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  1. pdf files

    Is there a way I can search only for pdf files in recuva?
  2. thumbnails

    How do I see thumbnails in recuva??
  3. marking solved

    I can't figure out how to mark my post as solved. Can someone help me?
  4. recuva scan

    Can someone explain to me how to scan for only jpeg files with recuva?? The pionoform instructions aren't clear.
  5. thhumbbnaikl cview

    Recuva has a thumbnail view but I can't figure out how to use it. the following is from Recuva documentation: TheThumbnails View shows you a list of files and small previews of images Recuvacan recover. You'll note that Recuva does not show previews for certain images- those are ones Recuva likely cannot recover.
  6. help

    I've found the generic help on the piniform website. Where can I find a tutorial?