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  1. Blaming CCleaner, or any software, for a problem when running an insider build would seem to indicate that you do not know just what an insider build is. As mta says, insider builds are beta testing versions of Windows 10. They are there so that compatibility issues caused by changes to Windows 10 can be found by the 'insiders' before the changes are fully released. Insider builds are expected to have issues - that is what they are for, to find the issues that Microsoft have caused with their modifications. Any issue with any software and an insider build is 99% sure the be the fault of the insider build. The software developer cannot do anything about this, they don't know just what Microsoft are playing about with. The only way to avoid any potential issues is to stop using insider builds and use the fully released Windows 10. As long as you use insider builds you are going to have occasional issues with software incompatibility.
  2. New forum look.

    I hadn't noticed that, I usually change page as soon as I have logged out, but it's also still showing me in the online list after I have logged out. Even if I log out, navigate away from the forum, visit another couple of sites, and come back it's still showing me in the online list even though its asking for a sign-in at the top right. I decided to see how it went over time and revisited about every 5 mins after logging out. I disappeared from the online list after 30 minutes. A bit more playing about showed that the cause of this is the 'Remember me' tickbox when you are logging in. If 'Remember me' is not checked then you are removed from the online list as soon as you logout. If 'Remember me' is checked then you are show as still online for 30 mins after you have logged out.
  3. The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

    There are some major changes with this FFx version, both in the GUI and under the hood. Expect to see lots of posts in the next few weeks saying "CCleaner is not cleaning Firefox properly", "CCleaner changed my Firefox", etc., etc.
  4. New forum look.

    I've checked on Malwarbytes which has the same version of IPB (4.2.5) and that's fine if a bit slow to change page, I'm only getting the flood control on here, so it would seem to be site related and not a browser problem. It's happening when changing pages in the search results if the current page has been up for less than 15 seconds. Note that despite the warning text this is not a new search, just a page change for the current search results. Below is a screenshot of what I am seeing if I try to change page quickly, (obviously I tried to change that one within a second of it opening up). I've just done a google of the error code and it does seem to be an IPBv4 setting/problem, it's been reported for various forums that had updated their version to v4. It also appears that the timer setting for flood control can be set differently for different usergroups, so probably you are not seeing this flood control because you are in the moderator group?
  5. New forum look.

    Cheers Hazel, I had overlooked that '+search by author' button and was looking in the selections below. I'm still having an issue with the flood control when trying to change the results page, looks like it's set at 15 seconds for a page change. I guess I'll just have to slow down.
  6. New forum look.

    I'm having problems with the Advanced Search. The search will not let me filter results for content made by a particular user. (Searching for one of my own old posts). So I search just for the term used by any user, The user I'm looking for (me) is not on page 1 of the results, So I click for page 2..... and get flood control. ("Please wait ## seconds before attempting another search). Which means back to the start again. But then it seems to extend the flood timer interval and so you have to wait even longer before making a new search or trying to change the results page. It's making the search virtually unusable.
  7. Never found out just what was causing it, best guess was that changes made to IE/Edge in Windows 10 meant that CC had to be changed, and this somehow slowed down the checking of IE history. If you have disabled it and want to do a one off clean (after using IE to test something), then just right click the greyed out 'history' in CC and clean it from there. (Right clicking on any single category will give the option to ananlyse/clean it, whether it's ticked or not for 'standard' cleaning)
  8. New forum look.

    I just use the 'Unread Content' button, and set the time period to 'Since my last visit'.
  9. New forum look.

    I just filled in, yesterday, the 2017 questionaire of a long term Imperial College study into the health effects of mobile phone use. http://www.ukcosmos.org/Participants?open=WhatIsCosmos#StudyPanelParticipants I had wondered why this questionaire now included a section on wifi usage as well as the phone use. Sorry, but you can't join the study now - it's been ongoing since 2009 and should finish in 2021. PS. That cress experiment was carried out by 15 y/o school girls, and while the results were interesting the experimental conditions were not very rigorous. Made a great scare story for some elements of the popular press though. (Honest mum I've not been on Facebook all night, it's the wifi signal that's stopping me sleeping).
  10. Mine used to hang for a while on IE history. As I never use IE there was no history to be cleaned so I just unticked it.
  11. New forum look.

    Changing the skin makes no difference to the prong, it's just not there for me on the desktop version. Like I say I've worked out a couple of other ways to link a particular post if I want to so it's not a big problem. (Right click the post time and 'copy link location' is easiest). Interestingly I had another look on Malwarebytes, they used to show both the prong and the post number, but now I don't see the prong there either. Might be something that changed on my computer, maybe during the FCU? I still see the prong on both forums when using my Android phone. Apparently the routine that shows the post count (# number) is a plug-in and not part of the main IPboard software. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/207332-resolved-post-number-copy-go-to-post/?do=findComment&comment=1154282 So Admin will need to load the plugin again for the updated forum to get the # numbers back.
  12. New forum look.

    If there are unread posts then you should see a black 'dot' (or star) at the left of the thread title in the forum or activity listing. Clicking on that should open it at the first unread post. (The star shows if you have made a post in that thread).
  13. New forum look.

    I see the three prong 'share link' thing on mobile and it works, but not on Windows? And clicking the date on Windows just refreshes the page to that post. (So you could copy the link to a specific post from the browser address bar). Right Click on the date and 'copy link location' also works. It's got to be a setting somewhere. EDIT Just been over to Malwarebytes who are using IPboard version 4.2.5 and they are showing the # numbers for the posts. A little strange becaues you have to move your cursor into the post to see "Report Post" and the # number in the top right corner. It's got to be a setting in IPboard. They have been having teething problems with the IPB updates over there as well: This linking question in particular: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/207332-resolved-post-number-copy-go-to-post/ Lots of others: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/forum/175-forums-announcements-feedback/
  14. New forum look.

    Don't like it. Not too bad on the laptop. (Malwarebytes forum has been using this Ipboard version for a while so sort of used to that). But on the mobile/Android version it's horrible IMO.
  15. Android tablet reset problems

    The plot thickens a bit. Further talking it turns out that before he came to me his daughter had factory reset it, and then somehow he set up a 'sketch' type password by making a random squiggle on the screen. Of course my factory reset should have cleared that. I'm reading that I may be able to connect it to my laptop and completly reset it with a new account - if he had certain settings on the tablet.