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  1. Hard drive being deleted!

    That is quite strange and in my experience very unusual, it never happened to me to get stuck with no free space after free space deletion. I second the suggestion to un-hide system and hidden files and delete large random-named files (sort by date may help you to spot files created when you deleted the free space), or else use a disk space analyzer utility, like WinDirStat and many other free ones, to understand where are the files eating up your free space.
  2. PeaZip with Open Candy

    I've installed the last version - 5.4, the standard Windows package linked on the homepage in the blue "free download" button - and PeaZip seems clean now, ESET Nod32 does not prompt any warning.
  3. FileHippo tests adding a download manager

    Yes, a good practice would be making quite evident the link to developer's website so users can 1) check for updates 2) search for more first-hand information 3) last but not least download from source(s) intended by the author.
  4. 3d printer makes arm for boy

    It is great! 3D printing is limited by structural features of materials it can machine, but in this case it seems weight and strength of the arm makes it functional. 3D printing excels over traditional machining in ability to customize and test prototype designs, shortening modeling trial/error cycle, and this make it very well suited for prosthesis as a lot of testing is usually involved to match the perfect fit. Of course this is easy to understand how this is even more important to update developmental age patients’ prosthesis.
  5. It is a good suggestion, but it may be tricky to programmatically find out how to tell if a shortcut is pinned or not. I'm trying to understand if/how this information is stored, either in the shourtcut file itself or in Office configuration files, but nothing found so far in MS documentation and forums.
  6. Start menu coming back

    Nice to see start menu coming back. Not that I was always using it, but it does not really waste space or focus, and sometimes gets handy to open one of the plethora of software I seldom use, or to start search without wasting screen with a search gadget. It may be sound like Capt. Obvious, but it is that sort of feature you understand it was needed only when it is missing.
  7. FileHippo tests adding a download manager

    Let's hope they will at least provide a well labeled, decently sized alternate download for the real installer.