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  1. C:\$Recycle.Bin\S-1-5-21-1233076576-3951402979-1630808504-1001\$R8TGUYL.lnk is always deleted but listed twice in recycle bin log.txt
  2. Long time

    Question but I think latest version solved it
  3. Long time

    How to speed up start time on free edition Any clues?
  4. New free version

    How about a true free version that has no extra features just classic clean mode!
  5. I can NOT afford to buy Ccleaner with all the extra bells & whistles I never would need or use ! Please disable the pop-up ad that runs every other time i run the program!
  6. Freespace defrag.

    What is the best option & how often should I defrag free space? I know allowing fragmentation is faster but which actually frees more space & helps keep the drive optimized?
  7. Help needed

    Registry errors found & cleaned while running Ccleaner Questions : If I delete & repair them they return on rebooting system. Are they safe to add to Exclude list? cc_20190203_150441.reg
  8. Space is off

    After defrag free space & used space add up more then total on drive Boot time Defrag has no effect
  9. Windows Module Installer often creates a restore point after I run CCleaner & reboot I can't figure out what is being installed or reinstalled? I am running Windows 10 Pro on a HP ProBook . and the latest version of CCleaner Any ideas?
  10. Turned on my laptop this morning & signed into windows Ccleaner was opened on the desktop with message stating This version is not allowed in your location" I closed it and rebooted and decided to check for updates the version i had was v5.44.6611 but on your web site the newest version is v5.44.6575 I never get the version on Filehippo.com cause I prefer to get it from your site ever since I first started using Ccleaner
  11. CClean Browswe

    https://1drv.ms/t/s!At73nWtbQSuI5zXLqHkutdI3U7g- The link above is the Browser-Plugins list for Fire-Fox left after running Ccleaner I can understand most of them but the Windows.old locations baffle me as they are no longer on my drives as I deleted windows.old through storage settings after 10 days. Any idea how to get CCleaner to delete them (( can disable the old ones
  12. Microsoft Edge version 1803

    default browser is Firefox but I am wondering if clearing Edge/IE Defaults may leave unneeded files behind
  13. The new April update causes Ccleaner to say it needs to close Edge before cleaning checking Yes means forcing Edge to close but then it says it takes to long and I need to "force" it to close I just need to know if forcing Edge to close & be cleaned will cause more problems? If I don't close it will it clean itself if I either reboot or just run clean from internet options on the Cpl? Will the next update fix or address this?
  14. version 1803

    With a new version of Windows 10 will there be tweaks or an update for defraggler?
  15. Most annoying useless feature ever added to great software!