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  1. More Tracking and Data Gathering?

    It's the nature of 'identifiable individual' that seems to be a blind spot for some companies. The usual response is "We are not collecting your name or address, so the information collected is anonymous". Of course it isn't and can still be connected to an Individual, even if not by name. GDPR tries to cover this issue, but it's taking some companies time to realise it. (Especially when they don't want to). GDPR specifically includes the term ‘online identifiers’ within the definition of what constitutes personal data. https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/guide-to-the-general-data-protection-regulation-gdpr/what-is-personal-data/what-are-identifiers-and-related-factors/
  2. The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

    I understand it to mean 'recommended' extensions and the like. https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/extension-recommendations?as=u&utm_source=inproduct Of course at the moment developers can't pay to have their extension "recommended", but who is to say what's going to happen when someone decides that they could make some money? (Which is what I meant about the first step on the slope, we've all seen it before - 'we recommend this' turns into 'BUY THIS NOW'). It also appears that although set to accept by default in Firefox these will initialy only be pushed in the US.
  3. The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

    Has anyone else been getting the slight annoyance of Firefox unpinning itself from the taskbar when you update it from the UI and 'restart Firefox'? It's happened to me with the last 3, (possibly 4), Firefox updates. It's not a major issue, just the strange annoyance of having to pin it again each update.
  4. The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

    AKA advertising pop-ups. At least they can currently be turned off in 'Options', but is this the first foot on the slippery slope?
  5. Windows 10 Pro setup

    As this is a 'refurbished' machine then you may want to run something like Malwarebytes ADWcleaner, which can remove any advertisingware, junkware, and other Potentially Unwanted Programmed (PUP's) that the reseller may have put on there as a 'bonus' for you. https://www.malwarebytes.com/adwcleaner/ It's intuitive to run, but just in case you want to know more there is a user guide: https://www.malwarebytes.com/pdf/guides/Malwarebytes-AdwCleaner-User-Guide.pdf?d=2018-12-11-14-20-20--0800
  6. Windows 10 Pro setup

    For information: You don't need discs with Windows 10; you can do a clean install online. (Or you can create your own discs using a machine that already has Win 10 if you want to put it on a brand new setup). Sorry I can't link it from here but search for "Update Assistant" or "Microsoft media creation tool". You will need a valid digital licence. If your machine already has Windows 10 it's licence is stored on Microsofts server for that machine/motherboard and you won't need to enter it again, even for a total clean reinstall. If it's a new build and/or first time instalation of Win 10 then you will need to buy a key/licence and enter it. When you buy Win 10 that's usually all you get anyway, a licence number and a link to the MCT (no disc).
  7. Epic Browser

    As it's Chromium based then the Chrome options in CC should clean it. However from a quick look it seems as if it probably cleans itself on closing anyway, leaving nothing for CC to clean?
  8. I believe that you are looking at the wrong thing. Run at startup runs a clean at startup. If you have monitoring turned on that will also start at startup, but only run in the background until you reach the level of junk that you have set, at which time it pops up and asks if you want to run a clean. Both options have their own on/off so stopping one doesn't stop the other. You have to turn them off seperately if you don't want them.
  9. RIP Edge browser?

    Microsoft are reportedly scrapping Edge in favour of 'A Chromium based browser' as the default. https://www.windowscentral.com/microsoft-building-chromium-powered-web-browser-windows-10 The ultimate way of getting Chrome onto your computer, whether you want it or not?
  10. How much "Junk" should there be?

    There have been reports that some users are seeing vastly inflated file sizes for the junk to be cleaned, often more than the size of the Hard Disk.
  11. Drive Wiper

    When you use wipe free space in CC it overwrites any previously deleted files so they are not recoverable - BUT Windows keeps a list of all the files that have ever been there. This list is not overwritten by CC. So Recuva, or any other recovery programme, can still see that list and report that the files are potentially 'recoverable'. If you actually try to recover them then they can't be recovered, because they have been overwritten. Only a list of their names is there. A crude analogy, but think of it like having a cabinet full of paper files, with the contents list written in permanent marker on the cabinet. You can throw away all the files and then put blank paper in there, ('wipe free space'), but the list is still there on the cabinet until you scrub it off. Someone (recuva) can come along and read the contents list, but if they try to read any of the files listed they'll just find blank paper.
  12. Auto-updater

    The pro version of CCleaner already includes automatic updates. It's one of the 'paid for' features, so they are hardly going to start giving it away in the free version.
  13. Malware in Ccleaner 5.50

    Another member submitted theirs to Virustotal a few days ago https://forum.piriform.com/topic/53056-false-positive-ccleaner-5506911/ Looks like an FP from Comodo.
  14. Firefox

    Is ticking Firefox 'Sessions' not clearing it for you?
  15. CCleaner Pro Pop Up

    Appreciated that this being on display was an error and so we have no way of seeing the context in which those comments were made. Thanks for the explanation.