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  1. Absolutely understand that, but thought it was relevant since the issue came up not with any update to CCenchancer or the winapp2.ini, but with an update (not sure which one) to CCleaner. Anyway, guess I'll have to leave that unchecked altogether in order to retain my history.
  2. Nancy Drew, girl sleuth on the case ; I think I found the culprit, sorta .First, to answer questions: Running CC which I think is the latest, under Win 8.1 and IE 11. Unticking all IE options in CC didn't help---history still cleared completely. However, I did notice when doing an analysis that there was an "Internet Explorer More" which was from CCEnchancer, but unlike most of the CCEnhancer additions, that one isn't even listed under Applications with choices, but as a single choice under Internet, so no way to tell that not to clear history (which shouldn't even be related since that is covered by normal CC and unchecked). So I unchecked Internet Explorer More, went to a few site to get a history, and ran CC again and it didn't delete the history! So the culprit is Internet Explorer More and the fact that it doesn't allow any granularity. I'd love to have it do everything else to wipe IE, but not at the cost of my history. The oddest thing is, I haven't updated CCEnhancer in ages, but update regular CC every time an update is offered, and this unwanted behavior only started after a few updates ago. Making me assume it was CC.
  3. Not sure if this is a bug or me, but recently, CCleaner is clearing my IE history (which I don't want) even though it is unchecked in the options. Since I'm one of those who forget where I've been sometimes , I really do want my history back a few weeks, which is how I have my preferences set in IE 11. But lately CC is leaving me without a history (until I run CC, the history displays fine). How can I make sure it leaves my history alone? Again, the option under Windows/Internet Explorer/History is unchecked.
  4. Yes, indeed! CCEnhancer 3.9. Do you think that's related? I've had that for a year, and the slowdown has been happening for a lot less than that, so I didn't think they would be related. BTW, I love your "interests"!
  5. CCleaner used to be quick and smooth. But with the last major version, now when I start CCleaner, it takes quite a while before the Analyze and Run Cleaner buttons are available. Everything works fine from then on, but it's a tad annoying that it takes so long to become active, especially since that didn't happen with the old versions. Any suggestions? Other than the ol' "uninstall reinstall" which I've actually done. Thanks!
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