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  1. I recently purchased the "Professional Edition" of Speccy and immediately regretted it. I love Piriform and their software, but I would have much rather just clicked a "donate here" button and contributed the same amount of money as a token of my appreciation for all the years I've used their software. I was under the impression I would at least see new features or at least something congruent with the advertising phrase "Professional," but after a 30 minute side-by-side comparison I realize they are absolutely the same and I made a purchase that I shouldn't have. I will not dispute it or argue for a refund as I wanted to donate something to Piriform anyway, but I feel this is a little ... shady in terms of what borders along what many would consider false advertising--granted there is nothing being advertised in the professional edition, it was all cryptic so I interpretted such a vague approach as having more to offer--which it didn't. I would be far more content if I could 'trade' my purchase from Speccy to CCleaner's professional or business edition, as the differences there are at least useful and tried/true. Speccy is a great program but this was just a silly thing to do, both on my part and Piriform's for leading a user to believe they will be getting something worth 20 dollars. Priority support is not something I need or want so sadly the one feature this 'upgrade' has is useless to me. I hope this helps anyone else thinking of purchasing the professional edition of Speccy so that they may think twice before making the error I did. Hopefully Piriform comes around and addresses this, as I still respect and support the company.
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