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    Defragmenting a disc and defragmenting files are (slightly) different things. Defraggler will do either, but doing both is a bit counter productive. Defragmenting a mechanical disk will try to fill up the disc clusters to get all files together in 'filled up' clusters. That means that to fill up empty space in those clusters some files have to be split (fragmented) - so much to fill a cluster and the rest in another cluster. Defragmenting files will keep the files together without splitting them up, but that means that not all clusters will be full to the top. It's a case of choosing which you want to do. If you are short of disc space then defrag the mechanical disc to free up disc space. If you want files to open slightly faster (you won't even notice) then defrag the files. With the larger drives fitted as standard these days defragging has become much less important that it used to be with small capacity drives.
  2. The name has been changed - it's now called Smart Cleaning. The documentation needs updating but it's a big job because it's been neglected for a number of years.
  3. Indeed they can, but can also save bits that they want to. Which is why programes like CCleaner still exist. With a bit of knowledge you can clear more than they do themselves, as long as you are careful of course.
  4. I'm in the pub at the moment but when I get home I'll PM you my batch file for Cleaning Firefox caches, cookies, and supercookies.
  5. TBH if it's Windows 10 then the built in Storage Sense is probably all they need.
  6. Another one outdated in the documentation: /AUTO is now /AUTOS (A combination of Auto+Silent?). We had a thread about that last week where a user couldn't understand why his /AUTO kept changing to /AUTOS in Windows startup. It's a technicallity, but /AUTOS is what CCleaner now sets in the registry (and thus Windows startup) if you have 'Run CCleaner when the computer starts' selected. If you use /AUTO in a batch file it should still work, but it's usually better to use the latest version of a command switch. In your parents case then 'Run CCleaner when the computer starts' may be the simplest solution, it will then do a clean in the background everytime they do occasionally turn on the computer. They won't even know it's doing it. You can find that switch in Options>Settings.
  7. I believe that this is another of the 'private/secure' browsers that does not save your cookies, history, cache, etc., etc. to disk. The question has to be that if the browser is not saving these things to your disk then is there even anything for CCleaner to clean?
  8. A lot of the documentation is out of date, they are supposed to be working on updating it. I believe that Smart Cleaning (previously Monitoring) in the Free version now works like this: There are two parts to the smart cleaning settings in CCleaner Free: When you tick 'Enable Smart Cleaning' it automatically ticks 'Tell me when there are junk files to clean' as well. This then checks every so many (8?) hours to see if there is more than 0.5 GB (although that may now be 1 GB) of junk to clean, and if/when there is it gives you a pop-up warning and asks if you want to clean it. If you don't reach that much junk then you won't get a notification. If you say NO to the pop-up then it will wait for another so many hours before poping-up again. If you untick 'Tell me when there are junk files to clean' then when it reaches the GB limit it will clean automatically without giving you a pop-up. The Pro version allows you to change that GB limit with 'If cleaning saves more than', as well as letting you set verious options for automatically cleaning your browser on closing.
  9. CCleaner will not let you wipe the entire drive for drive C, for a very good reason. Drive C is where the Windows operating system is installed. If you wipe it entirely then you have no Windows and your machine is as much use as a brick. (It's called 'bricking your machine').
  10. CCleaner will remove junk such as temporary files, logfiles, Browser caches, etc. But it isn't a tool for removing bloatware. For that I would recommend the free AdwCleaner from Malwarebytes, that doesn't remove junk files like CCleaner does - ADW removes Bloatware/Adware. The latest versions will even remove bloat that came pre-installed on your computer. Like any other removal application use it carefully. (And to be doubly sure make an image of your system first, just in case you remove something you shouldn't). https://www.malwarebytes.com/adwcleaner/
  11. Personally I think that 'Delete' button should be removed from the CCleaner uninstaller tool, it only seems to cause confusion.
  12. Thanks for reporting that dcetra, It may well be that something in the Windows update fixed whatever was causing the clash with Bitdefender (or something else). Windows works in mysterious ways at times. PS. I know that some are planning to stay with Windows 7 even though it has now reached End of Life, and you may be one of them. But did you know that you can still upgrade Win7 (or Win 8.1) to Win 10 for FREE, - yes the Free Upgrade still works if you have a valid licence for 7 or 8.1. Although Microsoft said it had ended in 2016 they never actually turned it off. (They only removed the GWX tool that did it as part of automatic updates). https://www.zdnet.com/article/heres-how-you-can-still-get-a-free-windows-10-upgrade/
  13. Did you use the registry cleaner? Or did you just hit the 'Delete' button in CCleaners uninstaller? If you just used the 'Delete' button in CCleaners uninstaller then they have only been removed from the list in CCleaner - Windows will still uninstall those apps. In CCleaner you have to use the 'Uninstall' button to actually uninstall things, 'Delete' just removes them from the list. If you want to get them back showing in the CCleaner list then the easiest way is to uninstall and reinstall CCleaner itself.
  14. It has been a while since an update to CCleaner, but expect a new CCleaner version once the devs have checked out that the official Edge Chrome has not made any sudden changes from the beta version of Edge Chrome. Probably in the next week, unless Edge Chrome has done something unexpected?
  15. The pop-up is the Microsoft User Account Control, you can turn it off for CCleaner (Custom Clean) by ticking Options>Advanced>Skip User Account Control warning. Monitoring is a different thing and has been renamed to 'Smart Cleaning', the documentation hasn't been updated yet.
  16. Not a problem, I was probably too quick doing the Patch Tuesday updates and so missed the Edge. As I say I don't use the thing anyway - which may well be why they have not sent me an update yet, update the people who do use it first.
  17. Mine is still showing the old Edge icon following yesterdays Patch Tuesday updates rather then the new Edge Chrome icon. (Never use Edge anyway). I'll give it another update check later but am having wifi problems at home at the moment so am tethering through my phone.
  18. It is not a problem with CCleaner, it is a problem at your Internet Provider. You have been allocated an IP that was previously issued to a banned country, probably Iran, but has now been re-issued to Spain. We have seen this happen with a few users - Spain and Italy seem to be the most affected. You will find you have the same problem with other programmes as well as CCleaner - they will all think that you are in Iran and not Spain. You will need to contact your Internet Service Provider to get this sorted out and maybe a different IP allocated to your router connection. (An alternative is to use a VPN to change your IP to a different country). See this earlier post about this subject: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/54041-vpn-connection/?tab=comments#comment-306534
  19. I've just done the Patch Tuesday update. I had a problem with the Malicious Software Removal Tool - It seemed to have got stuck in a downloading loop. I let the other KB upgrades go to 'Pending Restart' and then restarted, all looks fine.
  20. I feel like that at times, wait for me and I'll spring into life again, must be my age.
  21. Can you see its icon on the taskbar? It may be starting minimised.
  22. That was myself who flagged those two threads. The developers have been working with the original posters to resolve the issue. That particular issue appears to be a problem with Bitdefender, especially on 32-bit Windows, causing some apps to crash (not just CCleaner).. CCleaner developers can't change Bitdefender, that's up to Bitdefender to fix. If you have Bitdefender, especially on 32-bit, and CCleaner is crashing then try making CCleaner an exception in Bitdefender.
  23. My current wireless mouse is made by "Bongem". It took me a while to work out that it a translation from Chinese to a mixture of French/English. "Lucky Jewel / Fortunate Jewel" = Bon Gem. Nice mouse for a very cheap price and has lasted well, the right button is getting a bit erratic but it is 14 months old.
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