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  1. I've found some of the versions at another "filehistory"-website, also the slim-ones. For your notice the version the old machine is able to run is 5.26.5937. After this there must be a codechange that prevents the old AMD-embedded-CPU from running ccleaner.
  2. Hello, are there any older versions availiable from CCleaner (slim)? I've got an old Embedded PC (without SSE functionality which maybe forces the error) that runs with v.5.25 (slim). Updating to 5.29 (slim) would not work. CCleaner fails to start. System is Windows XP 32bit. If there is 5.25 (slim) i would like to go back to this, but for sure i would try 5.26 (slim), 5.27 (slim) and 5.28 (slim) for testing purposes.
  3. Wrong Temperature on ASUS H97 Plus, as seen on Screenshot
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