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  1. Please change the decimal value of that key to something else, at the moment it works out to an install date on 1/1/2100.  The decimal value of mine is set to 1423877074 (14 Feb 2015) you can use that or if you prefer you can use the following site to convert a different date into a timestamp http://www.onlineconversion.com/unix_time.htm.


    Everything should display correctly within Speccy once it has been updated.  Let me know how you get on.

  2. Aerodamus sorry to hear you are having issues.  I have spoke to our devs and they require some additional information to investigate the cause of this issue, can you perform the following steps:


    1. Open an Elevated Command window (Start > type 'cmd' > right click > Run as administrator)

    2. In the command window type cd %programfiles%/speccy and hit enter.

    3. Now type 'speccy /debug', hit enter

    4. Click OK on the dialog window that opens.

    5. Once Speccy has finished its analysis it will save a log file to the Speccy install folder which will begin with Speccy_log....  



    Please attach the log file to this thread and I will have someone investigate further, thanks.

  3. Not sure what has caused this but it seems to have been happening for a while on Windows, it may have something to do with localisation.


    You can look at these threads that may help (use at your own risk):


    https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windows/en-US/87cfe0bf-ee80-44d7-85a7-bc618cc12033/halfdigit-in-windows-calculator?forum=w7itproui  the last 2 posts seem to have fixed the issue.


    http://www.sevenforums.com/general-discussion/56318-half-digits-problem-calculator-2.html the last post has a fix that you can try if you want

  4. Okay I have been playing with this and it seems to work fine for me.  Fresh install of DF, the only settings I changed were: Enabled Move Large Files, Minimum file size 10 MB, Enabled Move only selected files, disabled everything except my test: *.exe


    With the above files were moved to the end, before I stopped the defrag it had 2 hours left as an estimate.


    Can you provide any additional info about your setup or send the ini file of your settings so i can load them on my test machine and see what happens.  Thanks.

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