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  1. Changes in v5.45 and your feedback

    I have to say the level of FUD in this thread is amazing. One way to find out what is being sent to Piriform (Avast) is to run a Wireshark trace and examine the packets. Most would rather just repeat the FUD rather than try to actually prove their claims. I personally have found no evidence of personal information being sent by CCleaner. If anyone has, I would be interested in seeing it. BTW, gathering metrics is not new. Lots of software these days gather metrics, including antivirus and anti-malware programs. If it bothers you, simply add a firewall rule to block CCleaner from making outgoing connections.
  2. "Skip UAC" for all user accounts

    I had a similar issue and this is how I fixed it... 1. Create a Restore point. 2. Uninstall CCleaner. 3. Download Registry Scanner from Nir Sofer and search for any leftover CCleaner registry keys. 4. Remove leftover keys (CAVEAT). I would leave the AppCompatCache keys and any REG_BINARY keys alone...they ofen contain entries for more than one application. 5. Reinstall with a fresh copy of CCleaner. SkipUAC then worked correctly for two separate accounts.
  3. User Account Control message

    Go to Options > Advanced and make sure "Skip User Account Control Warning" is checked...