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  1. The winapp2.ini file is just fine to have. We have been in discussion for some time now about winapp2.ini. The large file of the winapp2.ini was slowing down the performance of CCleaner. So, I removed the actual file. It's probably best to just make a new winapp2.ini and put in the entries that you only need.

  2. That is a pretty crappy review. RegSeeker is not good at all, it can very easily cripple our system. In my opinion (I have used many reg cleaners), I use Registry Mechanic and CCleaner. CCleaner only finds the basic invalid entries and Registry Mechanic will do the deep clean. There is not 1 registry cleaner that will find every invalid entry on your system. It's just that them two programs are the safest for me to use.


    Plus, sometimes Windows will just rewrite the delete the entry anyways.

  3. Lang-.dll list

    1031 Deutsch

    1036 Fran?ais

    1034 Espa?ol

    1040 Italiano

    2070 Portugu?s

    1046 Portugu?s (do Brasil)

    1043 Nederlands

    1110 Galego

    1027 Catal?

    1053 Svenska

    1044 Norwegian

    1035 Suomi

    1030 Dansk

    1029 Cesky

    1032 Greek

    1055 T?rk?e

    1049 Russian

    1048 Romana

    1045 Polski

    1038 Magyar

    1063 Lietuviu

    1052 Albanian

    1025 Arabic

    1037 Hebrew

    1041 Japanese

    1028 Chinese (Traditional)

    2052 Chinese (Simplified)

    1042 Korean

    3098 Serbian Cyrillic

    2074 Serbian Latin

    1051 Slovensky

    1071 Macedonian

    5146 Bosanski

    1026 Bulgarian

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