ostensibly given to them for secure 2-step identification, for marketing and other purposes. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-50865152 They say that they are going to stop doing it - sometime in 2020.
  12. nukecad

    License Tranfert

    As long as it's Windows to Windows (or Mac to Mac) then it should simply be a case of putting your CCleaner registration key into CCleaner on the new computer. If you download and install CCleaner Free you can go to Options>About>Upgrade to Pro Then simply put your name and key in and then click on Register. It's similar in Defraggler, start with Help>About on the menu. I don't have Speccy or Recuva but imagine they will be the same too. If your licence is for one PC only then you shouldn't use it on more than one, so you need to uninstall the old one first. https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/204044464-How-many-computers-can-I-install-CCleaner-Professional-on- If you have any difficulty then you should contact support for help with licensing, it's not something that we can do on the forum other than the basics like above. You can contact support if needed using this form: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/requests/new If you are changing between Windows and Mac, or vice-versa, then the keys are different formats and so you will need to contact support to get your licence transfered to a new key.
  13. Nobody suggested using sync as a backup. - It was merely a suggestion that may have helped the OP recover their history in that particular instance.
  14. nukecad

    offline issue

    It's not that you are offline, but rather that the server could not be contacted (or timed out). They have promised to change the message wording. But if the server can't be reached, for whatever reason, then it's not something that can be changed in CCleaner itself because it's an internet connection problem. For further Information: The 'Speed' function checks for, and clears, any unnecessary items that start automatically when you turn on your computer. You can check those yourself in Custom Clean>Tools>Startup - Of course you then need to know which you want/need and which you don't. That's why Health Check wants to connect to the server for that function, to check what is starting on your machine against a list of needed/unneeded items. The 'Security' function checks that (some not all of) your installed apps are up to date. Again you can do that for yourself by using Custom Clean>Tools>Software Updater. (But if the server is not contactable than that will still fail to connect). If you find that Health Check cannot connect to the server but that the Custom Clean Software Updater can connect then the issue is probably your firewall settings as said above. If neither Health Check or Software Updater can connect to the server then it's an internet connection problem.
  15. Or you can right click on any PDF file and select 'Open With', then follow the steps in this post (There are pictures there): That will reassociate all PDF files back to Acrobat and change all the PDF Icons back. (You should need to but sometimes it takes arestart before they change). You will need to do similar for Windows live mail, TwistedMetal's method may be better for that. I assume that Live Mail was associated with Outlook? If so then you have to reassociate that Icon back to Outlook. That should then leave you with CCleaner icons only for CCleaner itself and for the CCleaner browser. (It was installing the CCleaner Browser as the default browser that caused the changes).
  16. Hazelnut beat me too it, here's a screen clip.
  17. You will need to contact support to get licencing issues resolved, it's not something that we can do on the forum. There is a form you can fill in here: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Alternatively you can email your support question to: support@ccleaner.com In the meantime I have flagged your problem to the Piriform staff.
  18. nukecad

    Windows 10 1909

    What's the betting that the update will also (try to) override your current default setting and make Edge Chrome the default browser? Maybe MS have learned that doing things like that annoys users, but.....
  19. Is this an SSD with TRIM enabled? If so then although Recuva may see the filenames the data will be gone, so Recuva will just bring back the names on empty files. SSD's work differently than mechanical drives. A mechanical drive simply marks a deleted file as 'deleted' in the header but to save time doesn't physically remove the data, so it's still there to recover as long as it hasn't been over written. A SSD TRIM however will result in the data being removed, so there is nothing left to be recovered. Modern SSDs have TRIM enabled by default, older ones may not. You can read more about it here: https://www.datanumen.com/blogs/possible-recover-deleted-files-trim-enabled-solid-state-drive/ (This is also a problem for law enforcement agencies wanting to gather evidence, and of course they are trying to find a way to recover deleted files from SSDs, but the advanced tools and techniques they are trying are not generally available to the consumer).
  20. The 'Standard' installer for CCleaner versions 5.61 and above is not compatible with XP,. So although you can run them from the installer itself they don't actually get installed. - With XP you now have to use the 'Slim' installer instead. CCleaner is supposed to autodetect that you are still using XP and re-route you to the 'Slim' installer when updating, see these posts: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/54880-cant-uninstall-ccleaner/?tab=comments#comment-310286 https://forum.piriform.com/topic/55514-ccleaner-561-installs-incorrectly-in-windows-xp/?tab=comments#comment-310954 If that autodetect/redirect isn't working for you then you can download the 'Slim' build directly from this page: https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/builds Scroll down, it's the third one listed. Download the Slim installer, make sure that your current CCleaner isn't running in the background (Smart Cleaning, etc.), and double click on 'ccsetup5##_slim.exe' to install. The installed CCleaner is identical, but the Slim installer does not include any bundled offers.
  21. To go in order: 1. I don't use Chrome but don't see anything wrong there. Just a couple of leftovers that Windows or Chrome will eventually remove themselves. 2. Registry cleaning is usually a step in fixing a computer that has been virused. It's not needed, or necessary, on a regular basis. 3. The file cleaning is totally seperate from the registry cleaning. When you think about it a defunct registry entry is going to take a few bytes, with modern computers (Since the 1990's) you would need thousands or millions of defunct reg entries to make any difference to performance.
  22. Years ago with the operating systems in use at the time registry cleaning may have been a good idea. Nowadays it's not needed, except in special circumstances, and some registry cleaners can delete the wrong things and cause problems. Here is what Microsoft have to say about registry cleaning: https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/2563254/microsoft-support-policy-for-the-use-of-registry-cleaning-utilities The registry cleaner in CCleaner is one of the gentler ones, but it can still cause problems if used indiscriminately. We see a number of posts on this forum where someone has broken their operating system by using the reg cleaner willy-nilly and without making a backup when using it. For that reason one of the forthcoming changes to CCleaner will be to move the registry cleaner into the advanced tools section so it's less likely that non-technical users will be tempted to run it. This is already noted in the Ideas and suggestions board: https://ideas.ccleaner.com/
  23. It isn't a bug. The registry cleaner will find things that it thinks are 'wrong', leftover entries from an install are not wrong they are just leftover. You can leave then there they are not doing any harm. Think of them like a note you scribbled down and left in a drawer PS. you shouldn't use a registry cleaner on a regular basis, especially not with Windows 10. It won't speed up your machine, and could break it or cause it to behave oddly. If you want to remove leftover reg entries from uninstalled apps/programmes you could try Revo uninstaller which can find and remove 'leftovers' that the standard Windows uninstaller missed/left behind. You can download a Free trial of the Pro version, so that you can use the Pro feature 'Forced Uninstall'. (Or buy the Pro if you think you will need the feature again in future). 'Forced Uninstall' lets you use their log database to remove leftovers of stuff you had installed/uninstalled before you even got Revo. Here is the manual page for 'Forced Uninstall': https://www.revouninstaller.com/online-manual/uninstaller/#3.6 You can download the Pro trial here: https://www.revouninstaller.com/products/revo-uninstaller-pro/
  24. Go on then - share it to maybe help others who may be having the same issue and come across this thread.
  25. Are you using Easy Clean or Custom Clean? Easy Clean works to it's own rules which are not the same as Custom Clean. In particular it will clean less browser files than Custom Clean, so for example Easy Clean will not remove your saved passwords which Custom Clean can do if you tick the box. If you are using Custom Clean then it may be because Chrome changed where it stores some caches, etc. a few months ago, and AFAIK is still making changes. (Firefox also changes where it stores things from time to time). It may simply be that CCleaner has not yet caught up with all of these cache changes, or that Chrome has changed again since the last CC version update. As far as I am aware that location stores common javascript code so it can be reused rather than loading/compiling it again when needed. It should be safe to clear that folder, but you may want to make a backup of it first just in case. If you clear it and it doesn't have a detrimental effect on your Chrome then you could make the folder an 'Include' in Custom Clean so that it gets cleared each time you run Custom Clean.
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