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  1. Wow! Not only will that help, I think it may be exactly what I wanted! Thank you!
  2. CCleaner does a solid job cleaning up Firefox profiles in the default storage locations. Is there currently a way to have CCleaner clean up Firefox profiles (including compressing sqlite databases) that are not in default storage locations? If not, will you implement it? It will be totally acceptable if the user has to specify the storage locations, even if that means editing an .ini file manually.
  3. Well, it's been over 4 months, and no reply from anyone at Piriform. It appears that no one from Piriform actually reads their own forum. That's unfortunate, especially since they designate this forum as the place to "Post bug reports, suggestions and questions about CCleaner for Android". Is Piriform about to go out of business? I can't think of any other reasonable explanation as to why they would ignore their own customers.
  4. Thanks. I'll take a look at it. Hopefully Piriform can implement this suggestion... especially since it's often suggested! :-)
  5. Bug in command line version

    Interesting. I tried it on 5 Win7 SP1 machines, and they all exhibited the same issue. I wonder what is causing the difference.
  6. Thanks. I didn't know that. A small nit: I think you mean 64-bit operating system, not 64-bit "machine". So it sounds like, for 64-bit operating systems, defraggler.exe, defragglershell.dll, and df.exe can all be deleted.
  7. I don't see anything in the documentation about it (perhaps I couldn't find it or perhaps the information is missing), but the portable version of Defraggler includes both the 64-bit and 32-bit versions of the GUI application, shell extension, and command line version. Am I correct in understanding that the 64-bit version should always be used on 64-bit operating systems and the 32-bit version should always be used on 32-bit operating systems? Thus, is it correct that for 64-bit operating systems, defraggler.exe, defragglershell.dll, and df.exe can all be deleted?
  8. Allow moving all files to the start (beginning) of the partition so that the partition can be easily resized by Windows Disk Management.
  9. From a command prompt, running "df64 /?" pops up a window with help for about 1/10th of a second, and then it disappears. This makes it impossible to read. Please respond to acknowledge that Piriform will fix this bug (my bug report for ccleaner for Android has not even received an acknowledgement response from Piriform even though it was posted over 3 months ago).
  10. Is this the correct place to post this issue? I'm disappointed that Piriform has chosen to not respond at all for over 3 months.
  11. Many common Android devices include extended clipboards that are integrated into the manufacturer's software. For example, most LG devices include an extended clipboard that can hold multiple entries. When CCleaner for Android attempts to clean these clipboards, it fails. None of the entries (not even the most recent one) is cleaned. Can you fix this?
  12. Windows Prefetch Items

    Interesting, thanks for the feedback. I tried it on a computer about a week after a fresh OS install, and it cleaned out a bunch of Prefetch items. Then I tried it again about a week later, and it cleaned out several more, including applications that I had used regularly. A week later I repeated the process, with the same results. What do you think is happening? Bug or by design?
  13. CCleaner corrupting the Search Index

    LOL That's funny. That's my very guessy, purely opinion-based speculation as well! Great minds must think alike. Hopefully someone will have something more fact-based, but in the meantime our optomism is reassuring.
  14. CCleaner corrupting the Search Index

    Is CCleaner actually corrupting the index, or is it just deleting it?