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  1. 5.46 Latest Version Unwanted and Problems

    Understood, thanks but that surely makes the reason for the unwanted CCleaner update I and apparently others have experienced even more mysterious.
  2. 5.46 Latest Version Unwanted and Problems

    Re: the emergency updater. I do not know for sure about this but is this a CCleaner startup scheduled item? I have to ask because a long time ago I pared my startup tasks down to the minimum (ironically using CCleaner to do that initially) it may have been one of those items I disabled and later deleted. In my installed version Settings, as described, I have everything related to updating, monitoring, telemetry gathering etc turned off but, again, obviously when I first ran the extracted EXE portable version the default settings would have been used. Presumably that would have included the "emergency" updater too. Maybe that is the explanation for the unwanted update, at least in my case.
  3. 5.46 Latest Version Unwanted and Problems

    Thanks very much for the reply, helpful if not exactly comforting. I definitely hadn't changed any of my settings prior to this although one thing I did do recently is extract my installed preferred CCleaner version 64 bit's EXE to create a portable version. Something I've been meaning to do for a long time after realising how easy it was after reading a post here:- Is it possible that in running the portable version using my installed version copied EXE, which, of course, would have temporarily had the default settings selected, including checking for updates, that would have caused the update to the installed version? Without any warning though, that still seems odd. I do have AVAST but its program updater option is turned off/uninstalled like most of its other bloat. Automatic updaters of any sort I avoid like the plague. I'm very disciplined in my software updating habits, I want full control over such matters.That's why I get annoyed when those options are removed or ignored. About the only thing I do allow to automatically update is AVAST definitions.
  4. Yesterday I noticed that even though I had Firefox open when I used CCleaner it had "Skipped" all Firefox cleaning without prompting me to close the browser. Unusual and even though I had not changed the settings I checked anyway and the option for hiding warning messages was still unchecked and all my other settings similarly unchanged. But it was still doing it so I used a portable copy of the same version and that behaved 100% as it normally does with the prompt to shutdown Firefox if open. BTW along with the Registry pre-cleaning backup prompt It is one of the few prompts with I actually find useful and not annoying. So what was causing this change? Well I was using an older version of CCleaner 5.35.6210, for good reasons, and despite the fact it was still showing as that yesterday when I booted it this morning what do I find? I'll tell you what: it had been updated, against my express wishes in the settings to the latest version: 5.46.whatever. Obviously that was the problem. Point is it wouldn't have been a problem if the bloody thing was working properly, it probably would have slipped under my radar. Apart from the fact it has ignored my setting in regards to updates, there shouldn't have been any check let alone a high-handed install without any warning. There is also this problem with Firefox indicating the unticked option to hide warning messages is not working for that and who knows what else? In trying to fix this I've had to do a full, deep uninstall of this unwanted CCleaner version completely and do a fresh install to get it back to what it was and all working perfectly. But this has resulted in the deletion of all my saved cookies for the second time in 24hrs (couldn't take the risk one of the Piriform or AVAST cookies would prompt another update). That means I have about 50 websites I'm signed into (inc. this one) and at least a dozen used regularly I'm going to have to go through the signing in process all over again. More unwanted, unnecessary hassle. Will this happen again? Will CCleaner now start ignoring user settings, update without permission and basically do what just what it likes to our systems no matter how unwanted and inconveniencing?
  5. Return of the Update Nag

    Thanks for the info. Since when did updating CCleaner become an "emergency" security matter? I've been using it, safely, for over 7 years without it requiring such a feature. An emergency fix is probably only ever going to be used if a previous update has been found vulnerable or faulty in some way. That does not improve security for the user does it? It is a tool to fix a problem after the event or the danger has been discovered with all that implies. If an automatic/emergency update for some other reason had been in place during the earlier previously undetected hack it could have spread the problem not curtailed it. That is one of the types of reasons I don't like auto-updates. TBH I wait and check online before any install if there is a reported problem with all program updates from those unlucky saps who use auto-updates before I go ahead and do it myself. That has saved me from problems with Windows, AVs, browsers and a handful of other programs over the years too.
  6. Return of the Update Nag

    Latest version of CCleaner v5.36 6278 includes this in the changelog:- Does this mean it is now going to update automatically regardless of our option settings? If I remove the CCleaner.exe can I avoid this or will I just get more nags because I haven't updated?
  7. Return of the Update Nag

    Still getting this nag 18.10.17. My Settings are clear, not to check for updates. I can and do check for myself and don't want messages popping up on screen prompting me to check. Thank you.
  8. Return of the Update Nag

    Yes, I've just had that same nag dialogue box appear despite still, clearly, having my CCleaner settings: not to check for updates. I don't understand why it is ignoring our settings yet again even in the light of the recent security matters. There would have been a good chance that with the infected release we would have been similarly prompted to update. Maybe those with the check for updates ticked at the time (or who had the Pro version with update in the background option ticked) were persuaded to update because of the prompt and unfortunately infected their system in the process. As it is all of us who did update during that period, whether prompted or not did have the infected EXE on their PC it was just not active if you were lucky enough to be using a 64bit system. Despite being one of those people I've still spent some time this last week using every anti-nasties tool I have to run several full system scans concerned as I was about having had it on my machine. I found I still had an archived copy of that version download and the portable version which I could have but didn't use via flash drive on the 32bit system I also use. That was mainly because I'd forgotten to update the flash drive and in doing so dodged the bullet.
  9. Return of the Update Nag

    It shouldn't pop-up if you ticked the setting not to check for updates, as we all here have done. That's the problem, the updater is ignoring that setting making it redundant. We just want that choice respected as it feels to me like that it is deliberately being overridden.
  10. Return of the Update Nag

    Yes, same here. 5.30.6065 was the "emergency patch" release for the previous time this happened. I was going to update CCleaner today and immediately noticed the nag screen was back. If every new release is going need a quick patch to fix the same problem then it hasn't been fixed at all. You have to update to fix the nag to update - it is not really a satisfactory solution is it?
  11. Getting promps to update

    Sorry I started a topic about this in the main forum assuming it was a new 'feature' rather than a bug. Thanks for the information that the quickly patched new update fixes the problem, I'm updating now and my appreciation of CCleaner back to 100%.
  12. Update Nag

    Why when I've specifically unticked, as I have done for years, the "Check For Updates" box am I now getting a "You do not have the latest version of CCleaner" with "Update Available" highlighted in red message over the normal "Check For Updates" button. This nag message means CCleaner is ignoring my Settings and that concerns me. I even did a full, thorough uninstall using third part uninstaller, registry clean and reinstall just in case the settings had been corrupted. But no even though I again unticked the relevant option during the install and confirm it is still unticked the message reappears. This is obviously a new and unwanted 'feature' which renders the don't check for updates option redundant. Please change it back to how it functioned previously ASAP.
  13. CCleaner Portable: Use Earlier Version

    Thanks for all the info, very useful.
  14. CCleaner Portable: Use Earlier Version

    Thanks, that confirmation it is OK to use it this way is very helpful. An additional question that has just occurred to me: the 64bit EXE in the (512) portable version displays without a CCleaner icon. Is this just to differentiate it as a separate CCleaner 64bit OS application from the prime CCleaner EXE? What I'm concerned about is that maybe launching the CCleaner (419) EXE when being used on a 64bit OS it will automatically launch the 64bit (512) EXE. If so would there be any problems using these two different version EXEs. As said I'm mostly likely going to be using CCleaner portable on computers using a 32bit OS so if there are any issues I'll just remove the 64bit (512) EXE from its folder.
  15. I really didn't and still don't like the CCleaner GUI update introduced last year and so continued using the CCleaner version GUI I liked: v4.19 without any problems. Recently I had an occasion where the portable CCleaner version could have been useful so I went looking. Not that surprisingly nowhere could I find CCleaner v4.19 portable which, of course, I would prefer. However from looking at the most recent portable version (512) it contains a Language folder, CCleaner EXE, 64bit EXE, Licence, portable DAT and INI files. The computers I'm likely to be using CCleaner on in this form are also 32bit systems and it occurred to me that the installed CCleaner EXE (419) I already have could 'simply' be used to substitute the CCleaner EXE (512) in the latest version. I tried this and it appears to function correctly as far as I've experimented. But before actually using it for real I thought I should ask here if there are any problems with using CCleaner portable in this way with a subsituted older GUI version?