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  1. Privacy

    is it possible to bring back optional out of sharing usage data with third parties for analytics purposes?
  2. Leaving my comment

    In the future, please do NOT discontinue Speccy!
  3. Recuva, Speccy and Defraggler

    Why they never release new version?
  4. where's the portable version?

    still no latest version for portable version yet
  5. Portable version

    There's no portable version to download? piriform.com/ccleaner/builds
  6. Windows 10 support

    Recuva for Windows 10 latest insider preview is not working!!!
  7. ccleaner update

    ok cool thanks for the reply
  8. ccleaner update

    so, i don't need to uninstall first, right?
  9. ccleaner update

    do i need to uninstall before install a new version ccleaner? or just do i don't need to uninstall before install a new version?
  10. new CCleaner skin

    nothing problem
  11. new CCleaner skin

    i really hate new CCleaner skin interface (GUI) and i want to go back with Windows 7 Live, can you change it back please??? it looks so awful metro
  12. Active monitoring

  13. Active monitoring

    How do I disable the active monitoring?