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  1. Strange Sitings

    Hi All, Just now checking back on the reported squares. Thanks to everyone who contributed to an explanation. Take care as always. Your friend, WarlockLives
  2. Back Home

    Hello Derek, Lu and Tas, What warm regards I have received from you all. It is indeed gratefully I am to have you and be back. Have some issues to still resolve such as this machine acting up but plodding along best I can. If you see an occasional typo its this thing on the bum. Trying to get things fixed. All take care and thanks again old friends. WarlockLives
  3. Strange Sitings

    WarlockLives here, Hope this is the place for this. I just saw recent topics and my follow feature and there appear to be a bunch of squares in these areas. [Moderator removal of site name -nergal] is specified. Don't have a clue what this represents but maybe warrrants a check by staff. Thanks so much.
  4. Back Home

    Hey mta, login and winapp, thanks for the reply. Good to be back among dear friends like you. I had to start all over as previous sign on entities would not work for some reason. Give me a little more time to get things set up and functioning again as it's been quite a while. Take care yall. Your friend always, WarlockLives
  5. Back Home

    Hi Everyone, WarlockLives here, formerly Warlock. Been on extended absence for over a year and just now trying to work at beloved interests such as the forum. Eager to hook up with old friends, a lot of catching up to do and plenty of computer issues. Take care and hope to see you soon.
  6. Back Home

    Hi Everyone, WarlockLives here, formerly Warlock. Have been out of commission for over a year but trying to get back to beloved activities. Looking forward to hooking up with old friends, lot to catch up on and also get some much needed help as the ole machine has been off all this time. Take cared all.