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  1. Move Large Files to End of Drive

    I would agree with you about clean boot in most cases. Unfortunately in this particular case it does not help. I tried clean install of Windows - only drivers and Defraggler - no effect. But if in "dirty" Windows with a lot of software installed and running I try to move files one by one - it works fine. In my opinion Defraggler just makes incorrect decision about where to put files - instead of placing second file right after first one, it creates a gap large enough for all the selected files - looks like miscalculation of some sort.
  2. Hello! I have a lot of large archives files and since I do not access these files frequently I am trying to move those files fo end of drive. When I search for large files and move each file from resulting list individually everything is ok But when I check several files and select "Move Checked to End of Drive" strange thing happens - instead of placing files at the end of disk the files get spread across a free space with a huge gaps between them. If after such "spreading" of files I try to move every one of them individually they move to end of drive without any problem. I tried this several times on different computers - the result is always the same... Is there anything that can be done about this problem?