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  1. Hi, I run an ad-blocking script in my router, and this seems to be causing the CCleaner installer to take a long time to run. First it remains in the background with no visible window for about 1-2 minutes, then the main screen appears which is again "frozen" for a while. I'm guessing this is the result of blocking PUP malware. (Avast etc)
  2. There is no more folder selection during setup, it's forced on the default program files/ccleaner
  3. I'm guessing they got money from Microsoft for doing this.
  4. Latest version 5.08.5308 64-bit in Windows 7: When you maximize the window it doesn't adjust to the taskbar, but covers it completely instead.
  5. Offensive what? are you for real dude? oO
  6. (Regarding the) UI (which I dislike) in version 5.x, the maximize button covers the entire screen, rather than adjusting to the taskbar edge as per standar Windows' guidelines and app behaviour. () = moderator edit: offensive to other members remark removed and replaced with text which conveys similar feeling without unneeded malice toward fellow sapients - nergal