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  1. I don't either, but my laptop is my main computer. I just use my desktop to play CS:S and testing stuff. Since it is an RC I will try it.
  2. http://www.majorgeeks.com/Microsoft_Window...beta_d4323.html I'm going to try it out on my desktop/gaming PC, I just recently rebuilt it.
  3. Check this out: Add A Program To Winapp2.ini
  4. http://www.emro.nl/freeware/ This version has alot of new stuff with it. I like this one:
  5. The backup not showing as a reg file is a file association problem and not CCleaner. I have tested it out. Make sure you have ADMIN access when attempting to fix the reg file association problem.
  6. I have been using Windows Live Mail Beta for a while now and it's really good. The final version was released today. http://get.live.com/wlmail/overview
  7. It sounds like StopZilla may be the problem. Close it before installing CCleaner.
  8. In case I am not on tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving to all the US members here!
  9. It's actually pretty nice, I like the new features and GUI.
  10. We are fine right now, but thanks anyways.
  11. Andavari told me about the spelling mistake a while back. I will fix it once I update it. I only have 1 new entry. It's just not worth updating it yet.
  12. Here is an updated list. 1033 English 1031 Deutsch 1036 Fran?ais 1034 Espa?ol 1040 Italiano 2070 Portugu?s 1046 Portugu?s (do Brasil) 1043 Nederlands 1110 Galego 1027 Catal? 1053 Svenska 1044 Norwegian 1035 Suomi 1030 Dansk 1029 Cesky 1032 Greek 1055 T?rk?e 1049 Russian 1048 Romana 1045 Polski 1038 Magyar 1063 Lietuviu 1052 Albanian 1025 Arabic 1037 Hebrew 1041 Japanese 1028 Chinese (Traditional) 2052 Chinese (Simplified) 1042 Korean 3098 Serbian Cyrillic 2074 Serbian Latin 1051 Slovensky 1071 Macedonian 5146 Bosanski 1026 Bulgarian
  13. TwistedMetal

    WinXp Home

  14. There is an option to not install it. Read the setup and don't click Next so fast.
  15. Yes, the Downloaded Installations folder is where some programs will install their setup files. This is in case you want to modify or reinstall the program. I did have this added to winapp2.ini some while back, but ultimately it was decided for the best to remove it. As it did cause some problems, not real problems, but more of a pain.
  16. Guys, just remember the Forum Rules and don't get carried away with the sigs.
  17. Actually... Thank you to all of our community members. With out all of you, none of this would be possible. An extra big thanks to all who have donated! For the rest of you cheap sakes...... Just joking.
  18. I can make a temp. fix for it in winapp2.ini
  19. CCleaner has been tested on Windows Vista.
  20. I will see what I can do, but no promises. I don't have CS3, but from what I am guessing... I'm going to guess it's mostly embedded in the programs (more and more programs are doing that these days).
  21. I think it is a good idea to leave winapp.ini the way it is. Programs change or update a lot, just in case a program does change, you can update it yourself or download the update (if available) without having to get a new version of CCleaner just because of one program. Same goes for winapp2.ini...
  22. I use a Maxwell Video Screen Cleaning kit. Microfiber cloth and spray. It's the best one I have found so far, plus the spray will last you a long time. I use it on my widescreen tv, laptop, and CRT montior.
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