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  1. Pro version is not that much different than the free version waste of money if you ask me. Auto updates, Customer Support .The free version still lets you know when a new version is available while start up, and takes you to the site to download and install the latest version so not much of a big deal in that regards, plus you can check yourself on a daily basis if you wanted to. Customer support is helpful to those that are new to the program, but for people who used it for years and knows the program it's not really needed either. If your debating on customer support and auto updates well it's a waste in that regard as the free version will still let you know when a new version is available and that yours is out of date. Customer support is not needed as the program is pretty much straight forward and easy to use, but for the everyday average user than i would say stick to the free version you will simply save money for the same bits really. For your information on the Piriform site there is no Professional version there is however Network Professional. ~copy and paste info from Piriform website removed by moderator
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