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  1. Windows 7 x64 SP1. I have a retractable taskbar (auto-hide). When CCleaner 5.0 is open, moving the pointer to the bottom of the screen will not bring up the task bar. No other application does that. Anyone else experiencing the same?
  2. CCleaner 5.0 works fine on all my XP-SP3 and Windows 7 systems.
  3. 5.0 UI is a step backwards

    All that counts for me is the functionality; I really don't give a damn about the UI. It's not like we are looking at that software all day long; I use it once a day before shutdown. I have no problem using it; it works just the same way as with the old UI (but it does seem faster!).
  4. What's in a name?

    It doesn't, actually. I just tried to download CCleaner 5.0, and the download link http://download.piriform.com/ccsetup500.exe gave me a 'Server not found' message on all browsers. I actually had to go to Filehippo to download the installer.