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  1. Won't clean Chrome

    Is anyone else having problems with the newest version. It worked great for about 10 days then it only cleaned a 1/4 of what it did during those 10 days. What version are the moderators using?
  2. Won't clean Chrome

    That is correct. That has been the only version that seems to continue to work. If you know a more recent version that worked please tell me. Thanks
  3. Won't clean Chrome

    I am using windows 8.1 and chrome was not closing for me when I ran ccleaner. I used the workarounds where you untick the box and also the new chrome has a pause feature on it , I did those two things and chrome cleared with no problem. Let me say this the newest version of ccleaner stopped working correctly for me. I am now using an older version. Does anyone know of a later version of ccleaner than 3.40 that works well?
  4. Google chrome

    How to shut down Google chrome when I am done using it? When I start ccleaner it comes up are you sure you want to delete these files and I check the box don't show again. Then another part comes up and said Google chrome won't close and I need to force it to close never had to do that before. What do I need a to do to correct this issue. I just reformatted my computer and may have accidentally checked something in chrome. How do I correct this issue? Thanks
  5. Version 5.40

    Thanks just saw this.
  6. where to untick something

    Andavari or anyone else how do I untick the font cache and Windows.old in Ccleaner? Where do I go to untick these 2 options. Thanks
  7. Version 5.40

    Quick question how would I untick the font cache and windows.old? Meaning how do I get to the place where I would untick these two options?
  8. Version 5.40

    Thanks, for all the input!
  9. Version 5.40

    Will it hurt my computer if I stick with this Version? I have the history unticked and that is why it scans so fast; if it is ticked it takes a lot longer to scan. My computer works very well with this version I just want to make sure that chrome and I.E. 11 are cleaned. If there is a version now that would work well with my computer could someone let me know. Also, is there anyone else out there that still uses an older version? I just want what is the best for my computer. Thanks
  10. Version 5.40

    Could someone please give me some advice? I am still using version 5.40 on my windows 8.1 computer with internet explorer 11 which I don't use ; what would be the best version for me? I use the Google chrome browser. I stuck with 5.40 because it worked the best with my computer it takes about 2 seconds to scan and I like that. Also, at that time all the other versions were not working correctly. Thanks
  11. Is version 5.46 working well?

    Thanks for your response!
  12. Is version 5.46 working well?

    So is it safe to say version 5.46 is not working correctly?
  13. Is version 5.46 working well?

    Thank-you very much!
  14. Is version 5.46 working well? I am still using an older version waiting for a current version to scan faster, no persistent ads and generally work well.
  15. Going back to version 5.40