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  1. I installed it on my test PC, but it appears with the new version. It is all encoded in the program itself and not the registry like the old version. I am off work tomorrow (at work right now) and I will look at it more closely.

  2. The reason I say is... CCleaner use to have an Exit button, but all in all, it was pointless to have it. Many use skins (the one I use is very popular). I just suggested that because it will probably help out in the long run.


    FYI, it still cuts off, but just a little.


    I am heading out to see the new Bourne movie right now. I will start working on the new icon when I get back. I already have an idea of what I am going to do.

  3. It is ok to uninstall all the older versions of Java, you only need the latest.


    Keep Java Web Start and Java? 6 Update 2.


    Uninstall J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 6 and Java? SE Runtime Environment 6 Update 1.

  4. Ever since Christian Bale was Batman, I have really enjoyed it. I do agree with Andavari about the "normal" looking guys, I just didn't see Micheal Keaton as Batman, a skinny guy with curly hair. I think Heath Ledger will do a wonder job as the Joker.


    FYI: I saw the teaser at the theaters while watching The Simpsons.

  5. This is, by the way, a free program (ie permanently free, not a special offer). Ashampoo have 3 or 4 free programs, I'd suggest using a temporary email addy for the reg key as they do like to send regular 'Buy now at a special price' emails


    But, the Buy now special price emails are good. I bought Ashampoo Burning Studio 6 for $10. They have great deals and excellent software.

  6. rridgely, so that means out of 7,278 posts about 78 are actually posts.


    I know you don't believe a word I post, so I thought I would make fun of you.


    Ok, I think I am done posting here. It's becoming pointless.



  7. At least almost all the spam has stopped. I do agree with the first post being about software is usually spam. We have alot of members, but the regulars post everyday. Usually the newcomers will only post once or twice.



  8. v1.02.095 Beta

    - Added drag select to list view

    - Tree view now expands on double click

    - Disabled right click menu in list view column headers

    - Improvements to SD card compatibility

    - Tick all column is now fixed width

    - Double hard NTFS algorithm issue finally fixed

    - Updated string table

    - Fixed layout issue with 120dpi

    - Fixed issue with right click menu

    - Cleared issue that caused the tick boxes to not redraw



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