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  1. chkdsk says no error is found, but indicates there are in deed little bit of bad sector like 500k. As mentioned in previous post, I can't even kill the recuva process from the task manager. Also, the files trying to recover are not big like 10-20mb.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. Even after chkdsk /r, Recuva hangs. Even if I try to recover one file that causes the freeze, it takes like 15 minutes for me to cancel. Why can't Recuva abort the process right away when I cancel?
  3. Is there way fore Recuva to skip those files automatically, so it doesn't hang?
  4. What should I use to check the disk for error? Thanks,
  5. I use Windows 7 64-bit. It hangs after like 2 minutes after either searching or recovering. If I click cancel it just keeps saying canceling. If I kill from the task manager, it takes like 10 minutes to shut down. Also,, it seems like it hangs when it runs into certain files. If I try to recover other files than the ones that hang, it works. If I try to even recover one file that causes freeze, recuba first indicates it'l take few second to recover, then keeps changing to 1 day or more in few seconds.
  6. Recuva hangs after a while during either searching for files or recovering. If I cancel, it keeps saying canceling and locks up the hard drive. I use 1.52.
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