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  1. Hello! I have 3 physical discs (+ 1 SSD for windows) and I can't defrag them in the same time. Just removing the test in startup to be able to launch multiple instance would be nice. It will result in a faster defrag time because it's boring to queue tasks for defrag. Many other defrag tools are able to do that, but I like defraggler. Have a nice day!
  2. Hello ! I have 3 HDD in my computer, and it's boring to do them one by one. I love defraggler (even if it's long enough to defrag), and I know that usually it's in commercial version, but I will be very happy if we have the possibility to defrag HDD all together... (just by removing the test of already running defraggler for example) If it exists in the CCleaner commercial version, I will be happy to know it too ! Thanks for reading !
  3. Hello ! It seems to be the first topic in this part of the forum so I hope it's the good one ! There is a little problem with the mft defrag : defraggler says he can't move the start of the file (no prblem on this) but when the mft is fragmented and some files come just being the first part defraggler can't defrag it anymore. It "just" has to move file after the first part to defrag the mft easily ! (But I'm not the dev) The open source soft "ultradefrag" can do it but I don't really like his GUI >< It's just a suggestion, but if defraggler can do it, it will be wonderfull ! Have a nice day !
  4. Hello ! I'm using your softwares for a long time and I saw something : at the beginning speccy shows me temp equal to the manufacturer software, then it shows me 0 to 5 temp, and now it doesn't show the temp. My PC config didn't change so I'm really interesting to know why ! The touchbios software from Gigabyte can read the temp. If you can't do something it's not a problem ! Have a nice day ! EDIT : Manufacturer : Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. Model : GA-990XA-UD3 (Socket M2) Version : RD9x0 Chipset Vendor : AMD Chipset Model : SB910/950 Chipset Revision : 40
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