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  1. More or less...


    The Applications Tab will clean Firefox, Opera, and Safari browser cache. As far as applications, in very simple terms... It clears the recently opened files either by registry or a history file. If you use Office a lot, I would uncheck it, it has been known to reset your personal settings.

  2. It doesn't show anything on my desktop about any time limit.


    SP3 contains all Hotifxes for XP (includes IE6/IE7 updates, but does not contain IE7)



    "Black Hole" Router Detection

    Network Access Point (NAP)



    Descriptive Security Options User Inface

    Enhanced Security for Administrator and Service policy entries

    Microsoft Kernel Mode Cryptographic Module



    Windows Product Activation (Affects other Windows programs activation, this is not WGA)


    It only contains a few new features, which I doubt most users will use. It should be a small update on Windows Update when it is released, since most people won't need all the updates.

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