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  1. Does wiping free space delete everything?

    I think the point I'm making is that 'Drive wiper' claims to remove deleted files and yet when you use recuvva it finds deleted files so what am I missing?
  2. Does wiping free space delete everything?

    In my experience NO it does not wipe everything. Please see my recent post http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=43646 I ran CCleaner Driver Wiper from the tools menu and selected a multi-pass option. I then used recuvva to see if any files could be recovered, on 'normal scan' it couldn't find any files but on 'deep scan' it found a few thousand files a significant number of which could (and were) fully recovered. I do not understand why this program can therefore claim to wipe a drive.
  3. I ran CCleaner v5.05.5176 (64 bit) on my windows 7 (home premium sp1) laptop to wipe free disk space and chose complex 7 pass. I then ran Recuvva and although there were only a few files in normal scan, when I ran a deep scan there were a large number of fully recoverable files, in some cases the filenames had been serialised as numbers and original location lost but many files were fully named and fully recoverable. I have since used defrag and a second pass with CCleaner and still those files remain. Advice welcome