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  1. I know for a fact Safari will be in the next release, the new version is planned to be released soon. Within weeks, MrG is on vacation in Saudi. WOOHOO! As far as the urls, Apple embedded a lot of urls in the web browser of some of the big websites on the net (Probably got paid for it). Accuweather, 1800flowers, amazon, ebay, and tons more. There was no way to remove them, they were programmed so they could not be cleared. The file they were stored in was Bookmarks.plist. I even deleted the file manually and it just created the same file again. Since I updated to Beta 3, all the embedded links seem to be gone.


    Maybe this might shed some light on your problem.

  2. My Computer, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, and Services.


    Make sure Security Center is Enabled.


    Right click on Security Center, Properties, Startup type: Automatic


    Also click on Dependencies and make sure them services are turned on too.

  3. Ok, I installed it today, and I must say. It sucks... Plain and simple! They didn't do it for a piece of the web browser share. It's like you said for the money, it embeds links in the address link bar, urls you can not delete, or remove. I have manually deleted the file where the address are stored, and it just recreates it.


    Deleting the cookies and history is easy, but like I said it embeds urls in the program itself. The file is Bookmarks.plist. Links, like accuweather, amazon, 1800flowers.com. Apple did it for the money and for no other reason.

  4. Ok, I gave you credit. Enjoy! :P


    Updated 6/04/07


    Added Grisoft AVG 7.5

    Added MP3Gain (Logs)

    Added Registry Mechanic

    Added ScanDefrag (Logs)

    Added Wavosaur (Logs)

    Added * to all entries to show it is a winapp2.ini entry

    Thanks to Andavari for the entries and * idea (Ok really it was JDPower with the * idea, so k1ocray.gif)

  5. It wasn't really the problem, why it was deleted, it was the way he did the post (his attitude). The Temp Variable has been fixed and none of us can reproduce this problem. Some of the stuff he was saying, I don't think is even possible to do with CCleaner, I have tried everything I could on my test pc to screw anything up, and I have had no luck.


    But like I said, it was the way he did the post, which was totally uncalled for. Even MrG has looked into the problem with no luck, if we could get more info then CCleaner deleted everything, that doesn't explain anything at all.

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