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  1. Hello. Just for a nicer visual appearance, can you reprogram the function to remember the column widths of: • Drive • Media Type • etc... Well in my case it's just the "Drive" column. Because I adjust it to show the name of all the entries (excluding the System Reserved, because it has a long name anyways) of the first three drives.
  2. Hello, I have multiple hard drives on the computer. At times, I have files sitting in the Recycle Bin from those multiple hard drives. When I want to defrag a hard drive in Defraggler, the program asks me: Empty Recycle Bin before defragging? If I click Yes, it will delete the files that are in the Recycle Bin from that hard drive only! And not the other files in the Recycle Bin from other hard drives. I am just suggesting to word that question better, because it sounds a little confusing; I would think that it should empty the whole entire Recycle Bin (the Recycle Bins on all the drives). Something that I would suggest is: Empty Recycle Bin of this data storage device before defragging?